My Penis Pump Results After 6 Months (Pumping + Stretching) with Pictures

My results after using Bathmate and Penomet pumps

In this article, I will share my experiences with Bathmate and Penomet. I used each of these penis pumps for six months, and my main goal was to experience penis enlargement, erection, and stamina enhancement. Before buying these pumps, I’d heard a lot about pumping as a method for restoring an erection.

Of course, you’ve been thinking a lot about natural penis enlargement and erection enhancement. Medicine does not stand still, and it’s likely that since the appearance of extenders 20 years ago, something has already been invented but requires hours of usage and months of waiting for results.

I will say right away: I did not intend to devote much time to increase the size of my penis. It turned out that the only way to increase my penis quickly was through pumping and exercise.

Best Penis Pumps I Personally Tried

Bathmate Series

#2. Penomet Premium

Success rate: 89%
Customers: 500 000

Benefits: penis enlargement, erection improvement, penis straightening, gaiter system
Manufacturer: Arctic Sea Limited(Iceland)
Warranty: lifetime gaiter replacement warranty
First results: 7-10 days
Max results: 90-180 days
Money back: 60-day
Penis pump sizes & prices:
Penomet Remium
($297) includes all gaiters,
Penomet Extra($197) includes gaiters 65,70,75,
Penomet standard($127) includes only one gaiter 70
Official site:

My Penis Enlargement Strategy

You need to use the extender and pump together. I came to this conclusion after dozens of hours spent on forums and blogs. I did it, and I am very pleased with my results.

In six months, I increased my penis by two inches in length and 30% in width.

I no longer have problems with erection and stamina, and that’s not all: penis pumping is magic that you do yourself. But without a doubt, you need to do it with the right pump like Bathmate or Penomet.

So, here is my story with a ready-made pumping program. Can you repeat or even surpass my results? How? Read on.

I took a photo, shot a video, and have included only real facts. You definitely will not regret the time spent pumping. If you were looking for a simple and natural way to enlarge your penis, this article has everything you need to know.

About me

I tried 11 different penis extenders and pumps for 21 months total. More than 4000 people are signed under my Youtube channel named GoForSize.

I am 39 years old, I am single, and I have an erratic sex life. Around 36, I began to experience problems with an erection even though my penis was 13.5 cm long. I had long restrained myself from using many methods of penis enlargement.

But after my erection began to disappear at the most inopportune moment (during sex), I realized that I couldn’t wait any longer, so I started looking for information about pumps.

My Penis Pumps

What is the motivation for reading this article? Let’s just say I have documented my results, and now I have a ready-made pumping program just for you. Which pump did I use?

Choose your Bathmate pump

I bought the Bathmate HydroXtreme($249) and Penomet Premium pump($297). And these are the best pumps with hydro-pumping technology. If someone tells you that you can enlarge your penis with some kind of air vacuum pump, do not believe him, because this is a lie.

The most you can achieve with an air pump is a temporary increase in erection.


My training program was simple:15 minutes of pumping per day and 5-20 minutes of performing Jelqing and Kegels penis stretching exercises. 

Pumping and Stretching

Later, I also tried to include a penis stretching routine using the PeniMaster PRO extender, which is available at Penimaster Shop.

I was impressed by the fact that you can use the PeniMaster belt extender system outside the house while it is fastened on a belt over the shoulder. I concluded that it is necessary to use penis stretching and pumping in your routine to get faster results.


My Results in Details

    1.  I bought a Bathmate HydroXtreme pump . Yes, it is the most expensive pump in the Bathmate series, but it is also the coolest. I paid $319 for this model on the official Bathmate website, and it was worth it since the main gain in length to the penis was achieved. You can order another model called Hydromax which is cheaper($129-$199) and it will also work for you.
    2. Why did I choose it? Because it was possible to connect a handball to it and control the pressure inside the pump with your hand. I read on the forum that the standard Bathmate pressure on the penis is always the same. It is safe but not effective when you want to get maximum results.
    3.  I made up a penis pumping program for myself  based on the official instructions.
    1. I decided to pump in the bath and shower. I studied the Jelqing exercises and performed them after pumping every day for 5-10 minutes.
    2.  I want to say right away that the pump hit me with the level of comfort.  I’d already used a pump once in my life. It was an EVO air pump. It hurt and I had different side effects. It was terrible. Everything was just perfect with Bathmate HydroXtreme. The pump protects the penis from any novice action. There is a pressure-control valve, the pump is always the same, and it is easy to adjust.
    3.  If it weren’t for such a great result right away, I would have abandoned it all.  I’m the type of person who, if I don’t see quick results, I immediately go out and give up the idea. Everything worked out here. I was inspired every day and looked forward to the next pumping session. The Bathmate pump has returned to me the life I love. I could no longer hide my dick in the dark, in my underpants. I stopped being afraid to get it.
    4. A small penis is problem number one. About 80% of my girls directly or indirectly told me that they did not receive an orgasm from me. I learned some sex positions suitable for men with a small penis. I could not relax when I saw that my penis was not able to go deep into the vagina to reach the G spot.
    5.  Real high-quality sex, a large erogenous cock, a bright orgasm, self-confidence


It’s time to Buy an Extender

Then I bought a PeniMaster PRO extender and decided to replace my pump with a Penomet with interchangeable gaiters.

