What to Expect From Your Penis as You Age

Aging is part of life that nobody looks forward to. That is the time when people get grey hair, their ankles and bones start to hurt, wrinkles appear, and energy decreases. Men have additional problems when it comes to aging, as their penis also faces challenges. These issues are inevitable with aging, and many common penis problems appear as a result of aging. As men age, their sexual function and sexual performances start to decline. This is because the levels of testosterone are lower and many men have problems with getting erections. Also, a big majority of men feel embarrassed by this and often choose to keep it private instead of seeking help. Erectile dysfunction is one thing you can expect from your penis as you age. This is a pervasive problem for many men and some statistics point out that as soon as men hit the age of forty, fifty percent of all men are starting to experience problems with erectile dysfunction. That percentage steadily rises with every passing decade, so this is seen as something normal that happens with age.

Erectile dysfunction happens because of many different factors. Besides aging, factors like smoking, alcohol abuse, anxiety, stress, depression, prostate surgery or hormonal imbalance can also lead to this problem. Erectile dysfunction can happen at any age, but usually starts somewhere around the age of forty and frequently occurs in the following decades. The positive news is that erectile dysfunction can be cured by taking certain medicaments or supplements created for tackling that problem. You should see your doctor regularly, and in case you face issues with erectile dysfunction talk openly and ask for help. Medical professionals can suggest you using products that have shown great results in fixing problems with erectile dysfunction. You should not take any medicaments on your own, because those people that have heart problems or diabetes may face some issues with certain products for erectile dysfunction. Therefore, always consult a medical professional before starting to use medications or supplements.

The next thing you can expect from your penis as you age is lack of sensitivity. This is another common problem that many men face. This is because the lower production of testosterone in the body leads to weaker penis sensitivity. You may get an erection, but your erection might not be that hard. Lack of sensitivity can also make it difficult for you to ejaculate. One natural way to fix this problem is to have sex more. This is an interesting paradox because many people believe that men lose interest in sex as they age, but it does not have to be that way. As you know, your penis is a muscle, and all muscles need working out to stay in good shape and avoid atrophy. So the key to getting bigger sensitivity is to use your penis more, regardless of your age. If the penis is active every day, then there is a bigger blood flow, and bigger blood flow is good for getting a strong erection.

Finally, urinary problems are also to be expected as you age. Many men are unable to urinate properly or to hold their urine flow. This usually occurs in those men that have problems with their prostate. To prevent prostate problems as you age, you should exercise moderately a few times per week, follow a healthy diet, avoid long periods of sitting, limit intake of alcohol, and go on frequent medical checkups. Increasing intake of zinc, magnesium, and selenium is also advisable for having a healthier prostate.

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