Male Extra Pills Reviews, Ingredients and Results(1 Month)

When you have erectile dysfunction or a penis too small, you try not to think about it, you don’t notice it and reassure yourself that you can’t do anything about it.

At the same time, the feeling of inferiority does not leave you in moments when you are going to make love to a girl or it is time to show your penis as it is.

And if an erection does not occur or it is too weak at the crucial moment, then you start thinking about Viagra, as if you are already 70 years old. What’s happening? Why did the erection become so weak? There can be many reasons for this, which we will analyze in this article and try to eliminate it.

A small penis is a problem for most men. They have been sold on the Internet for 20 years, but can it work in 2020? Times have changed, funny parodies of those men who take pills for penis enlargement are already in the past. Today, medicine shows itself much better in matters of enhancing blood flow to the penis, which causes stretching of the tissues of the penis, thus increasing your size of the eroded penis.

Is this the very “penis enlargement”? Let’s call it that. At the same time, you need to clearly understand that taking pills you can only increase the size of the erogenous penis, in a relaxed state it will be the same. Also, if you are not going to use extenders for stretching the tissues of the penis or a water pump for the penis, then having finished taking the tablets, the result will disappear shortly.

That is why a comprehensive penis enlargement strategy includes taking pills and stretching the penis, then this helps to consolidate the result forever and your penis in a relaxed state will also increase by 1-3 inches.

In this review, we will talk about the product Male Extra, which is a universal tool for enhancing erection and penis size. All this is connected and a strong erection is a key to increasing the size of the penis.

What is Male Extra?

This is one of the most famous natural formulas that contain extracts of famous plants that affect the growth of an erection, its duration, your sexual desire and stamina in bed. This formula is truly unique, it not only contains a range of important ingredients, but it is also important to maintain a balance of these world elements.

This formula is patented and exclusively sold only from the official website. Company Vogue Limited is an official distributor of pills.

Let’s talk about all the benefits of taking these pills:

  • They potentiate potency
  • Stimulate the duration of an erection
  • Allows you to have sex longer
  • Enhance your ability to control ejaculation
  • Increase penis size in length and width
  • Have a positive effect on your libido

Such a spectrum of positive changes is explained by the content of the formula, which includes truly natural and natural components, which are known in medicine for their properties to improve male potency.

The formula also contains zinc and vitamin B3, which stimulate an increased erection. With these pills, you begin to see changes after 2-3 weeks and taking them for 6 months, you can achieve maximum results.

I always recommend taking Male Extra pills and parallelly using exercises for stretching the penis, pumping with a water pump such as a Bathmate, or using an extender, you can choose a strap, for example, Penimaster Chrome or vacuum-adhesive Phallosan Forte or Penimaster PRO.

What happens to your erection?

There can be many reasons – this is stress, and obesity, and lack of physical activity, poor sleep, poor and unhealthy diet, health problems, chronic diseases, aging. Each of these reasons is not critical for Male Extra.

Using this natural formula, you can get all the necessary trace elements that your body needs and restore the content of the hormone testosterone in the blood, which is responsible for your potency.

Then everything will depend on you. Male Extra Pills give you a certain strength, guide you and show your capabilities. But since this formula is natural, it requires you to make changes, natural and simple:

  • You need to get your sleep
  • You need to get rid of stress at work and home.
  • You should pay attention to your diet, it should contain fresh vegetables, natural and animal fats, proteins, carbohydrates
  • Forget bad habits for a while
  • Start playing sports for at least 15 minutes a day, this will immediately tone your muscles

Understand correctly, pills to increase the potency of Male Extra, although they are the most effective and give quick results, they are not “magic.” From them, the penis does not grow 5 inches, and the penis does not become hard in 10 minutes. This is a dietary supplement, which is rich in natural extracts that enhance male potency.

But problems with an erection are not only the absence of some trace elements and vitamins in the body, but it is also a reflection of your health, your activity. It is no secret that healthy men with potency are always all right if they do not have any genetic problems.

