Quick Extender Pro vs. Phallosan Forte: Which Penis Extender is the Best?

Choosing a penis extender is never easy. That is why, as a user, I create videos with reviews of those penis extenders that I tested on myself. This is the only way you can hear a real recommendation, not an advertising one.

This video comparison of Quick Extender Pro and Phallosan Forte is decisive for those who want to buy the best extender in the world. I know how to identify it, and you will learn the whole truth in this video. Watch it to the end because you will find an incredible verdict and an exclusive bonus for purchasing extenders, which will be discussed below.

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This review is a real battle between the best extenders in the world. Incredibly, these 2 devices are now on the Olympus of the best products in the world in their topic. Both are in my hands. And what happened that I call them the best?

It would help if you read the characteristics of all penis extenders, reviews on the forums, and watch videos of real users. In the end – I analyzed the best 8 penis stretchers in the world in one of my videos. I left the link in the description.

This choice among the two leaders is special. And between Quick Extender Pro and Phallosan Forte should fight right now. I announce the first round. The best of the best, but who will be first? Or should they both come first?

Rod-Penis Extender vs. Vacuum Adhesion Device

These 2 extenders are representatives of different types. One is a rod extender, the second is a vacuum adhesive. Both are the best in their categories, but what if we compare different types of devices to establish a leader?

Then why are we looking for the best extender on the Internet? Because we want to be sure of an amazing user experience and the best result. After all, you must waste your time, risk your health, experience discomfort, and all for what?

That’s right – to increase your penis and make your erection incredible. The game is worth the candle. So what do I want as a user tired of fighting with his complexes?

Let’s list your possible problems:

  • Do you have a small penis?
  • Do you have a deformed penis?
  • Is your erection not strong enough?
  • Are you unable to have sex for a long time?
  • Watch this video, and you will be able to solve your problems in the shortest possible time.


Let’s figure it out:

  1. I want to get results
  2. I want to avoid side effects
  3. I want simple usage
  4. I want reliability, and comfort is important to us
  5. I want good buying conditions – the best price, discounts
  6. I need service and accessories, so I must contact the manufacturer directly. But, again, this is a guarantee, service, and even a refund.
  7. Shipping – what will it be? Expensive or not, or maybe free? What will be on the box? Privacy is important to me
  8. Personalization? I want to pick up the right device package. They are always different

I will name one device’s characteristics and immediately compare them with the second’s. And so we will keep score in all respects. Points will determine the winner.

We’ll dig deep to find out the truth. No common phrases. We check all the features and benefits ourselves here and now in this video:

  • Only user rating
  • Only real facts
  • Only real properties and benefits
  • I will try and see if promises work
  • I will debunk the myths of manufacturers and sellers
  • I will collect real opinions, not just mine

I tried, and I know

Good characterization, but why should you trust me? That’s right, and you need to trust only what you have tried yourself or learned from trusted people. But collecting opinions is the right tactic.

What do they say on the forums? Let’s see. I found the most relevant discussions for you.

Quick Extender Pro review

And now, I want to talk about the best features of this penis extender. I really trust it and for a very long time. Why?

Dual mount technology is awesome. It helps to distribute the load on the penis. In addition, it helps to prevent the penis from slipping out.

But what will Phallosan Forte answer to this?

Vacuum adhesion technology allows you to keep the head of the penis in the system and will definitely not fall out.

In this regard, 1:1

Comfort Quick Extender Pro vs. Phallosan Forte

Thanks to Memory Comfort Pads and Comfort Pads, you can use the extender longer than any other pole with mount and base. I was able to wear the extender for 2 hours. Cool.

Phallosan Forte answer

Fixing the penis in a vacuum chamber is the maximum comfort. Whatever you put on the silicone loops or strap, it can’t be compared to the comfort that Phallosan Forte gives. So 2:1


Rigid mount rod extenders are the right penis technology traction in their classic form. The head of the penis is held in a special base with fastening, and stretching occurs with the help of tension rods and screws. This is ideal for fast results.

Phallosan Forte answer

The tension scale lets you control the amount of pull with precise tension settings. And here, it is dynamic, i.e. changes constantly as you move. And this is traction with belt tension. Phallosan Forte also has an attachment with rods and tension screws, but the design lacks strength due to the attachment of the head of the penis in a vacuum chamber. So it’s a hybrid technology that falls short of delivering the same results as Quick Extender Pro. That’s right – it works faster.

It turns out the score is 2:2


No side effects. If you wear Quick Extender Pro for a long time, pain may appear due to the severity of the device, because it rubs, and because the tightened head suffers from a lack of blood. Have to shoot and take a break, knead the penis.

