Penimaster PRO User Review. Customer Opinion and Results(Before/After)

Penimaster PRO is a new-generation extender that has no competitors. The uniqueness of the technology lies in the fact that the manufacturer completed the design with a vacuum tip in addition to the expansion metal rods. This feature greatly increases the efficiency of the device.

The product was repeatedly tested during clinical trials, as evidenced by quality certificates. Also, the popular British Journal of Urology published the results and the course of the last study, which was attended by at least 100 subjects.

Variations of Using Penimaster PRO

Penimaster PRO has a unique design, which is additionally completed with work items. Thanks to the vacuum chamber(Penimaster PRO Basic), the penis extender can be used in various options(rod and belt). Let’s talk about this in detail in this review.

The classic device method is to fix the vacuum expander with metal rods and a vacuum tip. The second variation is removing the vacuum cap and using the extender in the classic form with metal rods.

An interesting and, at the same time, practical addition to the Penimaster PRO is a special belt that allows you to fix the device outside the home securely. Moreover, the belt can be tied around the hips and fixed over the shoulder or on the leg. Each user chooses the most preferred option.

Why Do Men Choose the Penimaster PRO Extender?

Here is a list of advantages that make men all over the world give preference to the Penimaster PRO device:

  •  Quality certificates 

The effectiveness and safety of the Penimaster PRO penis extender are confirmed by quality certificates that were issued to the manufacturer during clinical trials.

  •  No side effects 

In the process of penis expander usage, no side effects should arise according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. In using the extender, men do not experience pain and other feelings that may cause discomfort.

  •  Positive results(Before/After) 

The statistics, compiled against the background of real customer feedback and the results of clinical studies, suggest that Penimaster PRO works. Men notice that the size of the penis increases by 15-25% after constant expander wearing.

  •  Correction of the penile curve 

In addition to the penis enlargement effect and improving the quality of sexual function, customers say that the device helps eliminate the penis curvature, which Peyronie’s disease may cause.

  •  Can be used after surgery 

This is an excellent tool that can be prescribed by a medical specialist during the rehabilitation period after surgery.

  •  Quick results 

Thanks to an improved design and the use of two high-performance technologies, it is possible to achieve a positive result from using Penimaster PRO in a few months.

How Does Penimaster PRO work?

The principle of the extender is based on the use of two unique technologies – traction and expansion. Due to these processes, the cave tissue of the penis is stretched. Besides, the extension stimulates the regeneration of new cells, thereby increasing the size of the penis.

It stimulates blood circulation, which helps to improve the quality of erection, thereby making sex life interesting and vibrant. Another advantage in the process of penis stretching is the alignment of its curvature.

Penimaster PRO Packages

The manufacturer offers extenders in different versions – Penimaster PRO Belt system, rod system, and weight expander. The main distinguishing feature of these packages is that the Penimaster PRO is equipped with a pulling force generator, thereby increasing the efficiency of the expander.

The Penimaster PRO Complete Set package includes rod and belt extenders to provide different types of tension(dynamic and static) to improve your results. You can enlarge or straighten your penis faster and get more impressive results.

Penimaster ROD extender

You can use bars of different lengths to customize the device according to your user size. The rod construction also includes tension springs and screws. It can be connected to the glans chamber. It’s not as comfortable as a belt extender, but it can provide a static tension up to 1350 gr, sufficient to stretch the penis. It’s effective both for penis enlargement and straightening.

The system can be hidden under your clothing, but it’s not recommended to wear it outside the home.

Penimaster PRO Belt extender

The glans chamber connects to the soft bell. It can be used to wear over the hips, knee or shoulder. You choose which way to wear this penis extender for your maximum comfort. It’s almost invisible under your clothing, and you can wear it outside the home. Dynamic tension is very effective for penis enlargement and straightening.

Quick Note
The Penimaster Chrome is a classic model with two metal rods that have springs inside, as well as additional retaining straps. The cost of the device is lower than its upgraded analog.

