My Real Penomet Review and Results(Before/After). Where to Buy in 2023?

Penomet Penis Enlargement Pump. What Is It?

Penis pumping is an excellent technique for enhancing an erection, although earlier, it was associated with very unpleasant sensations that appeared if the vacuum pump was used incorrectly.

What is the right way then? Various instructions and manuals worked individually. More than half of the men wrote that their capillaries burst, their skin turned blue, there were micro-tears, swelling, etc. What has changed with the advent of hydro penis pumps?

Surely after you read about the possible consequences of penis pumping, you immediately thought about why then this is necessary? But that all changed with the advent of hydro pumps such as Penomet, which is the copy of the ORIGINAL BATHMATE pump

Its peculiarity is that water is needed for use. It is collected in a cylinder, and pressure is created together with water. When you work with the pump, the valve ejects water from the hole at the end of the cylinder, increasing the pressure inside.

And now what? Penis pumping has become not only effective but it has also become safe. In addition, due to the uniform pressure that is distributed with water along the entire length of the penis, the penis pump now not only works to increase erection but it also provokes the growth of cells and their division. Penile tissues grow in length and width. And this leads to a lengthening of the penis.

I wrote this Penomet review after my daily usage for 7 months. It’s important to listen to real users to understand how does Penomet works and how to use it effectively.

My Exclusive Penomet Video Review

How Does Penomet Work?

You understood correctly – the Penomet was the copy of the Bathmate hydro penis pump and its unique technology contributed to penis enlargement. At the same time, micro-tissue ruptures occur in water, which has a beneficial effect on their healing. The process of edema and rupture is not visually observed after using pumps.

Water is truly the key to success in stretching your penis. Also, with the help of a special system of gaters, you can systematically increase the load, i.e. vacuum force. Changed the gaiters and the pressure becomes greater. This is important for penis growth and erection.

The more pressure you apply, the better the result. Only with vacuum pumps was everything sad – you pumped with a handball such a vacuum that caused the rupture of blood vessels. It was difficult to control, especially for beginners. Plus – trauma and pain could accompany you both during pumping and after it.

Safe Penis Pumping Review

With Penomet, this is simply impossible. The load is controlled – each gaiter has a certain pressure force, its use means a controlled load. You just insert the penis into the pump tube, create a vacuum, and work with the force of the vacuum, which provides the gate.

Then sets – 2-3 minutes first, then another 2-3 minute second and so 15-20 minutes a day. That’s it – the load has already been done, just 20 minutes a day.

Quick Note
this is probably the easiest way to increase your penis, while you can get rid of premature ejaculation and to align the member if its curvature up to 20%.

What is most interesting – the Penomet pump can be used in the bathroom, in the shower, or even without water. This is a fact, it is multifunctional. The last option suits you if you are already an experienced user.

My Penomet Review and Results(Before/After)

Honestly, I have 7 different extenders and 2 pumps. I used extenders and pumps personally and I can firmly say. This is a different experience. The anatomy of each person is different, the tissues respond differently to different loads.

First using a penis pump with Penomet for 6 months I grew by 2 inches. It would seem – what else is needed? But the result stopped, sometimes it decreased, and the erection was not so strong when I just finished using it.

With extenders it was much more difficult, I wore them 4 hours a day, for example, the Penimaster Pro rod system for 6 months every day.

You have no idea how difficult it was to get used to it. Do you want to use the toilet? He took off and dressed. Exit from home? I put on the Belt system – all this is a routine. It was difficult, although not painful. But after 7 months, the penis grew another inch in length and 20% wide.

Penomet Penis Pumping or Stretching?

I for myself have come up with an ideal formula for penis enlargement. I need to use Penomet 20 minutes a day, I do it during the evening shower. Well, my main routine is the use of an extender. I wore it for 4-8 hours a day.

But I wanted to enlarge my penis fast, safely and guaranteed. I bought an extender for $350, a pump for $300. I took the time, I learned how to use these devices to get the result. That’s all.

Penomet Quality and Gaiter System Review

I want to dwell on the system of gaiters. They are made of high-quality rubber. They are dense but very comfortable, and they can be easily bent. Each gaiter has its color and number. As you know, you need to start from the very first gaiter(Force 60) with the least load. And then, try the next gaiter every week.

The gaiter system is very effective, and patented by the medical community. There are 6 gaiters in total. I recommend buying a premium package with 5 gaiters on board, plus separately ordering a gaiter 85 right away. Why?