Phallosan Forte – can be worn much longer. The penis head is not squeezed, and there is no friction with the hard parts of the extender. So you can wear it for longer, and the duration of use helps the result.

The score is already 2:3 in favor of Phallosan Forte

Penis straightening

This is another opportunity for those who use penis extenders. You can straighten your penis. But which device works best?

Quick Extender Pro boasts of having a penis straightening package. It has the stiffest springs and maximum accessories for functionality and comfort. The rigidity of the device ensures the straightening of the penis in the shortest possible time.

Phallosan Forte is a versatile device. The Plus version can be even more useful. But what is the result? Stretching the penis occurs exactly like straightening. You can choose which way, depending on your problem. But it takes longer because there is no firmness, and you must make up for it by wearing the Phallosan Forte for a long time.

Until 3:3 in benefit of Quick Extender Pro

Is it possible to sleep with Quick Extender Pro? You can try, but will it be safe? Unfortunately, it won’t, because, during sleep, you can somehow turn around and uncomfortably squeeze your penis. The device’s design is rigid, so there can be a very unpleasant situation.

But with Phallosan Forte, you can sleep because its design allows you not to harm the penis. It is soft.

Score 4:3

Ease of use

Quick Extender Pro has a fairly simple design complemented by an additional silicone tube. Everything is the same if you have used a penis extender before. Only more accessories for comfort are more reliable and pleasant to wear. You just put on the silicone tubes in Comfort Pads, set the length of the rods, and tighten the screws. Everything is very simple.

Phallosan Forte – this is where you need to figure it out because you still need to put on the membrane, switch to the vacuum creation mode and stick the penis in the membrane into the device. A little unusual, and therefore the classic device will be more understandable to you. The same applies to the Plus prefix. After all, in addition to the fact that you need to use a vacuum chamber, you also need to expose the rods and tension screws.

Score 5:3 in benefit of Quick Extender Pro

Durability and accessories

I must say that after 6 months of using Quick Extender Pro, I only replaced the handset and Comfort pad once. As for Phallosan Forte, I broke all the condoms and did not use the device while waiting for new ones for a whole week.

Therefore, in terms of durability and maintenance, Quick Extender Pro wins

Routine and application

You must understand that penis stretching with an extender is a chore. It needs to be compiled. It needs to be followed. Write down your workouts, results, and feelings. All this is necessary to provide a plan for penis stretching, without which there will be no result.

With Quick Extender Pro, I kept notes in a diary. And here is Phallosan Forte offers its application. You can enter all the data inside the App, and set up reminders. I must say that it is very functional and useful. It got to the point that their workout records with Quick Extender Pro I am contributing to this app.

Phallosan Forte starts to recoup 5:4


So this is the most important factor. The first results with Quick Extender Pro can be seen in a week – I already added 0.5 cm more rods. Well, that’s a good result. So my penis already wants a new load. There is no penis growth yet, but endurance is appearing.

As for Phallosan Forte – I upped the traction after a week too. No new changes.

One month later, I started noticing small changes in penis growth with Quick Extender Pro. I wrote it down and was surprised. With Phallosan Forte did not notice this after a month but also increased the load.

After 2 months, I saw real penis growth with Quick Extender Pro. But Phallosan Forte gave the result only after 2.5 months.

Penis growth 1 inch with Quick Extender Pro after 3 months. Phallosan Forte had the same results only after 4 months.

It turns out here won Quick Extender Pro 6:4

As for the price. Then Quick Extender Pro conditions are better than Phallosan Forte


Warranty – Quick Extender Pro 180 days plus 7:4 money back

Delivery and payment – at Quick Extender Pro, free


Quick Extender Pro offers 4 packages with different prices and contents. Phallosan Forte – only 2 options, and the price is higher. You can Phallosan Forte, or Phallosan Forte Plus, or both. It’s already 8:4 in favor of Quick Extender Pro.

Quality – Both penis extenders here boast quality materials and workmanship. But Phallosan Forte is made in Germany and here 8:5.

So the winner is Quick Extender Pro. I promised you something incredible at the end of the video – and this is a discount on the device. Additional, about which no one knows. Another 15% of the cost. Hurry up to use the coupon. I wrote it in the comments of the video. Follow the link and enter it.

I’m happy with Quick Extender Pro; now you know why it is the best. In addition, you can read the comments on the forums. A lot of men write about their positive experiences. I have been researching extenders for 8 years and have used all the ones you can buy. So my verdict is clear as a blogger and user – Quick Extender Pro .

You can see my detailed Quick Extender Pro and Phallosan Forte. Both announcement videos are here. Be sure to check them out to know more about these extenders.

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