Penimaster PRO Features

It is made of high-quality medical materials – metal, plastic, and rubber – which ensures the product’s high degree of safety. The quality of the extender was tested during clinical trials.

Also, real consumer reviews and recommendations of medical specialists testify the excellent performance characteristics of the expander.

Penimaster PRO offers an optional accessory – a fixing belt – thanks to which the device can be used both at home and outside, at work, or at travel.

You can order an extender on the manufacturer’s official website by filling out an online application form or phone call. The manufacturer offers international delivery by any preferred transport company in the shortest possible time. You can order the device here.

How to Use Penimaster PRO(Belt and Rod extenders):

Belt Extender

You’ve got 3 options on how to faster the device(over the hips, knee or shoulder). You can choose how to wear the device for maximum comfort.

  1. Assemble the device using sluices and diaphragms
  2. Use a Penimaster Gel
  3. Insert your penis into the vacuum chamber
  4. Use the pear to create a vacuum
  5. Connect the soft bell
  6. Choose the best way to wear the belt
  7. You need to wear the device for 3-8 hours a day

Rod Extender

  1. You can assemble the device easily. Just add bars to the system according to your user size
  2. Prepare Penimaster PRO Basic system for usage
  3. Connect the glans chamber to the rod system

Penimaster PRO Results

Here are my penis enlargement results. I have used this system for more than 6 months and achieved significant results – I have enlarged my penis by 4,5 cm in length.

Here is my BEFORE picture

My first results became noticeable after 2 months of Penimaster PRO usage. I have improved my erection and penis size. I’ve got 0,5 inches increase in length and 0.2 inches in girth. These results were not too impressive, but I was inspired to continue penis traction with Penimaster PRO.

I saw the most impressive penis growth after 4-5 months of Penimaster PRO usage. It was 1,5 inches increase in length and 0.5 inches in girth.

AFTER picture

I stopped using Penimaster PRO in 8 months because I’ve reached my maximum limit of penis growth. I made my penis 2 inches bigger in length and 0,7 inches bigger in girth.


Learn more information about Penimaster PRO here

PeniMaster Pro is a trusted name in the world of penis enlargement devices. It utilizes the principle of mechanical stretching to help users achieve gradual and non-invasive penile length enhancement. What sets PeniMaster Pro apart is its adaptability with rod and belt extenders, allowing users to choose the method that best suits their preferences and needs.

2. Understanding Rod and Belt Extenders

PeniMaster Pro offers two primary extender options: rod extenders and belt extenders.

Rod Extenders: Rod extenders consist of adjustable rods that provide direct traction to the penis. Users can customize the length of the rods to gradually increase the tension applied to the penis over time.

Belt Extenders: Belt extenders use a different approach by applying tension through a belt system. A belt wraps around the waist and connects to the device, allowing for indirect traction on the penis. Belt extenders can be a preferred choice for those who find the belt system more comfortable or discreet.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do the rod and belt extenders work with PeniMaster Pro?

Both rod and belt extenders work with the PeniMaster Pro base unit to provide controlled traction to the penis. They aim to stimulate tissue expansion and growth through mechanical stretching over an extended period.

Q2. Are rod extenders or belt extenders better for lengthening?

The choice between rod and belt extenders depends on personal preference and comfort. Some users prefer the direct tension provided by rod extenders, while others find the belt extender more comfortable or discreet. Both options can be effective for lengthening when used consistently and as directed.

Q3. Can I switch between rod and belt extenders during my routine?

Yes, PeniMaster Pro allows users to switch between rod and belt extenders as needed. This flexibility allows you to customize your routine based on comfort and preference.

Q4. Are there different rod or belt sizes available for PeniMaster Pro?

PeniMaster Pro typically provides various rod lengths and belt sizes to accommodate different users and ensure a comfortable fit. It’s essential to select the right size for your needs.

Q5. How do I clean and maintain the rod and belt extenders?

Cleaning and maintaining the rod and belt extenders are crucial for hygiene and longevity. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, which typically involves using warm, soapy water and allowing the components to air dry thoroughly.

Q6. Is there a warranty for PeniMaster Pro and its extenders?

