Best Penis Enlargement Pills 2023. My Personal Guide & Review

Over time, each man begins to notice changes in his body. However, the sickliest “surprise” is that over the years the size of the penis decreases.

This process is caused by some factors. However, regardless of them, it is necessary to look for effective ways to solve the existing problem.

There are a large number of methods, which can help to increase the size of the penis naturally. Today we will consider the best natural penis enlargement pills that will help stimulate the growth of a dick, despite the age.

Best Penis Enlargement Pills That Work

We will denote the number of effective methods, using which we can stimulate the growth of the men’s genital:

Opinions of Modern Medicine

Thanks to recent medical developments, experts in the field of sexology and urology have been able to create universal formulas of remedies for natural penis enlargement.

Most doctors argue that Neosize XL male enlargement pills not only have a sufficient impact on penis growth but also have a positive effect on supporting sexual health(erection hardness and stamina).

At the same time, you can use biologically active food additives at any age.

Do penis pills really work?

To ensure the most favorable process of increasing the penis, it is necessary not to forget about a full and balanced diet.

Men should include in their diet foods that contain vitamins, micro-elements and macro-elements, minerals, proteins, fats, acids, and carbohydrates. It’s much more effective to take herbal blends like Neosize XL to make your penis 1-3 inches bigger.

Natural honey in combination with walnuts has an unsurpassed outcome. Parsley, dill, and celery contribute to the enhancement of sexual power and energy.

You should regularly eat seafood, including salmons, and oysters. Eggs and ginger are also contributing to the growth of the penis.

Traditional Medicine

You can use ginger tea as a popular way to improve penis size. A broth of ginseng will help make your penis bigger, and also greatly improve the quality of your erection.

Grind the walnuts and mix it with natural and fresh honey. Use this sweet product 1 teaspoon twice a day.

How Long Does it Take to Get Results?

The duration of the result may vary, depending on which method of penis enhancement you use. Non-traditional recipes and the use of natural products will give results only after one year.

  • When using penis pumps (Bathmate) or penis extenders (Quick Extender Pro), the first visible changes can be seen after 3-4 months.
  • In the case of taking male herbal medicines (VigRx Plus, Neosize XL, XtraSize, Member XXL), the initial effect becomes visible after 14-30 days.

Review, Guide, Comparison of Penis Pills

Recently, more and more men began to experience serious problems related to their intimate health. Weak erection, low potency, premature ejaculation, inability to complete sexual intercourse, and reduced sensitivity of the penis, which does not allow to experience a saturated orgasm.

Along with these disorders, men are experiencing due to insufficiently large penis size. All these shortcomings most negatively affect the psycho-emotional state of a person. The man feels inferior and weak.

In this regard, specialists in the field of medicine have developed a huge number of methods increase penis size. There are a lot of penis enhancement devices and supplements, the action of which is aimed at improving the quality of sexual function, as well as stimulating the growth of the penis.

Among the variety of male enlargement medicines, it is rather difficult to choose a truly worthwhile product, which will work for every man.

Long-term monitoring and analysis of the market allowed us to determine the best penis enhancement medicines, which were clinically approved to be effective. VigRx Plus, Neosize XL, XtraSize, Member XXL – these are patented products that contain only herbal ingredients.

Customer reviews of these penis enhancement pills are mostly positive, which once again confirms their high quality and effectiveness.

Denote the number of results that can be obtained in the process of taking natural penis enlargement tablets:

  • Increased potency and erection. During an erection, the penis becomes harder and more powerful, which directly affects the quality of sexual intimacy. A man and a woman experience brighter sensations as well as intense orgasms.
  • The man becomes more resilient and strong due to the action of the active components of the pills, thereby preventing premature ejaculation. The duration of sexual intercourse is increased several times.
  • Improved potency.
  • A man becomes confident in himself and his sexual abilities.
Did You Know?
However, along with the effect of medicines, it should be borne in mind that the solution to small penis size issues requires complexity. This means that achieving positive results will not be possible without a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

In addition, patients should be aware of the use of special devices, which not only improve sexual function but also contribute to an increase in penis size.