Healthy potency is an indicator of your male strength and health. Nature wants us to make strong offspring if your body is weak, why do you need to have children? You are not suitable for this function, and so instituted by nature, until you get into shape, you can not have sex fully.

Women also at the genetic level want to have sex and have children from men with a high libido. When potency is strong, when there is sexual desire, when there is powerful ejaculation, all this excites women. Not for nothing that women want to have sex only with good lovers because they are subconsciously perceived by women as the best contenders for the role of father.

Use these instincts of women to seduce them, to incline to sex, constant relationships. And here Male Extra will become the best assistant because it helps you make up for the loss of important vitamins, trace elements responsible for the state of your male health.

Why are a large penis and powerful erection so important for women? Because with the help of a large penis, you can penetrate deeper into the vagina, which means that if you cum in it, then the sperm will immediately enter the uterus and sperm cells are very likely to fertilize a woman. Also, the girls want to get an orgasm and strive to have sex with strong men who have not only along, but also a wide cock in girth. Stimulating the walls of the vagina of the G- spot is key to getting vaginal orgasm.

If your penis is less than 16-17 cm, you can forget about the partner’s constant orgasm. If your penis is too thin – this also will not help. That is why taking Male Extra tablets is the best solution to increase blood flow to the penis. The penis becomes larger in length and width. All this has a cumulative effect, if you take the pill for 6 months, then the erection is constantly increasing and penis tissue can be stretched.

Do not forget that the impact must be internal and external. With the help of extenders and pumps, you can enhance the effect of tablets and make the result permanent.

How to verify that Male Extra works in 1 month?

  1. It is important to read reviews of satisfied customers, and not on the official website, where reviews may be fake, but on forums about enhancing male potency
  2. On the official website of the product should be all contact information – phones, email, office addresses
  3. Tablets must be sold for several years.
  4. Information on quality certificates should be published on the product website
  5. Male Extra gives a guarantee on the result, if the tablets do not work, they will return the money to you
  6. It is important to hear from experts and doctors. Today, many medical sites have published expert reviews about specific tablets.

Carefully read the list of ingredients for Male Extra pills to understand which active substances stimulate erection and penis growth:

L- arginine

It is this amino acid that is the main stimulant for the production of nitric oxide in the body, which is responsible for the strength of blood flow to the penis. The vessels of the tissues of the penis relax under its action, which allows you to run more blood into the penis and increase its length and width. Nitric oxide also allows you to reduce the time of the next erection after ejaculation.


This mineral supports cell health. Its action is also to increase blood flow to the penis. That is why he joined the Male Extra


Thanks to zinc, our sexual health is strengthened in all directions. It is zinc that is responsible for the production of the hormone testosterone, the main engine of male erection and potency in general. Our body is not able to produce zinc on its own, which is why it is so important to use zinc-rich foods in writing, the best way is to get it by using dietary supplements for male erections, such as Male Extra. In each capsule – up to 14 mg of zinc.


He also calls vitamin B 3. It helps to relax the vessels of the tissues of the penis, so they can stretch even more, if the blood flow to the penis increases, then it can grow in length and width more than usual. If there is a lack of niacin in the body, this may affect the size of your penis.

L- methionine

This amino acid slows down the rate of ejaculation. This is exactly the element that helps improve control over when you need to ejaculate. Most men have no control over the time of ejaculation, all this because of the lack of this amino acid in the blood.


This is an adaptogen mushroom. Its extract enhances blood circulation in the body, including the penis. It enhances male endurance and helps strengthen an erection, is also responsible for its duration.

Male Extra Final Review

Male Extra is an effective and safe product. This male erection enhancer works naturally, contains only natural components and helps to restore male strength, increases the level of testosterone in the blood and allows the tissues of your penis to stretch, restoring your natural ability to enlarge your penis.

We strongly recommend buying Male Extra, even though thousands of other dietary supplements can be found on the market to increase male erections. Moreover, all these products did not pass medical certification and their effect has not been proven, in contrast to the effectiveness of Male Extra. It is best to buy this product on the official website.

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