VigRX Plus Review, User Facts and Personal Results(Before/After)

The Problem of Weak Erection

The urgency of the weak erection problem is felt by millions of men all over the world. The decline in male power is due to a variety of factors – polluted environment, lack of proper nutrition and sleep, bad habits, reproductive system disorders, as well as age-related changes in the body.

Quick Note
Erectile dysfunction prevents normal sex life, which is necessary for the full and normal functioning of all organs and systems of the male body.

There are thousands of manufacturers in the world, who are engaged in developing and producing potency enhancement drugs. However, it is very difficult to find a high-quality product that could solve absolutely all intimate problems among such a wide variety. Many drugs contain synthetic toxic substances that cause the most undesirable effects, including addiction.

We present to the attention of all needy men a dietary supplement based on natural plant ingredients developed by leading US scientists – VigRX Plus. This product is approved by urologists, as evidenced by certificates of quality. All supporting documentation was issued to the manufacturer during independent laboratory studies, whose purpose is to confirm the high efficacy and safety of the drug.

Reasons Why Consumers Choose VigRX Plus

We propose to study a list of characteristics in this review, thanks to which today, more and more men prefer VigRX Plus:

  • The product has been present on the market for over 10 years. This confirms that the drug provides the result promised by the manufacturer.
  • The supplement’s effect is already experienced by more than 1 million men. More than a billion VigRX Plus boxes have been sold worldwide.
  • A doctor’s recommendations are the main indicator that the product is safe and effective. Urologists prescribe VigRx Plus for all patients who experience negative manifestations of erectile dysfunction.
  • The unique acting formula with Bioperine provides a complex effect on male sexual function so that you can quickly and effectively normalize your intimate life.
  • The manufacturer of the product guarantees 100% results. If the expected effect hasn’t come, the manufacturer promises to return the money spent by the client.
  • By ordering goods on the manufacturer’s official website, the client not only receives the original guaranteed product but also has a unique opportunity to save on the purchase. On the official website of the manufacturer, you can buy goods at a reduced price, thanks to regular promotions and discount offers. Experienced consultants of the official online store are ready to answer any customer questions.

Do Pills Work? Results After 1 Month

Every potential consumer is interested is VigRX Plus an effective male sex enhancement pill. You should not cast yourself in doubts about the low effectiveness of a supplement, because this is fundamentally not the right way of thinking. Numerous clinical studies confirm the high degree of drug efficacy, as well as its purely positive effect on the male body.

After reviewing the recommendations of experts and customer testimonials, you can make sure that the tablets work. The process of normalization of sexual function occurs naturally because the composition of the drug includes only herbal safe components.

Here are the first results after 1 month that consumers experience in the process of completing the full course of treatment with VigRX Plus:

  • A strong erection that promotes deep and confident penetration of the penis into the vagina;
  • Longer intercourse;
  • Prevent premature ejaculation;
  • Increased potency;
  • Increased sexual stamina due to saturation of the body with strength and energy;
  • More intense and saturated orgasms;
  • Improving the quality of seminal fluid, as well as the production of large volumes of sperm;
  • Along with the physiological positive changes in the male body, a person becomes confident in himself and his sexual abilities, directly affecting the quality of intimate relationships.

VigRX Plus Ingredients

VigRX Plus includes a complex of natural herbal ingredients used for centuries by our ancestors to treat various body disorders, including sexual ones.

Here is the list of the main active VigRX Plus male sex enhancement supplement ingredients:

  • Horny Goat Weed leaf extract is a natural aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual desire.
  • Dodder seeds increase sperm quality and the number of live sperm cells.
  • Gingko Biloba has a fortifying effect on the entire body.  It stimulates mental work, contributes to normalizing the cardiovascular system, and improves blood circulation.
  • Asian Ginseng is an excellent source of vitality and energy, which increases men’s sexual endurance, and also has aphrodisiac properties – it is a natural stimulant of sexual desire.
  • Saw Palmetto berries are another plant aphrodisiac that acts as a sexual stimulant.
  • Muira Puama bark increases potency, restores sexual activity, and enhances sexual desire.
  • Hawthorn berries have a powerful antioxidant effect, which saturates the blood with oxygen. It intensifies the blood flow to the heart and penis, thereby increasing erection, and its duration increases several times.
  • Bioperine is a component that enhances the rate of absorption of all components of the drug.
  • Damiana performs the role of a natural aphrodisiac, enhances sexual stamina, improves the quality of an erection, and helps to get the most incredible orgasms.

How to Take VigRX Plus and Is It Possible to Increase its Effectiveness?