The following models of penis extenders and pumps are considered the most effective, safe, and easy to use: the Bathmate hydro pump and the Quick Extender Pro.

Pumping with a water pump stimulates the growth of the penis by about 25%. The ease of use of the installation attracts consumers. Only 20 minutes a day and within a few months, a man can observe positive progress not only visually, but also feel it physically.

The Quick Extender Pro device is considered to be more complex, but no less effective in its operation. To obtain a positive result with the extender, a man must wear a spreader for 5–8 hours a day.

It’s recommended to use rod penis extenders in the daytime because the body’s sensitivity decreases during sleep, which means that a person may not feel the discomfort and pain from the effects of the extender, which in turn causes mechanical damage to the surface and structure of the penis.

The main criterion for choosing a penis extender is product certification. Indeed, many manufacturers are talking about the quality of their goods, without backing up these words with relevant documents. Quick Extender Pro is not only certified product, it provides an official money back guarantee and 2-year warranty.

Most of the existing penis enlargement formulas copy each other, and their effectiveness does not match the declared characteristics of the manufacturer. Therefore, you should choose devices that have a unique valid formula. The same applies to natural penis enlargement supplements.

How Does Natural Penis Enlargement Work?

We note the fact that, despite the effectiveness and obtaining a similar result from the effect of expansion plants and natural food additives, their principle of action is different from each other.

Quick Note
A positive result from the work of the Quick Extender Pro can be achieved due to the force of thrust, which is provided by special metal rods. Due to this process, the expansion of cave tissues of the penis, as well as stimulation of blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

Regarding the operation of the water pump, water pressure is involved here, which stimulates the blood flow in the penis, thereby expanding cellular tissues, and the walls of blood vessels become elastic and more elastic.

At the time of taking top penis enhancement pills like VigRx Plus, the active components of drugs that act on the body as stimulants are included in the work. The aphrodisiacs that make up the pills stimulate sexual desire, as well as promote endurance. Blood circulation activators expand cave tissues of the penis, due to which its size increases several times.

How Long To Wait for Results?

Along with questions about the effectiveness and safety of natural penis enlargement pills, users have questions about the duration of the course of treatment, during which positive results become noticeable.

Here, no manufacturer can give an exact answer, because everything depends on the physiological characteristics of the male body, the regularity, and the correctness of treatment.

With all the recommendations of the developers of Bathmate water pumps, the man can see the first positive changes after 30 days. In order to get the maximum effect and fix it, you must complete a full course of treatment, the duration of which can not be less than 5 months.

Regarding the action of the popular extender Quick Extender Pro, the first visual and physiological results become noticeable after two weeks. In the process of taking natural food additives, positive changes in the work of sexual function can be noted after 7-21 days.

The Most Effective Penis Enlargement Pills

Specialists in the field of men’s health have developed a special program for all needy men. Taking one VigRx Plus pill per day is worth parallel to perform special exercises techniques called Jelqing.

By its analogy, exercise resembles masturbation, however, at the moment when ejaculation is about to occur, the man stops and allows the body to relax, after a few seconds it is necessary to perform movements again. Such approaches should be done from 3 to 5, completing the process of ejaculation.

And the third step of the program to restore sexual function and increase the parameters of the penis is the use of the Bathmate water pump. The first month is enough once a day, the subsequent course should be accompanied by a double use of the pump.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the process of selection, purchase, and use of funds, the action of which is aimed at normalizing the sexual abilities of the body of a man, users have a variety of questions. We will try to give them the most capacious answers right now.

Quality and efficiency guarantees

The most basic guarantee of quality, efficacy, and safety of the use of a particular product are certificates confirming clinical trials. As a rule, self-respecting manufacturers like Leading Edge Herbals, post such information on their official sites. VigRx Plus is backed up with a 67-money back guarantee.

Where to buy top-rated penis enlargement pills?

 Of course, the safest place to buy devices and natural penis enlargement pills is the manufacturer’s official website. Here, the customer is guaranteed to receive the original product, the quality of which is directly the responsibility of the manufacturer. Here the client has the opportunity to get a full consultation of competent specialists .

Side effects

When taking certified penis enlargement medicines like VigRx Plus, which complies with all the recommendations of the manufacturer, the only adverse reaction may be an allergic reaction to one of the components of the drug. It can be expressed as a rash on the skin.

