Lovense Toys Review 2023: Lush2, Nora, Hush, Domi

our own boss: quarantine as a way to earn more with Lovense

While the coronavirus sends everyone home, what should be done for fragile and lonely girls, especially those who are left without work in these conditions?

The answer will sound pleasant enough for those who already have amusing little things from Lovense. Stop bored and read terrible news. Turn your pleasure into a profitable tool!

1) The best business in the coronavirus crisis is the webcam model.

While the world rescues from coronavirus, Lovense will save you from lack of money

Do you know what men love most except beer and football? Of course, beautiful girls. They are so loved that they are willing to pay well only for the fact that you will reveal to him a few of your female secrets. For example, how do you escape from boredom during the quarantine.

While strip bars and strip clubs are closed all over the world, you can compete with them and at the same time replenish your budget solidly. To help you, the webcam service is a meeting place for longing men and playful girls, a place where desires finally coincide with opportunities. Men are always ready to pay for sex. And while the reality is not available, cyberspace comes to the rescue.

Simple chat and voluptuous groans no longer start and intrigue. I always want more real feelings. Is Lovense your feature, an opportunity to give pleasure to yourself and your visitor, and besides, it’s nice to earn, for example, $ 1000 per month when spending time 2-3 hours a day?

Agree that with such income, it is possible that at the end of quarantine, you will not want to return to your main job. Do you want $ 100 for a couple of hours just for having already studied your body and can have fun right in front of the camera? Then the webcam service is at your service.

Lovense toys customer review

Lovense is not just another brand of sex products. His story began as goods for relationships at a distance. So that the two do not forget how sweet they were together and could not only remind their partner about it with the help of their voice. Lovense sex toys are ready to massage, vibrate, wriggle, caressing your erogenous zones. But the trick is that the control of this toy can be transferred to a person who is thousands of kilometers away from you. How to do it?

Everything is very simple if you already have Lovense and a smartphone, you are already halfway to your goal. All that is needed is a Lovense, a laptop, or a PC with a camera, a little patience for customization and boundless imagination to warm up the male interest in your charms and movements.

You and only you set your own time frame. Day, night, morning, or evening – you are your own boss. Where to broadcast – choose to your taste: bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. Any point with excellent wi-fi for a stable connection. Strict prices also do not exist – only you determine the price of your services. Have exciting shows and the money will float in your pocket.

2) 5 toys from Lovense that will make you a business:

The rating of quarantined toys that become a business tool

Cumming (a way to earn money through a paid video chat) appeared relatively long ago. And perhaps you have already tried to make money like this. But with Lovense toys, you can become the queen of video chat. After all, it’s one thing to consider female charms, and it’s quite another to manage her orgasm, caress her and even simultaneously reach an enchanting climax. No man can resist such a temptation.

All you need is toys from Lovense, a leading manufacturer of interactive sex products. This is my own Lovense review with facts, features, and tips.

The Lush2 – secret Vibro egg

This vaginal sex toy is deep pink in color, able to give pleasure to any girl with its vibrations. This is possible due to the ideal anatomical shape with a rounded nose, which is comfortably located in the vagina, immediately begins to press on point G – the most sensitive area with many nerve endings.

To the vibrations of Lush2, this erogenous zone cannot remain indifferent for a long time and reacts so strongly that it makes you scream from sweet torment and violent orgasm.

The second part – the tail-antenna – remains outside. Inside it is a wi-fi unit that receives a signal through an Internet connection, as well as a manual control button in case something goes wrong.

The toy consists of a velvety silicone shell, electronics, an electric motor, and a powerful battery that lasts for 3 hours of continuous entertainment.

To use the full functionality of Lush2, you need a smartphone and a special application that synchronizes your toy with the website of the webcam service.

The Lovense Nora – affectionate rabbit vibrator

A distinctive feature of such a vibrator is the presence of a special rabbit foot, which, during penetration into the vagina of the main part, remains outside and stimulates the clitoris and the petals of the labia minora with vibrations. In this case, the main extravaganza of sensations is provided due to the soft rotation of the head of the vaginal vibrator, the angle of which is enough to capture the point G.

