Sex and Aging — Changes to Expect

Many people believe that sexual interest declines with age, but the truth is that many men and women enjoy having sex even at an older age. Plenty of advantages come with having sex at an older age because there are no more worries about getting pregnant and sex becomes a more intimate and pleasurable experience. However, people`s bodies change as they get older, so some couples have difficulties having sex at an older age. Some of the most common problems that many people face at older age include low libido, erectile dysfunction, and vaginal dryness. However, the good news is that despite all the changes people face with aging, there are many good solutions for each problem and change the face.

The first change many people notice as they age is the low libido or decreased interest in sex. Many things contribute to low libido. Some common factors are specific chronic health issues like diabetes or heart problems, anxiety or depression, less production of sex hormones in the body, and certain medications. Those people that notice these changes as they age should consult a doctor and get prescribed some drugs that will not affect their sex lives.

Another change to expect with aging is erectile dysfunction. This is a common problem for many older men. They either fail to achieve an erection or their erections are soft. Also, ejaculation is not as strong as at a younger age. Many body changes lead to erectile dysfunction as men age, including reduced levels of the male sex hormone testosterone in the body, lost elasticity in the erectile tissue, impaired function of penis nerves and decreased blood flow towards the penis. Also, men that have heart problems, diabetes or high blood pressure can face issues with erectile dysfunction. The best way to prevent erectile dysfunction as you age is to follow a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy, regularly exercising, paying attention to weight, avoiding drinking and smoking are a few things that can lower down the possibility of facing erectile dysfunction with aging.

Those men that have problems with erectile dysfunction can do several things to help themselves. Many medications can widen blood vessels and improve erections. There are also injections or surgical implants that can be used. Mechanical devices like vacuum pumps and taking natural testosterone supplements are a couple of other ways that can help men in their battle against erectile dysfunction.

A change that many women should expect as they grow older is vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness is usually caused because of lower production of the female sex hormone estrogen. The natural production of this hormone decreases as women age, resulting in vaginal dryness at an older age. Usually, this condition happens after women go through menopause when their vagina does not produce enough lubrication and loses its elasticity. However, not all is lost because there are a couple of good ways of dealing with this condition. One is through using lubricants, and the other is by taking hormonal therapy.

A lubricant is a more direct and instant solution for vaginal dryness, while hormonal therapy requires longer treatments. In the hormonal treatment, women are using creams or pills to increase the production of estrogen in their bodies. However, you should always consult a doctor before proceeding towards hormonal therapy, because certain products can increase the risk of heart disease and breast cancer.

Always remember that sex is not limited to a particular age, so it is an activity that should be enjoyed at any stage of life. Sexual activity should not stop just because you are aging and getting older. Tackle the effects that come with aging and enjoy your sexual life.

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