Regarding the use of penis extenders and water pumps, here you also need to familiarize yourself with possible contraindications that can cause mechanical damage to the surface of the penis. With proper fixation of the extender and operation of the water pump, pain and discomfort do not occur.

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback on the products discussed in this article is positive.

Benefits of using male enhancement pills

The most important advantage of natural methods of normalizing the sexual health of men is their safety. All-natural food additives and certified devices are not capable of causing negative side reactions, and also have a high degree of efficiency.

According to official statistics, with the advent of quarantine due to the coronavirus, people began to have sex more often, having remained locked at home. Right now, the complexes and problems of men begin to manifest themselves to a greater extent because of their penis size, and also because of the weak erection, which is needed for frequent and prolonged sex.

Now your sexual partner is increasingly noticing that due to problems with the size of the penis, you simply cannot stimulate the vaginal walls sufficiently if your penis is too thin, or G – SPOT if it is too short.

And if you have a problem with the length of the penis and girth, then the problem of satisfying a woman becomes simply critical. Right now, your sexual partner begins to understand what you really are in sex.

Imagine you are at home for 24 hours. I am sure you want to have sex if you have no problems with an erection, then every day is normal. Finally, your sexual partner is present at home, and runs about his business, does not go on business trips. This is the time when you can and should enjoy your sex life.

Men who have a long and wide cock appease their women almost every time, and sometimes several times. They themselves enjoy relaxing during sex. Agree, it would be great not to think about the fact that your cock is too small, but to fully tune in to satisfy it and get an orgasm yourself.

What do men who have a small penis to satisfy women?

  1. They buy a variety of vibrators to use during sex and deliver a vaginal orgasm.
  2. They try to satisfy women with their hands and focus on clitoral orgasm.
  3. They try to find poses in which the penis somehow stimulates the intimate zones, but many of these poses, such as the back pose or the need to lay a pillow under her butt, are not very pleasant for women
  4. In a missionary position, having sex is not fun

During quarantine, many divorces already began to occur. This is largely because people are constantly together and get tired of each other, constantly quarrel, and children also sit at home, if you have them. Or maybe there are other members of your family at home.

Another problem is that a woman doesn’t paint at home, cannot go to a beauty salon and put herself in order, constantly walks in her home stretched clothes, which are not very exciting.

A weak erection is a man’s reaction to the fact that a woman cannot cause the same agitation as usual. And that’s why:

  • For a good erection, we need sexual fantasies, we need preliminary caresses and a woman should look sexy: in erotic lingerie, or behave erotically
  • Our erection is strong when we do not see a partner all day or more. We miss sexually as well, it encourages sexual appetite
  • When we are with a woman at home all day, we get irritated, we quarrel, get offended, get upset, get angry. All these emotions prevent us from attaching ourselves to sex.
  • According to statistics, quarantined women want sex less than men. This is because in order to tune in to sex they need even more than you
  • When you are with your sweetheart at home, your feelings of closeness become dull, affecting your erection.
  • The negative situation in the outside world depresses, scares, frustrates and depresses you – you cannot ingratiate it. But to be honest, try to abandon the excessive news background. Protect your woman from her first of all, now we all have a self-preservation regimen before the terrible challenge of mankind. But you are at home, everything will work out and you will want to save your family, relationships and become an even better lover

Of course, this situation does not apply to couples who are only recently together. They are new to everything, but if you have been living with a woman for several years, you may experience sexual problems that neither she nor you need.

With the help of special penis enlargement pills, such as VigRx Plus is, Prosolution Pills is, Neosize XL, Max Performer, you can quickly adjust their sex lives because of they:

  • Stimulate your erection and duration of intercourse
  • Helps to increase your penis in length and width with constant use
  • Help to experience more desire sexually
  • Helps strengthen emotions from intercourse
  • Stimulate you to enjoy more orgasm

I’ll tell you about myself. I am 38 years old and I have been living with my wife for 10 years together. We are also quarantined and started having sex almost once a week, this situation depresses me and I asked my wife what the problem is, why she doesn’t want me.