The main part of the vibrator is covered with pink safe silicone. Under the top layer, there are electric motors that set the toy in motion. The control panel is located in the lower part, painted white. Due to the structure and texture, it is convenient to hold the toy in your hand. It does not slip out but does not injure the delicate mucous membrane. The battery lasts up to 3 hours of active love joys.

The basic principle of vibration of Tip type. This exclusive feature provides a vibration from various visitors and is configured in the application. In addition, Nora synchronizes with the Max male toy, creating a complete sense of sexual intercourse so that you can synchronize not only the toys but also the climax.

Playing with such a vibrator is a guarantee of your unearthly bliss and a huge temptation for a man who you not only allow to watch you but also allow you to control your sex toy.

The Max by Lovense review – men’s sex toy for a joint climax

The Lovense masturbator is a male sex toy that simulates a vagina. Its value for the webcam is that it synchronizes with the Nora rabbit vibrator.

The snow-white plastic case accommodates a delicate pink sleeve and soft realistic silicone. The internal texture of such a toy is filled with softly rounded protrusions, narrowings, and extensions to stimulate the entire surface of the penis.

Also on the outer bottom side, there is a regulator that allows you to weaken or increase the force of the vacuum, creating the effect of “suction”, weakening or strengthening the girth. Microcapsules are mounted in the inner part between the sleeve and the casing to stimulate it due to the vibrations they create.

The toy is equipped with “smart” electronics, which, using an Internet connection, synchronizes with the Nora vibrator. The more actively you caress yourself with a gentle rabbit, the more it reacts with compression and vibration Max. They can also be configured for the same template vibration scenario. Or, each of the partners can control the vibrations of the toys of the other.

The Lovense Hush review – tenderness of anal caresses

Typically, girls are distrustful of anal penetrations. This sex toy will help not only to reveal new facets of anal stimulation but also to open the veil of secrecy of anal stimulation for your guest.

Available in two sizes (medium and small), this butt plug has an anatomical design and a soft elastic surface. Do not worry that the toy will go too deep, as it has a wide base that prevents excessive penetration. The uniqueness of the shape of the toy in a thin neck that does not irritate the sphincter, as well as the presence on the neck of a spiral ribbed surface that retains the lubricant and makes it easy to remove the toy.

The modification is available in velvet-black color from soft silicone. Equipped with innovative electronics with a wi-fi signal, allowing control over thousands of kilometers. Customize the toy to your liking or pass control to your guests and earn money while enjoying anal vibrations.

The Domi – orgasm magic wand

This is a multifunctional device. Its use as a stimulant is truly limitless and depends on the sleight of hand of the girl herself and the ability to move sexually. You can walk along all erogenous zones, gradually approaching the most desired place – the entrance to the vagina.

The sex toy is covered with black silicone, absolutely safe for humans, and quite pleasant to the touch. The handle is the main mechanism and control unit. The vibration motor is located in the head of the sex toy. The soft vibrating head is attached to the handle with the help of a flexible neck, due to which the head can be tilted at any angle for the most secret places of your body.

Domi’s management capabilities are more limited than previous models. A partner can control its vibrations but is not able to intervene in them by connecting independently.

Important: do not save on buying, buying only one toy. After all, you never know what excites your guest the most. Be fully equipped to earn even more. Moreover, playing with Lovense is so nice!

You can also set up a wish list in webcam services and offer your visitors to pay for these toys for you.

