Privacy Policy

This page talks about our rules for collecting and storing information that may be considered confidential. In fact, this site does not use any tools to collect your personal information, such as email, phone numbers, address, links to social networks, your real name and so on. Therefore, in general, our site can be considered safe to visit.

Like all resources on the Internet, we use analytics services such as Google Analytics to collect information about our visitors from open sources. For example – your browser, its version, the method of accessing our site – from a mobile phone or computer. The frequency of your visit, we can even observe which pages you visited and when they came to us for the last time.

If you think that such detailed statistics somehow violates your rights, please write to us in contacts or simply close this site as one that does not respect 100% confidentiality

On the pages of our resource we share valuable information about products, compare them, test, invite experts to analyze and create detailed reviews. In response, we just save your cookies, and that’s probably all.

You can follow our recommendations or ignore them, but we have created for you a safe environment for reading information and working with the site. We make sure that the site is protected in terms of confidentiality and security of users, and we hope you appreciate our concern for your safety.