The Best Female Sex Drive Pills Available For Online Purchase in 2023

Many factors affect the female libido, which is subject to constant attacks from the external environment.

Women after 30 years often face weakened libido, a lack of desire to have sex with a particular man, and sometimes a complete rejection of sexual affection. What could be the reason and is it possible to deal with it through some medicine to arouse a woman instantly?

We will talk about it in this article. It would be great to use natural supplements that contain herbal extracts to increase female sexual energy, isn’t it? And it’s true – most of the various trace elements are involved in the formation of female sexual functions.

Female Viagra

Does it exist?

Quick Note
Now such a product has indeed been approved by the FDA and it is called Addyi.

But as with male Viagra, Addyi has several side effects and the product itself is not safe. Reactions can be different, but often negative. That is why the search for female enhancement pills remains actual.

And yet – are there any effective dietary supplements that can give a quick result without side effects? The problem is that most of these products can be completely useless. They contain extracts, which effect does not contribute to the improvement of female libido. They are more like some vitamins that somehow affect the general tone of the body and that’s all.

Hundreds of Identical Female Sex Drive Pills Copy Some Kind of Formula

Most of the products on the market – whether they are gels, creams to enhance female desire, or pills – are some unknown brands that do not even have sites.

And they are sold mostly on Amazon. Suppliers of such tablets are Chinese companies that manufacture them, label them, and put the name that the customer came up with. That’s all! The new tablet is ready and it is already on sale, it is already being bought, but then in the comments, you see only negative reviews.

Are All Female Libido Pills Fakes?

Of course not! Some companies have been selling their patented formulas for over 10 years, including the Nymphomax product. Its uniqueness is that with the help of the completely natural composition it acts in a few minutes and the effect is truly incredible:

  • Intensified female desire
  • Improved vaginal lubrication
  • Increased sensations and pleasure during sex
  • Finally, sex after Nymphomax ends with a real vaginal orgasm
  • Desire can last several hours when sex becomes a pleasure

My Experience with Sex Drive Pills

I am 43 years old, I have been married for 15 years, I have two children – 8 and 5 years old. When I met my husband, I was hungry for sex, we had sex everywhere and always. Sometimes – several times a day. A year after meeting, we got married and I immediately became pregnant.

During pregnancy, I did not want to have sex at all. And after the birth of my first son, for a long time, I was in a state of postpartum shock. For almost 3 months I could not even think about having sex. And after 6 months I just had to have sex to maintain normal relations with my husband.

For 2 years, neither yoga, nor Pilates, nor a healthy lifestyle helped me. 

I got a nanny, but I had to go to work every day, and in the evening to do household chores.

I was ready to have sex as a conjugal duty. Sexual fantasies stopped visiting me at all, in the bathroom, I didn’t even want to touch my vagina. Other men also ceased to interest me.

What happened to me?

I went to the sexologist and he told me that such problems are very common among women who gave birth. He advised me to take natural supplements and use a clitoral cream, which helped moisturize the vagina, which was constantly suffering from dryness. Without lubrication, my husband and I could not have sex.

He named the most different reasons – stress, fatigue, physiological changes in the body after childbirth, depression in which I often plunged.

His main advice was not only the use of dietary supplements but also energetic work with my psychological state. When my husband wanted sex I was annoyed by the talk that I did not want him, that I did not need sex with him. Everything came to talk about breaking up.

Everything started to change

After another scandal, I realized that I just can’t turn a blind eye to my sexual problems. In the end, I also wanted to enjoy sex. I was not too lazy and I studied natural products for women’s sexual health. To my surprise, there were a lot of them and I just did not know how to choose the best.

The reviews on the forums concerned only a few instant female sex drive pills – Nymphomax, Provestra, HerSolution and there were a few others that I immediately eliminated due to the insufficient number of reviews. Among the creams, only Vigorelle and HerSolution were the leaders. So 5 products that could potentially help me.

Top Female Sex Enhancement Pills

To understand that a particular product can help me, I conducted my research. I will tell you about every supplement in detail:


This female sex enhancement medicine immediately became my favorite because its formula is 100% natural and included extracts that are safe and effective for female libido:

  • Kacip Fatimah
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Pueraria Mirifica
  • Withania Somnifera
  • Piperine
  • L-Arginine

I will not paint the action of each ingredient, there is a lot of information about them. The main thing is their symbiosis in the Nymphomax formula.

The information on the official website was not enough and it seemed strange to me. This is such a popular product, everyone says that it works. Why not write about this in more detail? I found almost all the information about it on the forums where the girls shared their impressions and experience about using Nymphomax.

I immediately ordered 1 bottle directly from the official website for testing, although later I acquired a full course – 6 bottles.

