Prosolution Plus Review. [MY EXPERIENCE AND RESULTS]

Men realize their problem with premature ejaculation only when something unusual happens that puts an end to their indifference to their sexual problems.

So we are arranged – we are ready to endure problems as long as possible. But constant discomfort, stress, and disappointment – this is what accompanies men in those moments when they have sexual intimacy with a partner.

Why are you suffering?

  1. Because you can’t have sex for a short period, sometimes it’s 1-3 minutes.
  2. Because you are very upset because of interrupted intercourse because you simply can’t continue to have frictions even in a condom because the erection subsides immediately after orgasm
  3. Because your partner is left without an orgasm, without pleasure, but what can I say, generally without sex
  4. Because after premature ejaculation, you have to satisfy her with your hands, kisses, vibrator, anything, but not what you need – your penis.
  5. Because premature ejaculation is the cause of complexes in men
  6. Because men with premature ejaculation have other problems: a small amount of sperm, poor sexual stamina, increased irritability, which women do not like

Brief Prosolution Plus Review

It is a natural supplement that can give you control over your ejaculation and normalize your sexual function. That’s right, taking these pills for some time, you become stronger sexually. This applies to your erection, and the duration of sexual intercourse, and your ability to hold ejaculation while you want it.

How is this possible?

It’s all about the causes of the problem and how to solve it. Premature ejaculation is a consequence of various reasons, often their complex. These are problems with the nervous system and your poor health and the sinful lifestyle. All this can be easily solved by taking natural extracts, herbs that restore masculine strength, strengthen your potency, and contribute to the production of the male hormone Testosterone.

Improper nutrition and lifestyle deprive your body of the most essential minerals, trace elements, and vitamins that support the healthy tone of your potency. Frequent stresses, lack of physical training, bad habits, alcohol consumption lead to complex consequences for men’s health. Power and your sexual abilities as men are directly dependent on your overall health.

This connection is inextricable. The action of Prosolution Plus tablets is aimed at stabilizing your emotions, penis sensitivity, enhancing erection, and stamina. All this is possible due to the natural ingredients that make up the formula. They stimulate male sexual activity, enhance erectile abilities, normalize the duration of sexual intercourse, and help to control the process of ejaculation better.

What is this expressed in? When you continuously take pills for at least 2-3 months, your sexual functions are strengthened, which means that control over erection is strengthened. Strong sexual desire, prolonged frictions, prolonged sex, powerful blood flow to the penis, and delayed ejaculation. You can have sex for 15-25-35 and even 45 minutes without stopping thanks to the action of the Prosolution Plus formula.

And all these are not empty words. Medical specialists test the bio additive, its effect is clinically proven, and the fact is recorded in laboratory studies. This product works and gives a guaranteed result. Yes, it is different for all men, someone begins to see the effect more reliable and faster, and someone gets control over his ejaculation after 2-3 months.

It is essential that along with the tablet Prosolution Plus is – you get all the daily ration of essential trace elements in which your reproductive system needs. This is precisely what she needs and in the right amount. I have published all known facts about Prosolution Plus in this review.

You do not need to see a doctor start taking Prosolution Plus. Just follow simple instructions and don’t overdose. Of course, the effect will be stronger, faster, and longer if you do the following five things:

  1. Review your diet, add fresh vegetables, fruits, natural fats, foods containing zinc, foods rich in vitamin C, A, E
  2. Start practicing your physical health. Training can be at home, but regular. Even 15 minutes of classes is a powerful charge of your muscles, joints, blood vessels. This is increased blood circulation. According to many studies, more physically active men have increased potency, stamina in sex and can receive multiple orgasms, controlling their ejaculation.
  3. Pay attention to taking various pills designed to fight your chronic diseases. Many of them depress your sexual functions.
  4. Start sleeping at least 8 hours a day. Not only will it strengthen your immunity, but it will also become stronger sexually.
  5. Get rid of constant stress, fatigue at work, release thoughts about the business. Allow yourself to do nothing 1-2 hours a day, read a book, take a walk, meet friends. Try abandoning the constant flow of information through gadgets to your brain—all these imbalances you, your sexual energy, your thoughts.

Why are some men have given and others not?

I often asked myself what was wrong with me? I want sex, I think about him all the time, I can’t do without masturbation, I continuously fantasize … oh my God! Yes, I’m obsessed with sex! It began in his youth and continues to this day, although I am 40 years old. I do not have a regular girl; I have lost many due to my problems with premature ejaculation: this increased excitability, sensitivity.

I addressed this problem to doctors. I was told that this is all my nervous system, increased excitability, type of character, receptors, and perception of the world. This is all fine, but I did not want to ejaculate too quickly. I’m so sick of it. I’ve been preparing for sex for so long, and it ends in a minute. It’s terrible, it’s frustrating.

My friends tell me how they have sex for 30 minutes, and it infuriated me! How so? How is this possible? It is individual, but we have the opportunity to influence our potency and all its manifestations, including premature ejaculation.

I read a lot about various dietary supplements and was going to buy one – the best. It was not even a matter of cost, but real efficiency.