3) How to set up your business and get more customers with Lovense

Your body is your rule: setting up a webcam business

In order to set up a business, you need to understand the settings of the Lovense Connect application. Follow the instructions:

  1. Download the Lovense Connect app from the App Store or Google Play to your smartphone, tablet, or PC. The most stable connection is made by iOS devices.
  2. Install the downloaded application.
  3. Open the app and add your Lovense toy.
  4. Sync the toy and the app by following the instructions in the app.
  5. Do not turn off the application and wi-fi.
  6. Install the special extension for the Lovense browser. After installation, the extension icon in the form of a webcam will appear in the upper right corner of the browser.
  7. Log in using the same login as in the Lovense application from the first paragraph.
  8. To synchronize the browser and application, scan the QR code.
  9. Successful completion of the scan will give you access to webcam services: just select the best one from the list provided. If this is not on the list. Then you can add it. To do this, select the ADD A CAM SITE button on the left from the menu on the left.
  10. Set up the possibilities of your sex toys and their cost in tokens (the electronic currency of webcam services). Here you can also note how many toys will be involved in cumming and the prices for their use during the show.
  11. Save the settings.
  12. To start the broadcast: open the extension. Go to the site of your choice and click Broadcast.

Important: simple cumming when you are having a conversation or just moving sexually is not a very good idea, which is most likely to be unprofitable. The basic rule of business: how much you invest – so much you get. Therefore, connecting sex toys to your chat is a guarantee of expanding your audience and attracting generous customers.

4) Make customers happy

How to monetize your pleasure with Lovense sex toys

The success of your business depends on the mood of the client. He may ask for something from you. For example, to demonstrate the capabilities of sex toys or to provide access to control the vibration scenario, which is possible with Lovense toys. Of course, it is only in your power to decide whether to fulfill the guest’s request or not. But by refusing it once, you will significantly lower your rating, and a client who has left you can make you an anti-advertisement.

Therefore, in cumming, it is better to follow the rule “the client is always right.” Try to keep your show in constant tension and not stop broadcasting:

  • intrigue – do not show everything at once, start small, but do not overdo it;
  • promise – forget the word “no”, always only consent, but it is possible with a reservation;
  • lure – use the announcements of your games and shows the next day;
  • demonstrate – do not be shy of yourself in movements and emotions, show your imagination.

If your goal is a decent income, then the guest should be happy from communicating with you. Then he will not only return but also contribute to the expansion of your target audience.

5) How to earn even more

More earning opportunities with Lovense sex toys

Since cumming has existed for a long time, it is often your guests are already quite saturated only with communication and cutesy poses. The leader of inquiries is sensual masturbation using interactive sex toys. This is due to the fact that such joys allow your guest to become closer to you, to practically feel how you wriggle in the sweet pangs of pleasure from his manipulations with a sex toy caressing you at the moment.

Sex toys as co-authors of your content

Such opportunities are available with Lovense since it is this brand that specializes in cyber-sex toys controlled by the application from any distance. A customer may ask you to showcase your collection. And you, in turn, can ask him to purchase for you the toy that he would like to see in your show. Just add it to your wish list and wait for your guest to pay for it.

Create video content

You can also record a spicy video and sell it privately. For example, the Chaturbate site provides such an opportunity. The advantage of this is that there is no need to constantly be online and you can put a fixed price in tokens, increasing in percentage terms depending on the duration of the video.

Announcements in social networks

If you already have regular fans, you can use popular social networks to announce your content. Or carry out mailing by e-mail. This method will increase your earnings by 100%.

6) Interactive modes of Lovense sex toys as a way to article closer and earn more

Use the maximum interactive functionality

The main differences between Lovense and the variety of intimate toys are that they have advanced interactive functionality. Only their lineup has the following advantages:

  • tuning vibrations to the reaction from an additional charge or tip;
  • determination of the cost of using the toy depending on the parameters of its vibration;
  • synchronization of vibrations to the timbre of the voice or musical accompaniment;
  • simultaneous connection of several toys;
  • use of personal user settings;
  • the ability to customize personal teams;
  • transfer of control to the chat guest;
  • the possibility of organizing full virtual sex in a private chat.

The greatest attraction is, of course, virtual sex. To do this, Lovense offers you to synchronize your Nora vibratory rabbit with the Max male toy. These two models in tandem will present a truly unforgettable joy of synchronous climax. They will also add to you not only the rating but also a significant financial bonus for sensual enjoyment in virtual reality.