 The fact is that for effective work on penis enlargement, you need to apply a different load, and increase it systematically. Each new gaiter 60,65,70,75,80,85 gives a smooth transition to a new level .

To get the result, you need to go through all of them. You will see how the load is gradually increasing and you are still comfortable. This is how Penomet works – a gradual and safe increase in pressure. That is why even beginners without experience in using pumps can use it.

How to Use Penomet for Best Results?

As soon as you receive the package, open it, put on the gaiter, and follow some simple steps:

  1. Warm in the shower for 10 minutes.
  2. Pour warm water into the cylinder.
  3. Insert the penis and perform pumping to the scrotum to create a vacuum.
  4. Then a few repetitions in 2-3 minutes.
  5. Do not want to hold the pump with your hands? Put a shower strap over your neck, it attaches to the pump and you can even sit on the phone.
  6. They switched the valve – water came out, and removed the pump.
  7. Washed it with warm water, dried.

Everything is about the same in the bath, but even more convenient, you lie to yourself and do the pumping, the water comes out through the valve at the end of the nose, though this process is no longer visible since in the bathroom you are lying in the water.

How to use Penomet:

  • The water you draw into the pump must be warm.
  • The gaiter must be properly fixed.
  • You can also practice Jelqing or Kegels 5 minutes a day, for example, if you do not want to use an extender. It is important to change the load and its type.
  • The easiest way to use the pump while lying in the bathroom.
  • It makes no sense to do pumping longer, the main thing is to increase the load every week.
  • Watch your feelings, you should not be hurt.
  • If you do everything right – your erection is always strong, if not – pay attention to the pump program.

Frequently Asked Questions


 I recommend a purchase from the official site and it is a premium package with all the necessary gaiters. If you want to achieve fast results, you should not save on buying cheap pumps or on the premium Penomet package .

Now to the questions:

How long does it take to use a pump to see the results?

The result is different for all men in both the time and size of the penis. Typically, 3 months is enough to increase the penis by at least 1 inch in length and 15% in width. The minimum period of use is 3 months, the maximum is 6-8 months.

Do I need to use other methods and products for penis enlargement?

You can use only pumping with Penomet and Kegel exercises, Jelking. That may be enough. But if in a month or two your results are zero, you may need to buy an extender for success, the cheapest and best is Quick Extender Pro.

How many gaiters do I need to increase a penis?

Ideally, you need to buy all 6 available gaiters. Moreover, the green gaiter 85 is not for sale in the package, it can be ordered additionally.

What is the difference between gaiters?

Each gaiter has its shape and size, each gives a fixed pressure.

Is it dangerous to use the Penomet pump?

Follow the instructions and there will be no problems with the penis. This pump is designed specifically for those who are afraid to experiment with pear and create pressure on their own. With Penomet, everything is simple – choose a gaiter, do a pump, and get the result.

How and where can I order a pump if I do not live in the USA?

The pump will be sent to you from the USA to any country in the world, the delivery price is standard. You need to order only from the official website so that a money-back guarantee and a quality guarantee cover it.

Penomet vs. Bathmate Hydro Pumps

That’s right, Penomet has a direct competitor – Bathmate. The whole difference between the penis pumps in the system of gaiters is interchangeable nozzles. The Bathmate pumps are different, the technology offers only one gaiter, so you can’t change the pressure.

But there is a pump with a HydroXtreme handball, I would choose it if I bought Bathmate. I have both pumps, I like Penomet more because I don’t want to use a bulb and worry about the pressure inside the pump. I love relaxed pumping when I don’t have to think about what pressure is applied

With the help of this review, I hope you now know everything about the pumps, what they are, and how they differ. Penomet is a quality product, the pump is made of medical materials, it works reliably and suits everyone.

This is the best penis enlargement pump. Do you want the best result? Then use Jelking and Kegel exercises. If you are tuned for the maximum result in penis enlargement, you better buy an extender and wear it for at least 4 hours a day.

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  • Clinically proven to work
  • Certified device
  • Unique Gaiter System
  • Quick results
  • A lot of awards


  • For permanent results you need to usе it for several months


  1. It is important to not overdo with Penomet. The first time I used it I pumped for 15 minutes (the first week it should be no more than 10 minutes). And a few hours later I noticed a little bruises n my penis. So be careful.

  2. My advice about Penomet is to use it only in the bath or shower because if your skin isn’t wet enough you will never get good suction.

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