How to Fix a Curved Penis with a Penis Extender. My Experience

How Penis Therapy traction can cure you of Peyronie’s disease?

Peyronie’s disease is a common disease among men, the main feature of which is the curvature of the penis of varying degrees. Modern medicine has long found a way to solve this problem – surgery. However, it is one of the most expensive methods. In addition, rehabilitation after such an operation takes at least 2 to 6 months. And this means that in addition to painful and unpleasant sensations, men for the entire period are deprived of the opportunity to have a full sexual life.

Today, for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease, you can resort not only to surgery but also to using a simpler, safer, and more humane method – the Penis technique. traction. Note that this method is not only safe and effective but also significantly affordable financially.

Penis Therapy traction involves the use of a special device called an extender. The design is designed in such a way that when interacting with the penis, it contributes to its extension, thereby leveling the curvature of the penis.

Why is penis alignment important?

Men who are confronted with the curvature of their penis should understand the importance of the Peyronie’s disease treatment process. The most basic aspect that explains the immediate need for penis alignment is that the stronger sex cannot fully enjoy sexual life.

This disease, in advanced form, can cause erectile dysfunction. And this is a direct path to prostatitis and impotence. Men who have overcome Peyronie’s disease note the fact that the erection becomes powerful and long-lasting, the sensitivity of the penis is significantly increased. Therefore, a timely diagnosed disease with its subsequent treatment will help to avoid all of the above troubles.

Along with the restoration of the sexual function of the male body, the psycho-emotional state of the patient is significantly improved. A man becomes confident in himself and his abilities. And this most directly affects the relationship with your soulmate and with the people around him.

Another reason why men need to immediately begin treatment of the disease is the aesthetic appearance of the penis. A curved penis looks at least not attractive, which may cause misunderstanding on the part of a woman.

Disease statistics in the population

It’s worth mentioning right away that Peyronie’s disease, among all sexual diseases, is quite rare. Only 25% of men are diagnosed with curvature of the penis, but this is official data. Therefore, the estimated percentage of patients, in general, is about 32%.

This trend is visible due to the fact that most men are embarrassed to seek help from specialists. Not only does this prevent specialists from keeping real statistics, but such a psychological barrier becomes the reason for the aggravation of the problem.

What is Peyronie’s disease?

The disease is based on pathogenetic mechanisms leading to fibroblastic induration of the penis. In the albuginea of the blood bodies, inelastic plaques are formed, due to which, visually, the penis looks curved.

The main symptom of Peyronie’s disease is considered to be the curvature of the penis and erectile dysfunction (in 30% of cases). The defect is most noticeable during the excited state. Pathology is not accompanied by any discharge.

There may be several reasons for the development of the disease – these are mechanical damage as a result of previously received injuries of the inguinal zone, active sexual life, surgery, etc. Less rarely, Peyronie’s disease is a congenital pathology.

Conventionally, Peyronie’s disease is classified into three categories, which are determined by the level of neglect:

  1. The minimum number of fibrous plaques that provoke a small trajectory of the curvature of the penis, as well as infrequent disorders of sexual function.
  2. The number of plaques reaches such a percentage that the curvature of the penis is noticeable to the naked eye. Symptoms of erectile dysfunction appear more often than in the first case.
  3. Pronounced erectile dysfunction, which prevents a man from sexual activity.

There is another classification:

  1. According to the type of causes – congenital or acquired.
  2. According to the degree of the course of the disease – pain and functional. In the first case, patients experience the pain of varying degrees in an excited and calm state. In the second case, the pain is accompanied by erectile dysfunction.
  3. By type of deformation of the penis – dorsal ( upward curvature), ventral ( lower presentation ), lateral – the penis is directed to the side.

Working Principle of Penis Therapy traction using the Quick Extender Pro as an example

Quick Extender Pro is one of the few certified devices that is actively used in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease. The work of the extender is based on a physical process, namely traction (tension, stretching). Carefully and safely stretches the tissues of the penis, and also creates invisible micro-tears on the flesh.

As soon as the body of a man reacts to microtraumas, the process of cell restoration takes place, but already in greater numbers. It is the birth of new cells that contributes to the fact that the penis becomes even. In addition, the size of the penis, at the time of operation of the device, as well as after the completion of the course of using the extender, increases by 25% – 40%.

Traction Therapy Research

Traction therapy is one of the safest and most effective ways to flatten the curvature of the penis. Numerous studies confirm the fact that such therapy in a relatively short period of time can relieve the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease. The therapy consists of the use of a special stretcher, the design of which resembles a bandage. Installation, for 5 – 8 hours, keeps the penis in the same position, so that over time the penis becomes even.

Here are some examples of studies that confirm the effectiveness of using the extender. The first study involved 55 subjects who were officially diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease. Men regularly wore an extender for 6 months within 6.5 hours. Ultimately, the angle of curvature of the penis became less by 20 degrees.

The second study involved 40 men with signs of Peyronie’s disease. The first group used the stretcher daily for 6 hours for 12 weeks, the second team wore the extender 4 hours a day. In the first case, the curvature of the penis became less by 38 degrees, in the second – by 20 degrees. At the same time, all the subjects noted that their sex life has acquired a completely different shade. In men, a pronounced erection was observed, the duration of which increased several times.

Overview of Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro is a next-generation extender designed to be as simple and efficient as possible. The device is recommended for use by anyone who wants to get rid of the pronounced symptoms of Peyronie’s disease. Also, the installation is actively exploited by men who are not satisfied with the length and diameter of the penis.