7) Business for pleasure, how to love your work with webcam models thanks to Lovense, which give pleasure

Lovense will help to kill two birds with one stone

The coronavirus epidemic took everyone by surprise. And if earlier you could visit a bar and meet a guy for a passionate night of love, now this option is not available to you. Hands are already tired of fiddling with charms, and yet there is not enough male attention. Therefore, why not turn your pleasure, to which you still periodically return, into the possibility of not just sexual detente, but also a profitable tool?

Buying one or more Lovense sex toys is a stunning sensual experience, the most gentle caresses, and multiple orgasms at any time of the day or night. Having tried them at least once, each girl is eagerly awaiting the moment of new games.

And now to the sexual pleasures add a passionate male voice with notes of sensuality from the covering lust, to which your toy reacts with the pace and rhythm of vibrations. What can compare with this? Only that a man is ready to pay for it also.

Therefore, Lovense is your universal secret of success, a combination of tenderness and profit.

8) On which sites we earn with Lovense (Chaturbate, Livejasmine)

The most profitable platform: making the right choice

There are more than 20 webcam platforms with which Lovense collaborates on the Internet. You can list them in a proprietary browser extension. And at the time of registration of your toy, it is already necessary to decide where exactly you are going to earn.

The most sought after experienced webcam models are Chaturbate and Livejasmine. The main advantages of these platforms are as follows:

  • model protection – that you independently block users from those countries or cities whose residents might recognize you. Agree, it would not be very nice to meet as a sponsor a close relative or neighbor;
  • payment on the card twice a month – get your income every two weeks and don’t worry about the fact that at some point you will not be paid;
  • independent choice of time to go online – you’re your own boss, but do not forget that the webcam service is not a passive income, so if you don’t have the opportunity to go online use the “sell content” function to earn money because the boss also has duties;
  • receive income without leaving your home – no need to spend money on daily trips and corporate expenses, your main expenses are high-quality Internet connection;
  • the choice of dress code will especially please girls who are forced to wear uncomfortable uniforms, go on air in whatever is comfortable for you, at least in a peignoir, even in an Eva costume, and monetize your image.

9) We play games with Lovense

Variety of webcasts: you won’t get bored with Lovense

So that your guests do not get bored, Lovense offers to diversify your broadcast and add a bit of excitement. After all, nothing is so exciting as a game of chance and the hope of a coveted prize.

So far, only two games are available:

  • dice – set the cost of one move of 20 tokens and synchronize your toy so that it vibrates for as many seconds as it falls on the dice. Encourage the guest, stir up his excitement with your impatience to reach the end by participating in the game;
  • Keno is a lotto in which there is a prize for each number, and you set the cost of numbers and the type of prizes yourself. The reward to the guest, of course, will be the vibration of your sex toy in the rhythm and duration you define.

10) Private and Lovense sex toys review

Private chat setup: new features from Lovense

Have you tried virtual sex? On the webcam platform or in the video chat you can have a great time and at one time get a solid income and sexual pleasure.

To do this, you only need two Nora rabbit vibrator toys and a Max masturbator. These two sex tools from Lovense complement each other, are able to respond to your voices and movements, perform the same vibrations, or execute the asynchronous script. The greater the range of motion of Nora, the stronger the girth of Max. Managing your partner’s toy using an internet connection creates an extraordinarily realistic experience, complemented by your voluptuous groans and cheers.

One of the advantages of a private chat is the per-minute payment. But remember, if your goal is not only pleasure but also earnings, try to please the client. A fetish is an unpredictable direction, each guest is special. Someone wants to look at your sexy toes, someone is interested in pure stockings and a garter on your thigh. Get ready for unusual erotic fantasies. Try also to relax and enjoy this adventure, because in this case “no honey, no money”.