You should take natural VigRx Plus to supplement one hour before sexual intercourse for 3 months. The daily dose of the drug is 1 capsule. The effect of the active ingredients lasts for 12 hours after consuming the pill.

Many medical experts recommend using a water penis pump to enhance the effect of the supplement. The hydro pump will not only improve the quality of sexual function and eliminate the negative manifestations of erectile dysfunction, but its main purpose is also to stimulate penis growth. Use the pump daily in conjunction with the VigRx Plus pill and you will see that a positive result can be obtained much faster.

VigRX Plus Customers’ Reviews

We have already said in this VigRx Plus review that millions of men from all over the world have already experienced the positive effect of the VigRx Plus formula. Conducting a personal consumer survey, as well as examining their feedback on the thematic forums, analysts concluded that in 98% of cases, users had a positive opinion about the result of the herbal product.

Men note that the first positive changes in the sexual function become noticeable a week after the start of treatment. An erection becomes powerful and long-lasting, premature ejaculation is reduced greatly.

Most consumers say that simultaneously with the start of taking the drug they began to experience great orgasms, during which the seminal fluid is released in even larger amounts. Customer feedback clarifies that men’s psycho-emotional state has improved several times. They became more successful in work, personal relationships, and physical development.

Comparison of VigRX Plus with Competitors

There are a huge number of drugs, which effect, in the opinion of their manufacturers, is aimed at solving a wide variety of sexual problems. One of the most popular analogs are tablets ProSolution Plus and ExtenZe. Unlike VigRX Plus, whose formula can solve a wide variety of sexual problems, the action of ProSolution Plus and ExtenZe is not so multifaceted. You can read our review on each product on this site.

Quick Note
Besides, to obtain positive results from analogs, you should undergo a long course of treatment, which duration is at least 6 months. To obtain a visible positive result with VigRx Plus, you must complete only a three-month course.

VigRX Plus Frequently Asked Questions

In the process of choosing male enhancement pills, men have a huge number of questions.

How much time to wait for positive results?

To see the first positive changes from VigRX Plus, you should take a pill for at least a week. However, this is only the beginning, and to obtain the maximum possible result, the course of treatment with a dietary supplement should be from 2 to 3 months.

What do experts say about VigRX Plus?

Men’s sexual health experts claim that VigRX Plus is a 100% effective and safe remedy that eliminates the negative manifestations of erectile dysfunction symptoms.

How long does the effect of the drug last?

Note that the effect of one pill lasts for 12 hours after taking it. However, with regular daily usage, the problem of weak erection is not just masked for a while, its manifestations are eliminated forever.

Do I need a prescription to start taking a dietary supplement?

If you don’t have possible contraindications to the use of the drug, you can safely begin taking the pills without prior consultation and appointment of a specialist.

Is international shipping possible?

When ordering a product on the manufacturer’s official website, the client can be sure that the supplement will be delivered to any region of the world by the most preferred transport company for the client.

Why is taking VigRX Plus so important for male intimate health?

If a man notices erectile dysfunction signs but he didn’t want to solve this problem, it can soon lead to impotence. If you want to avoid such deplorable consequences, we recommend that you start taking a natural product as soon as the weakening of the erection is noticed.

Why are there so many analogs on the market?

A huge number of similar supplements are a consequence of the work of unscrupulous manufacturers trying to copy the VigRX Plus formula. Many sellers resell the goods purchased on the official website on their trading floors at a significantly inflated price.

Therefore, to avoid buying low-quality goods, we recommend purchasing VigRX Plus pills only on the manufacturer’s official website. Thus, the client is guaranteed to receive the original product, which quality and safety are confirmed by the relevant certificates.

If you want additional information about erectile dysfunction and this formula, click here WebMD.

Ability to stretch penis tissue

The main function of VigRx Plus is to expand the blood vessels that lead to the erectile tissue of the penis. It is here that blood flows that can make your erection really strong and long-lasting.

It was the VigRx Plus product that was clinically tested and the results of these tests are documented and published in reputable medical journals. For the first time, natural tablets for the penis were recommended for men who want to increase their erection, their sexual strength and the size of the eroded penis.

We recommend purchasing VigRx Plus only from the official website.

What is special about VigRx Plus ingredients?

The formula of these pills is patented, which means that no one has the right to repeat it. And she is really unique. After all, only the right balance gives such a result. You will have the opportunity to verify the effectiveness of VigRx Plus administration after a month of use.

Usually, men feel a surge of sexual energy, which was not before. Her strength rushes to the penis like blood. After a month of taking the pills, many men report that they have significantly increased sexual desire and an erection occurs much faster than before.

