Up to What Age the Development of the Penis Proceeds?

Many under-aged guys are often troubled by one delicate matter: “Up to what age the penis is growing up?” Going into detail at a time when the baby is still in the womb, his penis begins to develop in the third month. First, a glans penis appears, and then cavernous tissues grow. A little newborn has the length of the penis up to 1.5 – 2.5 cm.

It should be noted that up to 10 years, the parameters of the penis do not change much and only increase by 4-5 cm. However, after 10 years the more active stage of development of the genitals starts. And by the age of 18, at the same time as the puberty of the guy is finished, the growth of the penis stops, and its average length is about 12-15 cm with a diameter of 11-13 cm.

Is It Possible to Make the Size of the Penis Larger?

Guys under the age of 19 do not have to worry about the small size of the penis. In fact, at 17 years still, small penis size can considerably increase by the age of 19. But the guys at an older age, it is worth worrying about the small size of the penis. Well, it’s not that bad, because today there are a huge number of methods, using which you can significantly increase the size of the male genital.

Most methods for stimulating penis growth are safe and effective. That is why the process of increasing the parameters of the penis has practically no contraindications.

Ways to Solve the Problem

The following methods are recommended to increase penis size:

  • The intake of biologically active food supplements;
  • The use of hydro pumps and air pumps;
  • Traditional herbal preparations;
  • Wearing an extender.

What Medicine Says About Ways to Stimulate the Penis Enlargement

Modern medicine does not ignore methods, which action is aimed at increasing the parameters of the penis. However, experts strongly recommend using only patented remedies and devices, which effectively contributes to a safe solution to the existing problem. Doctors do not recommend young people rushing to increase the size of the penis, who has not reached the age of 19 years.

Traditional Herbal Preparations

In addition to a variety of devices and drugs, you can stimulate the growth of the penis with the help of non-traditional medicine:

  • The broth of leaves or roots of Hawthorn or Rosehip;
  • The decoction of the root of Ginseng not only stimulates the growth of the penis but also increases the potency, making the erection more powerful.

How Long Does it Take to Get Positive Results?

Non-traditional medicine allows obtaining a positive effect not earlier than in 12 months. The use of devices for stimulating penis growth contributes to obtaining visible results after 6-9 months. In case of taking food supplements, you’ll see the effect in a few days after the start of the course.

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