JES Extender Review – Packages, Benefits and Actual Results(Before/After)

JES Extender is probably the highest quality rod extender that offers 3 penis systems at once – using straps, silicone tubes, and Velcro. JES Extender has many features and advantages over other extenders. We will talk about them sequentially in this article.

Agree, it would be great to buy the best extender for the lowest price, which would be 100% suitable for your anatomical features, and also be as comfortable as possible.

The main problem with rod extenders is the customization for your penis size and shape. After all, it may be too small, too thick, crooked. It can be difficult to hold it with some kind of mount, for example, silicone tubes, or it rubs you.

So, individual device setup in 90% of cases is the main success factor in stretching the penis using extenders.

The Problem

Men who use rod extenders complain about discomfort, that the tension settings are constantly getting lost, wearing is ineffective, the penis often slips out of the loop due to the device just not fitting your penis structure.

JES Extender Unique Features

 JES Extender is not just a brand. This is the manufacturer, that owns its laboratory and creates the device in the United States of America .

Almost all devices on the market are somehow made in China. This reduces their cost, quality control – European or American. But one way or another they are collecting a device in the People’s Republic of China. And the quality of goods from this country leaves much to be desired.

The USA? All right. This is immediately striking. At least the fact that the device in the hands seems simply amazing. Perfect soft straps, memory foam pads, it is heavier than usual because it uses real steel. This device can last you a lifetime and never go crazy.

JES Extender Results(Before/After)

About a million men around the world already use JES Extender, the manufacturer’s website has its forum with many reviews. With JES Extender, you can achieve results quickly and it will be more significant than with any other extender. The technology is implemented perfectly with high quality and the probability of obtaining maximum results is very high.

What is this efficiency?

  • This technology uses an extender base, which can have up to 8 slots. And under the straps, and the silicone tubes, and the Velcro. Moreover, the distance from the base of the extender to the mount can be adjusted.
  • JES Extender adjusts to your penis. This is realized at the expense of an additional base if your member is wider than usual, the extender is suitable for a micropenis with the Infinite Support system, you can adjust the tension from 3600 to 4200 grams, while most of the extenders will offer springs up to 1200 grams.
  • Everything is removable, many packages, there are separately springs and additional options for customizing the device for yourself. Just select the package you need and upgrade it.
  • Penis enlargement pump, pills for erection growth, a special system for straightening the penis. JES Extender has provided everything.

What is the Difficulty?

So, there are a lot of advantages, the extender has a very low price, it is manufactured in the USA and you have so many opportunities to buy the perfect extender that will work efficiently and safely. But here is the problem – when you have such a choice, it is difficult to get lost in it, especially if you are a beginner.

That is why you are reading this review. I have chosen and bought the JES Extender kit for myself and spent almost a week because on the site I saw a huge number of different packages, variations, add-ons and I did not immediately understand what I needed.

How to Choose a Package for Yourself?

So, if you want to quickly decide on the choice of a package, this article will become a real assistant and guide for you, following which you can easily order the right device and all the necessary accessories and supplies. I have already bought an extender for myself and I understand what choice is before you. I share my experience.

X4 Labs Package Selection Guide
  1. Find out your exact penis sizes in length and width. It is better to double-check again to be sure of the accuracy of measurements, this is important.
  2. Then decide whether you are willing to pay extra for the result?
  3. I mean – the purchase of the most extensive package, which I recommend, as it also includes a penis pump and Sinrex pills that help strengthen your erection. These options significantly increase the effectiveness of stretching a penis and the result will be much more significant. Also in the JES Extender package comes immediately 2 extenders and 2 bags for them. Why is this needed? Firstly, you can use different mounting systems. Set one, say, for silicone tubes, the second for straps, etc. The package has more consumables, there are all the necessary springs to increase pressure, it has all the related accessories. I would not save on the purchase of such an important device for the penis.
  4. If you still want to save money or do not plan to do pumping and take pills, then this also matters when choosing a package. You can save and buy a package for $ 30 cheaper, it will no longer have 2 extenders and a pump
  5. If you want to use an extender with minimal power, then cheaper packages will work for you. They are indicated here and can be compared
  6. So, the main thing is to understand how the packages differ:
    – additional options, such as a pump and tablets
    – springs (the higher the pressure – the more expensive)
    – fasteners (in some only straps, in some only tubes)
    – base (there are bases for different lengths of the penis)
    – in Patriot 2 extender package and all mounts