The positive characteristics of the Quick Extender Pro installation are expressed in the following aspects:

  • The principle of operation of the installation is based on the science of traction;
  • The use of an extender promotes the emergence of new cells, due to which the size of the penis increases, and the angle of curvature of the organ is evened out;
  • During the operation of the installation, men do not experience unpleasant painful sensations;
  • Due to the compact and ergonomic design, the extender is not visible under clothing, so you can wear it not only at home but also in any other place convenient for the patient.

Steps for the effective action of Quick Extender Pro

When using a dilator, a man has to go through three simple steps:

  1. Daily wearing of an extender, thanks to which gentle and easy stretching of tissues occurs. Such traction of the penis is completely safe and painless, due to which the man remains sexually active.
  2. With constant tension of the flesh, microcracks invisible to the eye are formed on its surface.
  3. The cells surrounding the microcrack begin to divide, forming new tissues that fill the empty damaged space.

Ultimately, after three months of using the device, the patient notices positive changes.

Due to the special design of the extender, the user has the ability to independently adjust the tension force. Quick Extender Pro is equipped with a DSS system (double fixing belt). This technology allows you to evenly distribute the force of tension along the entire length of the penis.

Two straps securely fix the position of the penis, preventing the possibility of its slipping, as a result of which injury may occur. Unlike similar devices, Quick Extender Pro is made of medical alloys of metal and silicone, which are not capable of causing irritation and allergic reactions.

While wearing the device, blood circulation is activated inside the penis. Increased blood flow not only contributes to a powerful and long-lasting erection, but also stimulates the stretching of the cave tissues of the penis, and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. And this most favorably affects the increase in the size of the penis and the alignment of its curvature.

Schematic of the duration of obtaining positive results

Note that the Quick Extender Pro is delivered to the user in a secure package. The extender is completely completed with all necessary elements and is completely ready for operation. All a man needs to do is adjust the parameters of the device based on his own needs.

In the first month of use, a man may experience unusual sensations, somewhat similar in nature to squeezing. Therefore, this effect passes. The blood circulation in the penis will increase significantly so that erections will become harder, which will significantly increase the duration of sexual intercourse.

Within 30 days, the user will notice an improvement in sexual function, as well as visual changes in the penis. The introductory phase contributes to the adaptation of the body to the subsequent transformation of the penis.

At the second stage, which lasts from 5 to 8 weeks, a man should increase the tension force of the extender using a special regulator. After the second month of using the device, the size of the penis increases by approximately 5% – 7%, and the curvature will level off by 4 – 8 degrees.

Three or more months of using the device is a period of active growth of new cells, thanks to which a man will get rid of the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease once and for all. It is worth saying that it is not recommended to stop therapy as soon as you achieve the desired result.

It is best to consolidate the effect obtained by additionally using the extender for another 30 days. In this case, the duration of the daily wearing of the installation can be reduced to several hours.

In total, the Quick Extender Pro collection includes 4 installation packages. The best option for treating Peyronie’s disease would be a kit called Quick Extender Pro Penile  Curvature Correction Edition. The springs of this expander are capable of withstanding tension up to 4,000 g.

The device is specially calibrated by the developer, thanks to which it is possible to achieve a counteracting effect. The package comes with 6 silicone tubes, 6 comfort pads, a full set of metal extensions up to 8 inches, a carrying case for the stretcher, a measuring tape, and a video instruction. Before using, we strongly recommend that you read the instructions, which will help you achieve the most effective and safe end result.

Rubric “Question-Answer”

In the process of buying a Quick Extender Pro extender, the consumer may have various questions. We will answer some of them right now.

When can I see the first results?

Thanks to the introduction of the innovative DSS system, the first visible results can be seen already after 3 weeks of regular use of the unit.

Can there be side effects when using the device?

With the correct use of the installation, no negative reactions can occur. On the contrary, men notice improvements in the quality of erection, the sensitivity of the penis increases, and libido increases.

How long will the result be kept?

The result obtained from the use of the expander is stored for life. You may need a short repeat of therapy once a year for one month.

How much time per day should the unit be worn?

In this matter, everything is individual, the package contains 2 programs, one of which the user chooses independently. The average duration of daily wear of the expander is 5 hours.

Can the unit be used at night?

Categorical – NO. At night, during sleep, the sensitivity of the human body is significantly reduced. And this can lead to mechanical damage to the surface of the penis.

Where is the safest and most profitable place to buy an expander?

In order to be 100% sure of the high quality of the extender, it is best to buy goods on the official website of the manufacturer. Only a product developer can guarantee its customers the safety, efficacy, and quality of a product. On the official website, customers can not only safely make a purchase, but also significantly save their budget.

Delivery of goods

Delivery of goods is carried out in any region of the world in the most convenient way for the client. Having ordered the device on the official website through the basket, the buyer will be offered delivery options.

What should I do if one of the parts of the extender has become unusable?

On the official website of the manufacturer of goods, you can purchase any missing part. We recommend that you order consumable spare parts of the extender immediately with the main package. You can find out which parts become unusable the fastest from store managers.

Summing up all of the above, we can state the fact that the Quick Extender Pro dilator is necessary for all men. This is a universal device that can solve many sexual problems of representatives of a strong half of the world’s population. First of all, regular use of the dilator relieves the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease. Second, the stretching technique can increase the size of the penis by up to 35%. Also, this method effectively affects the sexual activity of a man.

modern extender Quick Extender Pro on the official website of the manufacturer, get a discount and a guarantee. If the patient does not receive the promised result, the manufacturer undertakes to return the money spent on the purchase. You can order goods in any region of the world. Previously, if the buyer has questions regarding the operation, efficiency, and safety of the device, he has the opportunity to get advice from the manager of the online store online.

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