Best Male Enhancement Creams Tested and Compared in 2020

To get an erection at the right time and with maximum strength – this was my greatest desire after 40 years.You must admit that it is simply unbearable when you cannot quickly tune in to sex and make love when it is already ready, and you are not yet. Surely you, like me, we’re looking for some pills to increase potency and erection strength.

I do not know about you, but I tried Viagra, as well as other pills that I found in the pharmacy. But I began to have such a heartbeat after taking it that I firmly decided to abandon this idea.

The various dietary supplements that are sold on the Internet in every famous store confuse me no less – what are the ingredients, what are the side effects, who made them at all, and why should this work?

If you are torn by doubts, it’s time to consider gels and creams for male enhancement. They work, they are safe, an erection grows in a minute, lasts for several hours and you can have sex tirelessly.

It is not difficult to verify these facts; clinical trials are given at a variety of medical sites. And most importantly – it does not cost much, you do not need to risk your health and side effects are excluded if you choose the right formula like ProSolution Gel.

Your sex life will acquire a new color, applying the gel to the penis before sex at the right time will be the perfect solution when you need to be confident in your sexual abilities. But with the help of gels, you can achieve a permanent result. I will talk about this in a review.

From this article you will learn:

  • What male enhancement cream is considered the best and how does it work
  • How can you fix the result and improve the erection on an ongoing basis
  • Comparison of creams
  • How to apply 
  • The main causes of weak erection
  • Frequently Asked Questions

How ProSolution Gel Works?


I immediately decided to talk about the principle of ProSolution Gel, because this is the solution to my problems with erection. Well, think for yourself, people take Viagra – a harmful drug that can even lead to deaths. And all this to get a short-term erection.

Did You Know?
To understand how to increase an erection naturally, you need to study the problem a little. Nitric oxide is responsible for your erection. Thanks to it, the muscles of the penis can expand, relax, and fill with blood.

L-Arginine supplementation may be used to produce nitric oxide. It is in ProSolution Gel‘s composition. This amino acid is used by the body to produce enough nitric oxide to provide a powerful erection and orgasm.

Of course, for a stable and guaranteed result, it is not enough to take L-Arginine only, which is sold even separately as a dietary supplement.

Quick Note
The ProSolution Gel formula also contains other important components – aphrodisiacs, herbal concentrates, amino acids, and vitamins.

All this composition is assembled into a single ProSolution Gel formula, proven over the years. In the right proportions, this gel after application almost instantly enhances the erection, and not only. It also:

  • Helps strengthen sexual desire
  • Helps to quickly restore an erection after an orgasm
  • Promotes new sensations during orgasm

How Does Male Enhancement Cream Work?

It penetrates directly into the tissue of the penis, bypassing the digestive system, which the tablets use to increase potency. As a result, it acts instantly, being a real man’s assistant in urgent cases when you want your sex to be perfect and you can relax.

Comparison of Creams, Oils, and Gels

Various gels and male enhancement creams today are not uncommon in the market, but they differ significantly in composition, active ingredients, as well as the way you influence your erection. Many products can cause allergies, adverse reactions, often the body does not respond to the use of the gel after several uses.

We can highlight only the three leaders in the market who are at everyone’s ears. Moreover, 3 formulas are developed by the same company, but they differ in composition and principle of action:

VigRX Oil

So, let’s start with VigRX Oil, which was developed by Leading Edge Health – this is a real leader in such products on the market.

The composition of the formula includes:

  • Muira Puama
  • Ginkgo Biloba leaf
  • Hawthorn berry
  • Catuaba bark extract

The principle of delivery of these ingredients into the tissue of the penis is transdermal. All the necessary extracts penetrate directly into the tissue of the penis, which immediately activates an erection.

Quick Note
, Unlike gel, it is oil, often men like it more, because it leaves no traces, is instantly absorbed and it is easier to massage with it due to its texture.

The product is phenomenal, leaves no traces, works instantly, acts directly on an erection and can be used even for oral sex. The girl will not feel any smell since few of them simply do not have.

Maxoderm Male Enhancement Cream

Maxoderm is a product forgotten by many, which you can still order and the site is functioning fine. I put it in third place only because the manufacturer has not updated the site for a very long time and the visitor can be disoriented due to the relevance of the offer.