What I want to pay attention to is that the cost of even the most expensive package(Platinum)is only $1000, which makes buying a device a simple task.

For so long I delved into the content and difference of the packages, then I just bought Light package and it had everything that the company had come up with. Therefore, you can simply not bother, the price difference is just miserable.

How to Use the JES Extender?

So, assembling and setting up the device is quite simple. Do not be confused by a large number of different spare parts, they are only needed so that the extender fits you perfectly.

Quick Note
The extender uses the classic model for fixing the penis, although there is a double strap, you still need to remove the extender from the penis to add rods, for example, or go to the toilet.

In this regard, MaleEdge or Penimaster Chrome seems to be more convenient in which the base with the penis snaps off and you can quickly adjust the device or go to the toilet and quickly put everything back on. In any case, the procedure is fairly standard.

You choose the type of attachment, a place for it (further or closer to the penis), if you need an additional Girth base or Infinite support – use them. Due to the soft gaskets that you put on under the mounts – they will not rub you. Moreover, there are several of them in the set, there’s no need to buy them for the first time.

In any case, when buying an extender, I always recommend adding a few more straps and gaskets to the kit, as they are erased, worn out, and you need to use the extender almost daily, remove, wear, adjust. At JES Extender, the pads and straps are very soft, as they are in direct contact with the penis.

No side effects

They are not for the reason that the device is firmly fixed on the penis, the mounts themselves are very soft, all materials are medical and do not cause allergies.

Also, you can use the most comfortable tension so as not to inconvenience yourself. Fortunately, due to the adjusting screw, springs of different pressures and rods, you can always set the ideal level of tension. With proper use of tension and extender settings, all changes are only positive.

Frequently asked Questions

How to save on a purchase?

This question is always relevant, the answer is simple – you need to make a purchase only on the official website. In addition to a good price and regular promotions, you can also get something for free as a gift. For example, now these are 10 soft tubes that most often wear out.

What are the positive changes after using JES Extender?

First of all, it is an increase in the penis in length and width. Also, with an increase in erection, you can use a special extender package to straighten a penis.


A refund is provided if you did not like the device and you wanted to return it

Do I need to consult a doctor before buying?

JES Extender can be bought without a doctor’s prescription, it is recommended by many urologists from Europe, the USA and Canada as an effective device for a natural penis enlargement

How long does the result last?

A big plus of using such devices is the ability to consolidate the result forever. Those. you stretch the tissues of the penis, which means there can be no reverse reaction, a new tissue has already been created.

Spare parts and accessories

Indeed, often buyers buy some spare parts, accessories, and all this is possible on the official website. If you broke the device or lost some spare parts from it, you can always order them on the site.

Users support

There is a user forum on the site; phone or email support is available for you. You will always be in touch if you have any questions about the device.

X4 Labs


Speed of results








Customers' trust



  • Enlarges penis in both length and girth
  • Perfect fit
  • Supports dual comfort straps
  • Triple option fastener design
  • Patent pending 8 slot InfiniteFit Quad Support System


  • Results are not instant
  • High price


  1. When I wear x4labs for a long time I notice that the sensitivity is decreased. So I rest for approximately 10 minutes till the glans tissues recover and then put the extender on again.

  2. I bought X4 Labs and I have noose and comfort strap and I want to say that the strap is more convenient for me, I can wear an extender longer with it. It doesn’t cause a lack of circulation and my glans looks nice.

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