Best Sperm Volume Pills 2023. 5X More Semen(Proofs and Results)

Why is Semen Volume is So Important?

The male body is designed in such a way that during a sexual orgasm a seminal fluid is produced in the scrotum, which contains a certain amount of spermatozoa.

With a large amount of ejaculation ejaculated during sperm, the man feels confident and strong. This increases the pleasure level of both partners. A large amount of ejaculate shows masculine power and sexuality. Thus, sex is more emotional and sensitive.

However, more than half of the male population of the planet cannot boast of this sexual dignity. Indeed, due to various reasons, the list of which includes age-related changes, diseases of the urogenital system, etc., the volume of semen released during ejaculation is very poor.

Brief statistics
The average ejaculate volume is 3.7 ml, which is about one teaspoon of semen. If the amount of sperm during orgasm is less than 1.5 ml, then we can safely say that a man has sexual disorders. Average Sperm Count Research

Why Do Porn Actors Have a Large Sperm Count?

You probably have repeatedly had to watch adult movies, in which the actors in addition to a long and powerful erection, there is a fairly voluminous ejaculation.

You should not believe what you see, because, with such a tight work schedule and long hours of shooting, the body can not independently produce so much sperm. Their secret lies in taking special nutritional supplements, the effect of which is aimed at increasing potency, enhancing erection, its power, as well as increasing the amount of sperm.

Today the most popular, effective, and safe stimulants of sexual power is the following nutritional supplements – Volume Pills, Semenax, Maxotin, Maxocum, Spermomax.

Millions of men worldwide have tested their effective and safe action. These drugs are approved by clinical studies and recommended by leading experts in the field of medicine.

Overview of the Best Sperm Volume Pills

We offer right now to study a brief overview of the characteristics that are inherent in natural volume pills for men:

Brief review

Volume Pills is a drug with a unique patented formula, which aims to address a huge number of sexual disorders.

Quick Note
In addition to the increased volume of sperm, a man can expect that the parameters of his penis will increase to 35%.

A manufacturer of semen enhancement pills is a popular company in the USA that has been successfully operating for 10 years on the international market. Active ingredients stimulate the production of testosterone, as well as increase libido.

Semenax increase semen volume pills

Semenax is one of the top-rated natural dietary supplements that increase the volume of sperm, nourishes the body with sexual power and energy, which are necessary for prolonged sexual intercourse.

A clinically tested product that enhances the intensity of orgasms. At the same time, the number of active sperm cells increases in the semen, which directly normalizes the work of the reproductive function of the body.


Maxocum is a herbal supplement that is designed to stimulate the production of sperm in large volumes. The drug combines a complex of natural herbs and plant extracts, which together have the most beneficial effect on the sexual health of men. The drug has no side effects and contraindications to the use, which is why

 Maxocum occupies a leading position in the ranking of the most popular natural products to increase sperm amount .


Spermomax is another effective semen volume pill, due to its action, stimulates the production of a large amount of ejaculate during ejaculation. A group of American scientists, who managed to achieve the ideal proportions of the components, worked on the development of the current formula of the drug for more than 6 months.

Most often, these sperm volume pills should be taken immediately before sexual intercourse or some time before the onset of sexual intimacy.

However, before you start taking semen enhancers, you should thoroughly study the manufacturer’s instructions, which contain all the necessary information for the client – the duration of the course of treatment, dosage, time of administration, etc.

Do Increase Sperm Volume Pills Work?

If you doubt that all the above preparations work, then you certainly need to examine the quality certificates that are located on the manufacturers’ websites. These documents are the main evidence that nutritional supplements have been repeatedly tested during clinical trials, and this confirms their effectiveness and safety.

The principle of action of these tablets is based on the work of the active components, which are the main stimulant of semen performance. During the work of the ingredients in the body, the amount of testosterone, a male hormone responsible for the normal parameters of sexual life, increases.

If you delve into this topic in more detail, you can see that consumer feedback on the proposed drugs is in most cases positive. Men claim that after completing a full course of treatment with the best supplements to improve sperm count, their sex life became brighter and more sensitive. In this case, none of the consumers does indicate the presence of side effects, because they simply do not exist.

Doctors, after studying the composition of the drugs, as well as their current formula, concluded that taking natural food supplements is the real solution to the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Moreover, specialists of the world’s leading clinics of the Department of Urology, prescribe their patients receiving biological supplements to solve a variety of intimate problems, including a small amount of sperm during ejaculation.