She admitted that my erection is not enough to satisfy her and she feels worse after sex without orgasm. Again, a problem manifested itself when I could not hold an erection for a long time. In addition, my cock is only 12 cm in length and she does not feel the pleasure of a sexual act with me. This was a shock for me and I started using pills to enhance my erection, which after 2 weeks radically changed my sex life:

  • There was more desire to have sex, erotic fantasies appeared
  • My dick got bigger due to extra blood flow, I began to satisfy my wife
  • I began to have sex much longer, increased sexual stamina
  • VigRx Plus pills help me recover faster after orgasm and keep on having sex

Today you have the opportunity, thanks to quarantine, to pay attention to your sexual health and, finally, to solve the problem with the size of your penis. This is possible due to innovative male enhancement pills such as VigRx Plus.

Stimulation of blood flow causes an increase in the volume of the erogenous penis, it becomes longer and wider. Continuous use of such pills helps to improve the result. After 2-3 months, the penis can become longer by 1 inch and wider by 0.3-0.5 inches. And after 6-7 months, an erection will stretch the penis 2 inches long and 0.7-1 inch wide. The results can be much more impressive and you will get them faster if:

This is a really powerful penis enlargement program where both supplements and penis are stretched. Different loads help you to make it longer, not only in an eroded state but also in a relaxed state. Some say that with such a program they achieve penis growth of 3 inches in length and up to 1.5 inches in width.

Also, as athletes go to the gym and pump muscles, they are required to take penis enlargement pills such as creatine, amino acids, protein. Penis enlargement also requires an integrated approach where everything matters. True, in the case of an erection, you only need dietary supplements.

Larger penis size is also possible, but only in an eroded state and with the constant use of tablets. You can get a permanent result if you also stretch a member. I would advise you to use different techniques in quarantine. Wearing an extender requires home use when you have so much more time?

When the quarantine ends, when the coronavirus passes, you will leave the house in a cafe, restaurant, go to the office, order yourself tickets to warm places, or to a ski resort and you will remember this time that you used to make your sex life unforgettable. Self-confidence due to penis enlargement is growing exponentially. No sex for you will become even more desirable, emotional and will give you unforgettable sensations, which were not there before. All this by enhancing your sexual functions.

So, let’s look at the most famous and the best penis enlargement pills. The rating is based on:

  • In my own experience, I used VigRx Plus and ExtenZe tablets
  • Reviews on the forums about penis enlargement
  • Official information
  • Independent Medical Statistics
  • Clinical trials published in medical journals
  • Sales rating on well-known marketplaces
  • Information about the manufacturer
  • Long market presence

#1 VigRx Plus

I used these penis enlargement pills for 12 months and I can definitely say – this is the best choice today. I chose them because real clinical trials were conducted on them and their results were published in well-known medical journals. There are whole reports that indicate a positive effect on male erections, stamina in sex, sexual desire, and penis size.

I also explored every possible topic on the penis enlargement forums where men share their experiences. There are a lot of positive feedback, especially if you not only take pills but at least use the Bathmate Hydromax or HydroXtreme penis enlargement pump in your shower. I did so initially. Only 15 minutes in the shower, the pump itself works and stretches the penis. And regularly take 2 tablets of VigRx Plus after meals for several months.

All this enhances male potency and increases blood flow to the penis, due to which it becomes really hard, an erection lasts long even after ejaculation. My result is a penis enlargement of 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. I tried to use an extender, but no more than 2 months, the results were faster, but I did not have time to wear it at home. Now started again. At the same time, I accept VigRx Plus constantly, as this is an important part of the penis enlargement strategy.

And this is not surprising, because the formula of this dietary supplement includes biologically active ingredients that are natural stimulants of male potency:

  • The Muira Puama bark extract is also called the “erection root” from Brazil, where its properties have been evaluated for thousands of years. Jacques Weinberg carried out the first clinical studies of this extract in the 90s of the last century. He conducted a study on two hundred men. More than half of the students reported that they felt improved libido and strengthened erection after using this extract
  • Damiana is also called Turneradiffusa Damiana. This is a very small plant with beautiful leaves and a pleasant smell. This extract was used as an aphrodisiac. Its main function is to relax the muscles of the penis in order to let in more blood and increase the size of the penis. Today, clinical studies about this ingredient are published in the medical publication.
  • The berries of the Hawthorn are very necessary for your cardiovascular system. It lowers blood cholesterol by supporting the heart muscle. Using bioflavonoids and antioxidants increases blood flow to the penis, strengthening your erection. Based on this description on the website of the National Library of Medicine, this extract significantly affects male potency, strengthening it and enhancing your male sexual stamina

So, how do penis enlargement pills work?