In short,

Maxoderm is a cream developed by Barmansen Labs. It also acts as a ProSolution Gel but has its own formula, the active substances of which perfectly act on male erections and arousal. Many men buy several different creams and oils at once to see which ones work better.

 You understood everything correctly – each man and his potency are unique, which means that there is no single solution for everyone. For some, the cream works at 80%, for someone at 100%. Here you will not guess, you need to try. All those who speak of a 100% result are disingenuous .

Individual features need to be considered and used in practice. Why don’t you order 1 tube of ProSolution Gel, 1 bottle of VigRX Oil, and one tube of Maxoderm? You can decide for yourself which product is more convenient and efficient and use it constantly.

If you want to make a decision right away, then with an 80% probability it is better to buy ProSolution Gel, it works great for most men. Buy a few and you can save a lot.

How to Apply Male Enhancement Cream?

There is nothing easier than just applying a small amount of gel to the penis and rub it with massage movements along its entire length. The procedure takes less than a minute, the same wait for the result. Agree, when this magic happens, questions about efficiency will disappear right away.

Gels, oils, and creams are applied in the same way, the duration of action for all men can be different. Also, the duration of the action is individual, sensations, and so on.

But on average, an expectation of an erection does not exceed 5 minutes. This is the first time you use it, the penis subsequently reacts to the gel even faster and with constant use, the effect increases: the erection lasts longer, works faster, the sensations of orgasm and even sexual desire intensify.

That’s right, the cumulative effect works here. Many men use the effect of the cream to achieve a permanent result. This is possible if you:

  • Get rid of bad habits.
  • Start eating right.
  • Get rid of stress and excessive workload.
  • We will go in for sports and lose weight.
  • Start taking natural supplements like VigRX Plus tablets. Today, this is the only formula that has been confirmed by doctors as an effective means to enhance erection on an ongoing basis.
As you might guess, the manufacturers of ProSolution Gel, Maxoderm, and VigRX Oil are the same. But the products do have a different application and effect. If you want to comprehensively defeat the problem of erectile dysfunction, it is important to use products for external and internal use. This tactic works and within a few months of such a program, there will be a guaranteed effect.

The Main Causes of Erection Problems

It’s great that thanks to this article you learned about products that can solve your problem. But this is almost impossible unless you have precisely identified the causes of your problem. They can be very different, some of them can become an obstacle to the fight against erectile dysfunction. So, we list the possible reasons:

  • Age changes
  • Consequences of operations or injuries
  • Wrong lifestyle
  • Overweight problems
  • Stress, neurological problems
  • Genetic

So, in most cases, age-related changes are associated with the loss of a certain amount of the male hormone testosterone. Just VigRX creams and tablets are a good solution to the problem.

The consequences of operations or injuries often require special rehabilitation. If the basic functions are not disturbed, we can talk about the effectiveness of creams.

Lifestyle is one of the main causes of erection problems. This includes unhealthy diet and alcohol, lack of exercise, sleep disturbance. Without eliminating these causes, it is difficult to expect a 100% result.

Stress and problems with neurology are addressed by lifestyle changes.

Genetic problems can become a serious problem; it is not always possible to solve them.

Male Enhancement Cream FAQs

Do they work?

This is an absolute fact, there are medical studies, reviews on the forums. The main components of the main products are known and their action is clinically proven.

Are there any side effects?

In the case of application ProSolution Gel, Maxoderm, and VigRX Oil side effects excluded. These products contain only natural ingredients, they are hypoallergenic, products can be used without a trace. They are odorless and non-sticky.

Oral sex

It is no problem, after rubbing the cream ProSolution Gel becomes invisible. It has no taste or smell.

How long does an erection last?

This is very individual, the effect can be felt throughout the day. And you can have sex in the morning and evening and an erection will be good.

Read more about male enhancement creams here – MayoClinic.

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  1. I do penis stretching routine and I use Vigrx Oil because it helps me to promote blood flow for Jelqing exercise and Edging. Yes. it’s a bit pricey, but you need to use just a liitle bit.

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