What Will be the Results of Taking Volume Pills?

  • Increased semen volume. The amount of sperm during ejaculation increases several times, while the quality of the ejaculate significantly improves.
  • Libido increases, due to which the man becomes resilient and strong in bed.
  • A stronger and more powerful erection, contributing to prolonged sexual intercourse.
  • Some of the drugs stimulate the growth of the penis, thereby increasing its length and volume.
  • Along with physiological changes in the body, there is an improvement in the psycho-emotional state. The man feels confident, his self-esteem rises significantly.

The Main Active Ingredients of Semen Enhancers:

Consider the main components that are part of the preparations for improving the sexual power of men:

  • The pollen of a Swedish flower – saturates the body with strength and energy. The component stimulates the production of male hormones that normalize the body’s sexual capabilities.
  • L-Argentine HCL is a component that affects sperm performance and sperm activation. The action of the component increases sperm motility, thereby improving the reproductive function of the body.
  • L-lysine is an amino acid that increases the volume of seminal fluid and makes sperm more mobile. Promotes the production of testosterone, which normalizes the sexual function of the body.
  • Goat weed is a plant that, when exposed to the male body, increases libido and increases the amount of testosterone.
  • Zinc is the most important component that has a positive effect on the formation of large volumes of seminal fluid.
  • L-carnitine is an amino acid that contains a huge amount of vitamins of group B. An important component without which the production of healthy sperm in the male body is impossible.

Why it is Worth Trying Supplements to Get a Better Semen Volume?

Acceptance of herbal pills is a completely safe process that affects the body naturally. Thanks to the perfectly developed effective formula, the active ingredients are not capable of causing negative side reactions. Each user has the opportunity to experience the lightning-fast effects of drugs on a natural basis.

Doctors speak very positively about the effects of natural products and therefore recommend that all men who experience negative manifestations of erectile dysfunction, start taking the above pills.

It is recommended to buy goods only on the official website of the manufacturer. Thus, the client protects himself from buying low-quality products, which can most negatively affect the health of men.

Do not forget that the right diet, healthy food, and good sleep – these are the main criteria for good sexual capabilities of the male body. Therefore, in combination with taking natural supplements, you should follow all the above recommendations.

What do we know about the normal amount of sperm for a man?

So, you probably know for sure that your ejaculation is very scarce since very little sperm are secreted. Compared to the amount of semen that porn stars ejaculate , it seems insignificant. But let’s figure out what is the normal sperm volume of an average man?

For example, the World Health Organization in 2010 checked the amount of semen during the ejaculation of men who were selected for the experiment. These were healthy middle-aged men. When the entire study was completed, it turned out that a normal volume of 0.8 to 7.7 milliliters of sperm can be considered.

Well, according to other studies, the average amount of semen in a man ranges from 3 to 5 milliliters. To make it clear to you, how much is this, you can compare such a volume with half a tablespoon.

As you can see, this is a very small amount and you can definitely influence it by taking special pills such as Volume Pills or Semenax .

Men create a lot of myths about who should have a lot of sperm and who does not have much. When we see men pumped up, it seems to us that they really have an excess of testosterone and sperm in them. But this statement is a complete fallacy. Muscle mass does not affect semen volume.

Tall and slender men have a large penis and they have volumetric ejaculation. This is also not true, tall men, even if they have a slim physique, may well show modest ejaculation.

Much associate sperm volume and fertility. But sperm is different. If you do not have sex for a while and do not masturbate, the number of active sperm cells will be higher. And if you have regular sex or you masturbate daily – the number of active sperm can be less than 1%.

Sperm-boosting pills do not affect your fertility. Some men think that if they take Volume Pills or Semenax , they are more likely to impregnate a woman. In fact, if your goal is to increase fertility, then you definitely do not need these pills.

In this review, we are talking about the best pills to increase sperm count, not your fertility. Due to the active ingredients in the pill formula, you can count on increased sperm volume so that you have spectacular ejaculation, you enjoy orgasm longer, and your sexual partner admired you as the best lover.