As you know, during an erection, the tissues of your penis are filled with blood. Inside the penis there are 3 chambers for filling with blood, pills help to expand them by relaxing their muscles. Thus, the penis is able to absorb more blood and due to this, the size of the erection increases and your penis becomes larger in length and width.

Thanks to the effects of the pills, your erection becomes very strong and lasts a long time. These pills are completely safe for the body, as they are composed of natural extracts and cannot cause side effects.

Thanks to the male enlargement pills you can:

  • Significantly improve blood flow to the penis, which will stimulate an erection
  • You can increase the length of the penis by relaxing its tissues and increasing blood flow
  • Androgen secretion stimulated
  • Increases Sexual Stamina
  • You can get more pleasure from sex
  • Sexual desire intensifies
  • You quickly restore an erection after an orgasm

The action of pills for penis enlargement is based on the cumulative effect. Unlike Viagra, which acts immediately and can cause complications and side effects, natural tablets do not have a quick effect. Their effect can be seen after about one or two weeks of regular intake.

The thing is that your erection increases naturally due to the receipt of additional minerals and trace elements necessary for your potency. In fact, your improvements with erection strength and penis size occur more actively if you:

  • Additionally, use penis stretching using an extender or Jelqing, Kegels
  • If you are additionally using a Bathmate HydroXtreme penis pump
  • If you are on a diet and eating right
  • If you introduce physical activity into your life

All this strengthens your health, including sexual health. It also helps improve your immunity.

Do not forget about the psychological aspects of enhancing an erection and enlarging the penis:

  • You want to have more sex because you stop complexing because of the size of your penis
  • During sex, you no longer think that your erection is weakening or you cannot reach G-Spot, you do not think that you still need to do something to satisfy your partner since such sex causes more disappointments than pleasure. After taking the pills, I felt confident and could completely relax and tune in for pleasure. I’m specifically not trying to satisfy the woman anymore, since my wife sometimes ends even faster than me, because I do everything right – I know in what position she likes to have sex, I know when she needs to stimulate the clitoris, she likes when I lick her nipples. My dick has become much larger after taking VigRx Plus tablets, so I get to her point G and she even squirts during orgasm, after which I again start to fuck her until she gets a second orgasm. Sometimes this happens within a few minutes after the first orgasm. Then she really likes to suck my dick and lick eggs, after which I enter her and finish very quickly. By the way, my orgasm became longer, as I began, I increased ejaculation thanks to Volume Pills, which I also added to the order with VigRx Plus tablets. I recommend doing the same. I also added Prosolution Gel cream to the order, I used it for the first 2 weeks until VigRx Plus started to work. Prosolution Gel is a cream that is applied to the penis before sex and after a minute the erection becomes strong, firm and can last several hours
  • Successful sex and a satisfied partner immediately give inspiration and charge you with mood. My desires are growing stronger, I want to achieve more now. I want to try different poses, I want to try different partners. My wife and I began to invite neighbors and started swinging. Even more sensations, I always dreamed of fucking my neighbor, and she was not opposed. But because of my small penis, I was just so complex to do it
  • Sexual life is filled with new events, partners, desires, and incredible pleasure. And all because you can relax and have fun, and not think about how to give pleasure, how to make your erection not weaken

#2 Male Extra

Male Extra tablets are only slightly inferior in popularity to VigRx Plus. This formula has been clinically investigated and its effectiveness has been confirmed. These pills work effectively and give a fairly quick result: increase blood flow to the penis, the erection becomes larger and lasts longer.

And all because each tablet contains about 600 mg of L-arginine and about 500 mg of ellagic pomegranate. Also, the formula is rich in zinc, which contributes to the production of sperm and other ingredients that strengthen the erection.