PeniMaster Pro and its extenders often come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers manufacturing defects. The duration and terms of the warranty may vary, so it’s advisable to check the warranty information when purchasing the device.

Q7. Where can I purchase PeniMaster Pro and its extenders?

You can purchase PeniMaster Pro and its extenders through the official PeniMaster Pro website or authorized distributors. Ensure that you buy from reputable sources to receive genuine products.

4. Conclusion

PeniMaster Pro’s rod and belt extenders offer users the flexibility to choose the method that best suits their comfort and preference while pursuing penile length enhancement. By understanding how these extenders work and addressing common questions, users can make informed decisions and maximize their results with PeniMaster Pro. Remember that results may vary, and patience and consistency are key when using any penis enlargement device. If you have specific concerns or medical conditions, consult with a healthcare professional before using PeniMaster Pro or its extenders to ensure they are suitable for your individual needs and goals.

Introduction to PeniMaster Pro

The PeniMaster Pro is a reputable name in the field of penis enlargement devices. It functions based on mechanical stretching, aiming to stimulate tissue growth over time for penile length enhancement. Before we delve into the pros and cons, let’s understand how the PeniMaster Pro works.

2. The Pros of PeniMaster Pro

Effective Length Enhancement

One of the primary advantages of the PeniMaster Pro is its effectiveness in increasing penile length. Users often report gradual but noticeable gains in size over several months of consistent use.

Customizable Traction

The device allows users to customize the level of traction applied to the penis. This adjustability ensures comfort and safety during use, and users can gradually increase tension as they progress.

Comfort and Ergonomics

The PeniMaster Pro is designed with user comfort in mind. It typically features cushioning and ergonomic design elements to minimize discomfort during extended wear.

Diverse Attachment Options

Users can choose between rod extenders and belt extenders to find the method that suits them best. This versatility allows for a personalized experience.

Quality Build and Materials

The device is constructed using high-quality materials, often including medical-grade plastics and durable metals. This ensures longevity and safety during use.

3. The Cons of PeniMaster Pro

Requires Consistency and Patience

Achieving noticeable results with the PeniMaster Pro requires consistency and patience. Users must commit to regular use over an extended period.

Potential Discomfort

While designed for comfort, some users may experience initial discomfort or an adjustment period when using the device. It’s crucial to start with lower tension and gradually increase it.

Initial Adjustment Period

Getting accustomed to using the PeniMaster Pro may take some time. Users may need to experiment with settings and wear times to find what works best for them.

Cost Considerations

The PeniMaster Pro is an investment. While it can be a cost-effective alternative to surgery, users should consider the initial expense.

4. Conclusion

The PeniMaster Pro offers a non-invasive and effective approach to penile length enhancement. Its advantages include effective length enhancement, customizable traction, comfort features, diverse attachment options, and quality construction. However, users should be aware of the need for consistency and patience, the potential for initial discomfort, an adjustment period, and the initial cost.

Before considering any penis enlargement device, it’s essential to conduct thorough research, read user reviews, and, if necessary, consult with a healthcare provider to determine whether it’s a suitable option for individual needs and goals. Ultimately, the decision to use the PeniMaster Pro should be based on a careful evaluation of its pros and cons, along with realistic expectations for results.

5/5 - (5 votes)

PeniMaster Pro


Speed of results








Customers' trust



  • Clinically tested
  • Made in Europe
  • You can use it while sleeping
  • Safe for health
  • Fixes curved penis


  • Expensive


  1. I am experienced in PE, I’ve already used 3 different extender brands for more than 800 hours. I want to say that Penimaster pro has an excellent quality, it is the most comfortable extender that I’ve tried. I use it at 1200 grams of tension and, frankly speaking, I forget it is there.

  2. It is a really great extender, but the downsides are price and spear parts that you need to reorder. It is comfortable to wear so I can wear it long hours and gain inches faster.

  3. I’ve been using Penimaster Pro for 5 months now. I’d like to mention that their customer service is great. I had a problem with an extender’s part and they replaced with no questions.

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