Terms and Conditions

This article governs the terms and conditions of this site in relation to its visitors. It is this document that governs how we post, distribute and generate content on this site and demonstrate it to any of the visitors. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please leave the site, otherwise, you accept it.

Responsibility for published information

On this site, we post our own reviews, opinions and evaluate those or other facts or products that we write about. We try to describe the goods as accurately as possible and give an expert assessment of their quality. At the same time, we cannot guarantee you that the offered products will work and help you solve any health problems.

If you need professional advice, consult your doctor. When buying goods by clicking on the link to the seller’s website, you yourself are responsible for any purchase on these third sites. Our resource is not responsible for the nature of the information posted on the websites of manufacturers of goods. We can not control the accuracy of their information or the processing of orders since we are exclusively an information resource.

State Responsibility

Again, since we ourselves actually do not sell or own the goods that we write about, we cannot enter into any seller-buyer format relations with visitors, which means that any laws on protecting consumer rights cannot be applied to us.


We reserve the right to make any changes to our privacy policy and they will be applied immediately after publication.

Communication with the administration

You can always write to us at admin@agenet.com and express your suggestions, arguments, reviews regarding the information we post on the website