11) How much can I earn

Is the game worth the candle: what is the value of real income

It is impossible to unequivocally answer this question since it is not known how much you are willing to spend your time cumming. Therefore, for the answer, we take a break from the basic figures:

  • average pay per hour for a webcam model armed with an arsenal of interactive sex toys – $ 60 per hour;
  • if you spend 3 hours a day on online broadcasting, you get $ 180 a day;
  • per month – $ 5400;
  • $ 65,000 a year.

This income can be increased by selling your content, adding value through an expanded arsenal of sex toys, online games, and announcements. Therefore, on average, webcam models can easily earn from $ 100,000 a year without much difficulty.

Your advantage is that there is no compulsory 8-hour working day or specific airtime. But, usually, the excitement comes after the first payment and the girls try to spend on the air as long as possible.

12) How will they pay for you?

Remuneration payment: how is your service paid?

Payments on webcam services can be made 2 times a month in any way convenient for you:

  • direct deposit
  • international payment system
  • online wallet,
  • check or bank transfer.

13) What do you need as cam models to do business: Buy 5 Lovense toys, a laptop, etc.

Basic webcam model tools: business principles

So, if you are already 18 and you decide to become a webcam model, you need quite a bit:

  • a working laptop or PC with a camera and microphone;
  • 5 interactive sex toys from Lovense;
  • some erotic lingerie.

It is also necessary to add desire and unlimited imagination here, but are you all right with this?

14) Tokens and vibrations

Basic settings: synchronization of vibration time and their value

As a profitable platform, the webcam service has its own currency – tokens. Each prize, vibration, or minute of a private match corresponds to a certain number of tokens, which determines their value. Accordingly, when calculating your income, tokens are converted into a cash equivalent at approximately the following rate:

1 token = 5 s;

100 tokens = $ 5;

500 tokens = $ 25;

1000 tokens = $ 50;

10,000 tokens = $ 500.

The number of tokens clearly illustrates the possibilities of using sex toys for higher incomes. Since adjusting the cost of vibrations and their duration, you increase the cost of one hour in two, or even three times, unlike a web model without toys.

For example, 1 second of Nora’s vibration costs 1 to 2 tokens at low speed. By increasing the intensity and pace of vibration, you respectively increase the cost of 1 second. And there is hardly a man to whom this second will be enough.

15) What is important to know, tips for future models

5 tips for successful cumming

And finally, let me give you some more tips that will definitely come in handy for the high profitability of your business.

Tip # 1: Get Creative

There should be no place for stiffness and modesty in this business. Your guest should not hear from you the word “no” or “I do not know.” There are enough failures for a man in everyday life. He came to get what he wanted and is ready to pay. Your task is to fulfill his dreams. If your sexual enlightenment is not enough – study. Porn content to help you. Otherwise, your place in the ranking is the first from the end, and earnings will tend to zero.

Tip number 2. Create an entourage

Try to create the appropriate picture. A bright scarlet Santa costume against the background of a Christmas tree or aroma candle in the bathroom, a flirty apron, and your breasts stained with cream – everything should excite your guest’s sexual appetite.

Tip number 3. Make announcements

But do not forget to keep promises. Announce your abilities and scenarios for the next show. It can be everything that you are ready for so that both you and the client would feel good. Show what helps to dispel your boredom and loneliness: your playful fingers, anal stimulation, or juicy fisting. Warm-up male lust, because the magnitude of your guest’s generosity directly depends on it.

Council number 4. Meet fully armed

A man, especially a married man, is bored to see a woman every day in the same home dress. For him every time be a new mouth-watering candy in a bright wrapper: frank nudes, edible underwear, black stockings with breathtaking stilettos or leather belts – use everything and a little more. And, of course, for each game, choose the appropriate Lovense sex toy so that the show is not only bright but also quite realistic.

Tip # 5: Win Prizes

Nothing warms libido like excitement. Use your toys for this. Let the vibrations within you be a prize to the guest for his generous gifts and compliments to you. Believe me, the more you promise, the wider his wallet will open. And, therefore, you will be satisfied with your sensual erotic adventure!


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