My Prosolution Plus Impressions

Prosolution Plus is the most popular product on the market. I was interested in him and studied in detail the formula, research, performance, reviews, medical reports. I checked everything – the action of this formula is aimed at normalizing the excitability, which I had was hyperactive. With the regular intake of Prosolution Plus, I just became calmer in sex, and it began to express itself in my ability to have sex longer without ejaculation.

After three months of taking the pills, I felt that I was in charge of the process of ejaculation. When I felt that my arousal was growing and my sensitivity was leading to ejaculation, I just normalized my breathing, and it worked. Previously, no way.

Whatever I did, the orgasm just burst out of me, and there was no way to stop it. Now I have become stronger sexually. Even after ejaculation, after 10 minutes, I could continue, and the penis was eroded for another 40-50 minutes. This is incredible, because of my sensitivity earlier, after ejaculation, I recovered for 30 minutes, and then after the second sexual intercourse, the erection quickly waned. I could not finish at all, as it hurt to have sex.

Ingredients Prosolution Plus

Tribulus Terrestris

Grass refers to Chinese medicine. This is perhaps one of the most famous and often used in dietary supplements ingredients that helps to increase blood flow to the penis and erectile abilities. Normalization of sexual functions does not lead to improved control over ejaculation. A healthier, more confident and controlled erection, with which you can improve the quality of sex and your ejaculation.

Withania somnifera

The release of ozone oxide allows the muscles of the penis to relax and, at the same time, let in more blood into the chambers of the penis, which is expressed in more durable erections. Also, the synthesis of ozone oxide leads to increased control over ejaculation.

Asparagus Adscendens

This extract helps to balance your sexual energy and direct it to the main action during sex – control of ejaculation. Using asparagus soothes your hyperexcitability.

Mucuna pruriens

These beans are a beautiful L – DOPA stimulant. No wonder Prosolution Plus enhances the pleasure of sex. Thanks to the increased activity of dopamine, you get more enjoyment from sex, no matter how it sounds. Orgasm becomes brighter, longer increases the frequency of erection and pulsation of the penis during orgasm.

Asteracantha longifolia

This extract helps enhance sperm production and control of ejaculation. This unique feature in the composition of the Prosolution Plus formula provides such a tangible result in the fight against premature ejaculation.

Curculigo orchioides

Erection prolongation is the primary goal of Prosolution Plus. Taking these pills rich in Curculigo Orchioides will prolong your sexual intercourse with longer sex. At the same time, you do not want to finish sexual intercourse as quickly as before. This root helps you feel your potency and its strength because thanks to it, you can stay longer during sex. Strengthening stamina during sex is the result of this extract.


This component is used in Ayurvedic. Its other name is “mineral wax.” It works as the best antioxidant, enhancing erections and increasing sexual stamina, which is associated with the ability to hold ejaculation.

In addition to these ingredients, Prosolution Plus contains vitamins B 6, A and C, as well as folic acid, thiamine. They strengthen your orgasms and have a calming effect for long sex.


It’s important to talk about real medical studies. That’s why I have added some clinical information in this review. To consolidate the effectiveness of the Prosolution Plus formula, clinical studies have been conducted on it. They were attended by 148 men suffering from problems with erection, its duration and premature ejaculation. The study itself was published in the American Journal of Therapy.

According to the results, in 64% of cases men got rid of problems with erectile dysfunction, 67 % of men improved the quality of sex, 48% noted an increase in all sexual functions, 78% reported an increase in sexual satisfaction.

With Prosolution Plus, I no longer had such sensitivity of the penis, and I could more confidently have sex. Moreover, I finally allowed myself to relax and enjoy the process, and not to think always, “at least not finish, at least not finish.”

I used to try before sex:

  1. Masturbate not to be so excited
  2. Wear a condom as it reduces sensitivity
  3. I regularly drank 2-3 glasses of wine before sex
  4. During sex, I tried to take out a member to relieve excitability; this led to the fact that the girl refused to continue sex with me
  5. I tried to pinch the head of the penis with my hand, squeezed the base of the penis to reduce excitability – it all looked terrible
  6. I tried various techniques for controlling ejaculation; all this did not save me
  7. Finally, I even started reading about tantric techniques for controlling sexual energy. But it took a lot of time and practice.

I’m tired of all this! Honestly, as much as you can! I’ve been suffering for 20 years, soon young beauties will stop looking at me, but I still can’t entirely hold ejaculation? And so it happened – I started to do something to correct the situation. I bought a tablet! Hurrah Hurrah. So what? Was it that hard? Did you have to wait so long? Torment? To suffer?

After six months, I ultimately got rid of the problem, and after six more – I began to have sex like never before. I changed; I fixed everything that prevented me: bad habits, sleep, stress, fatigue, fatigue, lack of exercise.

I wanted to change, not only because I ejaculated quickly after sex, but also because I decided to become a strong male, a real lover. What can I say, I even started enlarging my penis to become more confident and subjugate my girls. I bought myself a Phallosan Forte extender and started doing penis stretching, this increased the erection and added inches.

If sex matters to me, why not improve your male sexual abilities? I have changed, and I hope you will succeed too. No sex for me is not a cause for concern, but a source of pleasure.

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