The effect of using Nymphomax was cumulative. Over time, I had to take it less often, and after 3 months I was able to take it almost once a week.

Since it is a natural product that consists of natural extracts its action was not just long-playing, I felt my sexual desire increase. It’s like discovering an energy channel for yourself, as soon as you do this – the result will not go anywhere.


My goal was to find my female libido enhancement product. The second product was Provestra. I took these pills for 4 months and the effect of taking was already felt completely different.

There was no immediate reaction, but I felt improvements in my sexual functions. The desire improved, I often fantasized about sex and began to masturbate, which I hadn’t done previously.

I wanted to return to Nymphomax, but I realized that the positive changes had already begun and I wanted to strengthen them by taking new pills, even more effective.

HerSolution Gel is another natural product for female libido, I have been taking it for 3 months. The effect was less noticeable than with Nymphomax or Provestra.

 In the end, I completely switched to Nymphomax and have been taking it for the third year now, as I am just banally afraid to stop doing it. Why ?

My Confidence in Sexual Power Has Grown Many Times

Did You Know?
Today I can safely say that the solution to problems with female libido should be comprehensive.

I started practicing Reiki, working with my energy, it needed to be released.

Pills gave me stimulation of female sexual function, but studying Reiki gave me much more – I learned to get rid of the burden of my problems and relax psychologically. This is the most important thing for your sexual health.

I realized that I didn’t want to have sex because I had created obstacles for emancipation for myself.  Women’s sexual desire is a sign of health, both psychological and physical. That is why it is important to improve your health in different ways to achieve results .

My Observations

Over the last 2 years of my struggle for sex life, I have drawn the following conclusions:

  • It is important to choose a good product that can make up for the lack of minerals and trace elements in the female body. Nothing works without it.
  • It is necessary to do spiritual practices, especially for women who constantly feel stress, pressure from her husband or others. My duty problems just bound me hand and foot. I could not unravel everything that had accumulated, but the result was deplorable – I forgot about the female sexual desire.
  • You must lead a healthy lifestyle. I know this is very difficult, but sometimes your married life depends on it. Is the game not worth the candle? Try to give up junk food, alcohol, start at least doing exercises and follow the daily routine.
  • Support for your other half is essential. Do not keep everything in yourself, tell your loved one or just a sexual partner about your problems. And say you need help. I want to say that my man just rushed to help me because he saw that I did not want to let everything go by chance. What is important to me. Our relationship immediately got better when he saw me start working on myself.

What Happened?

You will not believe it, we even bought several sex toys for me, I started to love anal sex, and I can do an hour blowjob for him. It turns me on now – when he caresses me with his hands, a toy in the anus, a long cock excites me today, sometimes my husband has sex with me and periodically uses the toy to penetrate me deeply.

We started having sex several times a week, sometimes I just like to masturbate alone in the bathroom with a shower, sometimes I use toys. Moreover, for a vaginal and clitoral orgasm.

Our sex life today is full of events: role-playing games, anal sex, oral sex, we are even thinking about inviting another girl to our matrimonial bed. But by the way, the second man would not have excited me, but I had been thinking about sex with a girl for a long time.

Physiological changes after taking Nymphomax

  • I began to receive not only the clitoral but also the vaginal orgasm.
  • I sometimes get to get 2-3 orgasms right away.
  • My husband and I stopped using lube. Since the prelude does its job in a few minutes, my vagina becomes completely wet and this persists throughout the act.
  • Squirt for me was a rare occurrence. But today I specifically ask my husband to give it to me with the help of fingers and hard frictions. You can’t imagine how it excites him.

How our life together has changed

My husband is obsessed with sex, he is ready to do it at any time, he is immediately excited, asks me to give him a blowjob right in the car or in the elevator. Previously, I always refused him, but now I am excited by one thought about his penis. He likes blowjob, and today I like to do it endlessly and bring it to orgasm. At this time, I ask my husband to masturbate me to reach orgasm.

I can’t believe what is coming. But thanks to Nymphomax and my program of working with my body and spiritual state, I completely relaxed and let in the pleasures. Our second child was born 2 years after the first and 2 months later I already wanted sex. My husband does not dare in me, pampers me, and tells me that I realize all his fantasies and that for my sake he is ready for anything.

That’s how important it was for me to start changing for my own sake, my family, and my happy life. I recommend buying Nymphomax right now and taking 6 bottles at once so that you don’t buy them separately and do not overpay.

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  1. After pregnancy, I had problems with my libido, but Nymphomax actually helped me. I feel normal again!

  2. I tried Addyi, It lowered my blood pressure, and made me feel dizzy. My pulse was going up and down for an hour. I will never take it again.

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