It is important that the product is completely natural and all the benefits are realistically achievable. I saw a lot of sites and formulas that promised some improvement with a male erection, while the reviews indicated no result. It is also important to understand that you can only use trusted formulas that are safe for health, such as Male Extra.

This formula is really effective for male enlargement and increased erection. Men also report improvements in tightening control over ejaculation. This is especially true for those who ejaculate too quickly.

#3. Extenze

I personally took these pills for 3 months and I can definitely say – they are very effective when it comes to renewing desire and stimulating the strength of an erection. Moreover, with the help of ExtenZe, my dick really became longer in length and width and my sexual qualities improved significantly:

  • My erection occurs almost immediately even without foreplay. It’s enough for me to see my wife naked
  • I began to get more pleasure from sex by increasing the sensitivity of the penis. This is especially true for oral caresses. Now I can even end with a blowjob, my feelings are so aggravated
  • Before I could not hold an erection for a long time, my sexual desire disappeared 15 minutes after having sex with my wife. When I cheated on her with my secretary, the erection was always strong. But I already got bored with home sex, so ExtenZe greatly improved my erection, because I wanted to have sex with my wife even though I got used to her, and for a long time I had no particular emotions from having sex with her. ExtenZe changed everything, that is, I wanted sex so much that I was ready to masturbate daily to saturate my sexual fantasies. I admit honestly, I often began to call prostitutes on business trips and sometimes left especially for a long time in order to establish relations on the side. And I enjoyed it a lot.

ExtenZe contains many of those ingredients that are part of other well-known formulas, while the secret to the effectiveness of these pills is in the normal balance of ingredients that work in a single formula. According to clinical studies, ExtenZe significantly strengthens male sexual functions, libido, and erection strength. I felt the first results after a month of taking the pills, and after 2 months my penis became really longer and wider.

#4 Prosolution Plus

This formula is known not only for its effect on the power of erection but also on your ability to restrain ejaculation. This problem today affects 25% of men. Leading Edge Health manufactures these tablets, which also produces VigRx Plus.

Prosolution Plus has a number of its own characteristics: its own unique set of ingredients, its own clinical research. The action of these pills is aimed at stimulating an erection, as well as preventing premature ejaculation.

In fact, first of all, the product is positioned as a tablet for controlling ejaculation. But in fact, any problems with potency can cause difficulties with premature ejaculation, the strength of an erection, and its duration.

It is impossible to accurately separate, for example, the release of a small amount of sperm, premature ejaculation, and weak erection. These are all links of one chain – male potency. In turn, your sexual health is directly dependent on your overall health. Therefore, it is so important not only to take pills to enhance an erection, but also to play sports, increase immunity, and monitor your psychological state.


I want to say that taking natural penis enlargement pills to increase erection and penis size is the right way to restore your sexual functions. The very fact that your eroded penis can become larger due to relaxation of the tissues of the penis is unique and deserves to be given time, strength, and energy. What could be simpler than just taking pills and see the result?

But on the other hand, it is very important to change your lifestyle if you want to consolidate your result and, subsequently, abandon erection stimulants. No matter how natural they are, they cause a reaction of the body and a load on it.

You have the opportunity to balance the content of important vitamins and minerals in the body in order to establish the production of the male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for our male sexual power.

At the same time, do not forget, if you want to increase the penis on a permanent basis significantly, you can not do without a device for stretching the penis or from the Bathmate pump, which automatically allows you to increase your penis in length and width.

Herbal supplements – this is important, they fill you with strength, while exercises for the penis are equally important, as they allow you to stretch the penis so that it is longer and wider. It is simply necessary for your self-confidence, as well as in order to please your partner.

4.3/5 - (6 votes)


  1. I am very thankful to VigRX PLus pills because this supplement helped me to add some length to my erection. I always had a problem in relationships because of the small penis size and inability to perform well during sexual intercourse.

  2. When I ordered Xtrasize I doubted at first that it will work but then I decided to give it a try. I saw first changes in week or so. I was struggling from weak erections and premature ejaculation. Xtrasize helped me to overcome these problems in 4 months.

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