Many people want to increase their penis by taking these pills and this effect is achieved within 3-6 months. These are visible results, but if you want a more impressive penis enlargement, you need to take the pill for at least a year.

At the same time, we highly recommend using the Bathmate pump used in the shower or bath. Only 15 minutes of pumping with such a pump and your results will improve significantly. You must understand that taking pills and giving your body the missing minerals and trace elements is not enough.

External exposure is very important. Bathmate works great in conjunction with VigRx Plus . The pump is completely safe to use and requires no special preparation. You need to choose the right size of the pump, its series, fill it with water and start automatic pumping with simple movements. That’s all!

As a result of the resulting vacuum, the cells of the penis tissue begin to divide and your penis really becomes longer. By taking VigRx Plus, blood flow to the penis is enhanced and continued use of the pump and taking pills can help increase your penis by 3 inches long and 1 inch wide.

The quality of sex

We do not attach importance to this parameter and are unaware of what this means. Taking VigRx Plus you will notice that your sexual appetite has increased significantly, By having sex you feel that you can do it longer, the erection does not subside, but only increases.

Many men who take VigRx Plus for 3-6 months say that their sensations have become much sharper and their orgasms are more emotional. Pills affect muscle contraction during orgasm and you feel an orgasm with renewed vigor. Many say that taking pills helps them recover faster after orgasm and have sex again.

Your sexual partner immediately feels your sexual power when you really want to have sex again and again, at least once a day. This is very exciting for women, and men become more confident and bring a woman to orgasm much better than before.

Psychological aspect

It is important for men to feel their sexual strength, so they get rid of complexes and can relax during sex. Agree, when you constantly have to think about the power of your erection, that you can no longer have sex or to recover from an orgasm, you need half an hour or more, all this interferes with the enjoyment and enjoyment of sex.

When a woman sees that her erection is weakening after 15-20 minutes, she is frustrated with you and stops wanting sex with you. This explains the fact that many married women do not want sex with their husband, because he is monotonous and the man is also less aroused from sex with his wife.

Here it would be best if you had an additional incentive to your desire. And as soon as a woman feels your desire and your sexual power, she also lights up and feels pleasure. So VigRx Plus helps to improve the quality of sex, which leads to new sensations and understanding with a sexual partner.

VigRx Plus or prescription drugs?

We are all used to solving problems with our health, including sexual, with the help of our family doctor. If you go to the doctor with problems of weak erection, you will immediately be prescribed a prescription drug. This may be one of the formulas approved by the FDA . In this case, you may encounter side effects by taking such drugs. However, they will not be natural, and in many ways their stimulation will cause you discomfort and last only a small amount of time.

That is why men today prefer to take natural dietary supplements that gradually restore their masculine strength and help make their erection stronger.

VigRx Plus Research

Lifesciences Pvt invented the VigRx Plus formula. LTD , she initiated a clinical trial of this formula to prove its effectiveness.

A placebo-controlled study of 84 days in length yielded results because it was conducted blindly. Placebo was given to some patients and natural supplements to others. Doctors did not know which of the patients tablets were taken.

Throughout the study, patients took 2 tablets in the morning and evening. Further, the results were evaluated using the International Index of Erectile Function. It is based on checking the hardness of an erection, the number of erections, the ability to recover after an erection.

According to published research results:

  • 71% of men experienced complete satisfaction with sex
  • 58% of men said that now it is easier for them to penetrate the vagina of a sexual partner, since an erection has become much stronger
  • 47% reported increased libido
  • Men began to experience more orgasms by 22%
  • 61% of men have increased sex drive

You should understand that the results for each man after taking VigRx Plus are different, but in general, they were all positive.

Side effects

Many men regard taking any pill to increase potency as risky and associated with certain health risks. If you are taking any drugs to increase your erection, then this can really give side effects.

If you take natural dietary supplements such as VigRx Plus , then side effects are excluded since the product does not contain any synthetic additives that can provoke negative reactions of the body.


In fact, you have a large selection of natural dietary supplements. You can try using another formula, but all this will take away your energy, time, and money. And the result after one month will be unpredictable. Sometimes taking some unknown pills leads to side effects.

VigRx Plus is the only formula that has undergone real clinical research, it is recommended by doctors and its effect is proven. So why do you need to experiment if you can start taking VigRx Plus and increase your potency? We recommend the purchase of these pills only on the official website.

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  1. I’ve been takin Vigrx PLus for 6 months and when I stopped my erection quality didn’t decrease. It helps to increase blood flow into the penis so that’s why erections are improved.

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