Men really need their ejaculation to be voluminous, so that:

  • Show your sexual partner the level of your sexuality
  • So that a woman sees how much pleasure from sex with her you get
  • So that your orgasm is beautiful as in porn movies
  • To enjoy longer, because prolonged ejaculation means a long orgasm
  • To better excite a woman. Many of the fair halves of humanity are very excited at the sight of your ejaculation
  • To enjoy prolonged ejaculation in the partner’s mouth. By the way, you can directly affect the taste of your semen if you take Yummy Cum or SemEnhance tablets. Imagine, you can finish your partner in the mouth and she will enjoy your sperm, because it will taste much better than before

What determines the amount of sperm in a man?

  • Directly from the level of testosterone in your blood
  • By age and way of life
  • From your health problems
  • From what lifestyle you lead
  • From chronic diseases that you have
  • From the fact how you eat

First of all, you should know that the volume of sperm is very individual for each man. There are no two identical men with the same volume of sperm. Your sexual functions are interconnected – erection, potency, libido, sexual stamina, sperm volume – everything is connected. And if you notice that you have a very small amount of sperm, this may be the result of problems with your potency.

Your body should receive a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals that stimulate your male sexual functions. Not many men know what they need to eat so that they have a powerful erection, and a sufficient amount of sperm is secreted during orgasm.

Such important trace elements as scurvy , lycopene , selenium, amino acids, lysine, arginine, carnitine directly affect the amount of sperm. In its pure form, you can not accept them in any products – not very effective. But these ingredients are part of such well-known pills to increase sperm count as Volume Pills and Semenax .

In this case, you should not only take them, but also monitor your diet and those products that contain the above trace elements. Essential foods for you should be tuna , red meat, oatmeal and poultry.

Your bad habits interfere with your entire body: smoking, overeating, fast food , alcohol, endless cups of coffee, a sedentary lifestyle, overwork and stress. All this can cause problems with potency and problems with the amount of sperm.

Try to eat more nuts, legumes, eat eggs regularly. It’s very good to eat watermelon in the summer, because tomatoes are rich in lycopene .

It is very important that even when taking Volume Pills and Semenax sperm pills, you should remember to drink at least 1 liter of water daily. After all, it is water in your body that is key to the formation of sperm and its lack leads to a decrease in sperm volume.

Start doing kegel exercises

It is these exercises that help increase sperm count; you can find a lot of guides on how to perform the exercises correctly. Give it only 10-15 minutes a day and you can strengthen your male potency and increase sperm count.

What do women think about the volume of male semen?

Don’t say that, but we want to increase the amount of our sperm just for the sake of our sexual partner. We want sex to be fantastic and for this, of course, ejaculation must be bright and plentiful. In fact, not many women will share your opinion, which means that for all women the volume of sperm matters.

You will be surprised, but many women absolutely do not care how much sperm you ejaculate. But this is only if the amount of ejaculation is still visually present. I had such a thing that the girl sucked my cock and I cum in her mouth, but she didn’t even notice it, so little sperm I finished in her mouth.

She saw that I had an orgasm, but it seemed to her that this was an imitation . So she was disappointed that I imitated an orgasm. None of my persuasions worked, she said that she did not have sperm in her mouth, which means she could not satisfy me. The next half a year she refused to give me a blowjob, although I came out of him as quickly as during sex with her.

Your complexes are the main reason you want to increase sperm count.

It’s true, so what? Many men complex when they have little sperm released after orgasm and this is normal. Each of us wants ejaculation to be powerful and spectacular. It satisfies our ego, it tells us that we have a certain sexual power. In principle, we like to be strong.

Why should you put up with the fact that you have such weak ejaculation when there are natural pills such as Volume Pills and Semenax that can increase sperm count by 500%.

It really works but does not give an instant result. You need to take pills for at least a month, and preferably 3-6 months if you want sperm to be more than 500%.

Diets Help Boost Your Ejaculation Amount

Oddly enough, there are certain diets that perfectly reflect on your potency. This is especially true for those complexes of diets that include a plentiful intake of fresh vegetables and fruits. In this review, we have already indicated which foods are better to include in your diet so that there is more sperm. But it’s important to make your diet such that it includes all of these foods. We pay special attention to products that contain a lot of zinc.

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  1. I take Volume pills not every day as the manufacturer recommends, but every other day. This helps me to keep the effects from being diluted. Also, don’t forget to drink a lot of water.

  2. I have tried several semen boosting supplements and my favorites ones are Semenax and Ejaculoid. But I can’t find Ejaculoid now, it is no longer available. These pills gave me big loads, really big.

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