How to Use Quick Extender Pro – My User Manual and Simple Instruction

Quick Extender Pro is an effective and convenient penis extender for penis enlargement and straightening. And it is really easy to use, in this article I will prove it to you and show you.

I achieved good results and purchased the Deluxe package Limited edition. This is really the best choice out of the 4 packages presented, as I made sure that I need as many accessories as possible to use the device: spare springs, silicone tubes and protective memory pads. They are included and do not need to be purchased separately.

Also before using Quick Extender Pro must buy Band-Aid plaster. It must be wound around the penis up to the head in the place where the silicone loops will compress the penis. Those. in front of the head. Even though the kit includes Comfort Pad and Memory Comfort Pads , such protection will not be superfluous, because you will still feel friction. And it can cause you to take frequent breaks.

Remember what is important when wearing the device:

  1. Correct device settings. Those. you need to adjust the length of the rods according to the length of your penis (+4cm or 1.6 inches) to the length of your relaxed penis
  2. You can use the device if your penis is half erect. Since often the male penis is so small that it is difficult to put silicone loops on it and fix it in the sutra
  3. Make the most of Comfort Pads , be careful not to get the skin of the penis under the loop at the tightening point, as this can cause discomfort. To prevent this from happening, pull the skin of the penis well in front of the head and fasten the loops behind the skin.
  4. Thanks to the DSS system ( Double Strap Support ) at Quick Extender Pro has a mechanism for double fixation of the penis in the system. This is necessary in order to avoid a common problem – slipping of the penis. Those. while wearing, your penis moves and this can cause the penis to simply slip out under pressure and insecure fastening. And then the device will be useless for you. The double fixation holds your penis in the system precisely and securely and retains the original tension settings.
  5. Use the tension screws at the base of the base of the penis in case you need to tighten or loosen the tension a little. This is very convenient, since you do not need to remove the device in order to remove or add rods to it.
  6. At the initial stage of use, try to use only one loop to figure out how to carry the device and put it on quickly. If you use two loops at once, it can make it difficult for you to understand the correct use of Quick . Extender Pro
  7. When you put on the device, make sure that the bars are compressed as much as possible. Release them only when the head of the penis is looped to the base. In this way, the springs will be decompressed and they will perform their function of systematic traction on the tissues of the penis in order to stretch them.
  8. While wearing the device, you can slightly release the loops and press on the head of the penis with your finger to return blood circulation. The head will turn pink again
  9. Try to take breaks every hour and massage the penis with the device completely removed, so you can feel comfortable and can restore the full blood supply to the penis
  10. During use, you will definitely need to hang the bars when the penis begins to grow and the tissues begin to get used to the traction in the current configuration – springs and tension. Increase the size of the rods by 0.5 cm using the smallest rods for this. Follow the instructions for the routine for using the device. I can only say that I hung barbells about once every 1-2 weeks.
  11. The extender is very light, it is made of surgical steel and plastic. Its light weight allows it to be worn longer than other alternatives.
  12. To make it easier to hide the edges of the loops during use, they can simply be cut with scissors
  13. Try to follow your usage program. You can use reminders and notes on your phone or keep a diary.
  14. Make sure that your penis does not pop out of the device by tightening the loops, while paying attention to the pulling force. Any discomfort is unacceptable and you should immediately remove the device if you feel pain. At the same time, you should always feel traction, then the device will work.
  15. When wearing an extender, you will not experience side effects if you do not wear the extender through pain and also for too long. Pay attention to the color of the head of the penis, it should not be blue. Ensure that the device retains its original settings during use

How to put on and wear Quick Extender Pro

how to use quick extender pro step3 how to use quick extender pro step2 How to use quick extender pro step1

  1. If you know exactly the length of your penis, then add the desired number and size of rods to the standard length of the extender. The overall length of the device is 3.6 inches (9 cm).
  2. Prepare one or two silicone tubes, use Comfort Pads
  3. Put on the Penis Band Aid so that it is securely fastened, but not squeezed
  4. Stick your penis through the base
  5. Hinges with Comfort The pads should already be in the holes, but not tightened.
  6. Squeeze the bars so that you can slide your penis through the loops with one hand while holding the penis with the other.
  7. Tighten every loop
  8. Only when you feel that the loops are securely tightened behind the head of the penis, begin to unclench the springs slowly
  9. Ideally, on the side of the penis, you will see that you will have one line visible, which indicates successful compression of the springs.
  10. You can now trim any excess loop ends to fit the penis device into your underwear
  11. Make sure that the device does not squash and that your scam does not get into those parts of the device that can squash it
  12. Use loose pants to wear the device, as well as underwear
  13. Try to systematically increase the time of wearing the device, bringing it up to 4 hours a day
  14. You will see the first growth of the penis in about a month, significant growth is observed after 3 months. In some months, rapid growth may begin, in some it may temporarily stop
  15. The result will stay with you forever.

Learn how to use Quick Extender Pro in this article. At the same time, no one will notice that you have an extender in your pants. It is so small that it practically does not stick out of underwear and pants. Do not use tight pants and jeans as this will put more strain on the penis, which is already in the penis stretcher. You don’t need extra discomfort.

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