I ordered a Premium package and a separate Gaiter 85. Penis pumping with Penomet was different than usual for me, but not by much. Every week I changed the gaiter, which is responsible for the pressure force.

As for PeniMaster PRO, I chose this device because it uses pumping and stretching as its basis. The device is not cheap, but I knew why I was buying it and was convinced that its technology was truly unique and effective.

I decided to wear PeniMaster PRO for two hours a day. I put it on without difficulty and hardly felt it in my pants. Unlike rod extenders, this thing was convenient and there were no problems with it.

  • Now I can’t say what was more effective – Penomet or PeniMaster PRO  but a week later I noticed that the penis growth continued. I began to wear Penimaster longer, though I stopped doing Jelqing exercises, and it turns out you can go without them if you use an extender and pump.

After three months, I added 0.5 inches to my penis. I continued to use my training program, and after six months the penis grew by another 1.5 inches and did not stop growing.

I began pumping and stretching only a couple of times a week with the Bathmate pump because unlike the Penomet gaiters, which had a certain pressure level, there were simply no pressure limits with the Bathmate HydroXtreme.

How Has my Life Changed?

Firstly, I now feel like a winner. I did not use surgery or the help of doctors. I achieved results naturally. I realized that the penis needs to be trained to build potency and make it longer and wider. The width of my penis grew better precisely with the PeniMaster PRO extender. Pay attention to this.

If you have a thin penis, it’s recommended to buy both an extender and a pump. In general, I have become calm. I can finally put swimming trunks on at the beach, and my erection becomes so powerful when I think about my sexual partner.

Today I have sex in any position, even in the one that I could not do before (woman on top) because my penis constantly slipped out. And now I love it so much when girls ride on top of my dick.

And even during sex, the smile does not leave my face, because I like everything – how long I can have sex, how she wants to suck a cock, how she allows me everything, including anal sex, I like that girls began to treat me with respect as a lover. Is that cool? My sex has become better than it was at age 20 because I am more experienced now.

There are more sexual partners these days. I have become more confident in getting to know women in clubs, in bars, even on the street. It’s just that if you catch this wave, you step over your fears, and the girls surrender to confident guys. Now I know that for sure.

My Penis Pumping Advice

So, of course, you want to get advice from me as an experienced user. I have been doing this routine for seven months.

  Tip # 1  – Buy only a Bathmate or Penomet pump and only from the official website. Other hydro pumps simply do not exist. Visit to choose your Bathmate pump or to order Penomet.

Choose Bathmate pump

 Tip # 2  – buy Penimaster PRO right away because this is not an ordinary extender; it’s almost the same pump, plus a stretcher, and its action is very soft due to vacuum adhesion technology.

 Tip # 3  – Learn some simple Jelqing and Kegel techniques to stretch your penis. Pumping + penis stretching.

 Tip # 4  –  If you don’t want to learn penis stretching techniques, just buy Penimaster PRO. You can use it almost immediately and get used to it in a couple of days. This device is very effective.

 Tip # 5  – Steadily increase the load. It makes no sense to constantly use the same pressure. The maximum that it gives is an increase in erection, but not the length of the penis. That’s why Bathmate’s best pump choice is HydroXtreme, and Penomet’s Premium package (ask for an additional 85 green gaiter). It’s the most powerful.

 Tip # 6  – Choose the right size of the pump. This applies to Bathmate. You must know exactly what penis size you have. If you are not sure, this page has instructions for measuring your penis. The Bathmate has sizes from 3 inches to 11 inches. Pick the one to suit your needs. The price differs just from the size. Click here to visit

 Tip # 7  – Do not overdo it. This rule must be observed. No matter how quickly your penis or erection grows, you need to give yourself the right load. After only two months of pumping, I prepared to use the handball. By the way, the Bathmate Hydromax pump also works, but it has no handball. It’s cheaper, but it will be difficult to wait for great results unless you use the extender in parallel.

Where to Buy a Penis Pump?

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