Jelqing Techniques for Bigger Penis (Before and After Pictures)

Surely, all men have repeatedly thought about how to increase their penis size. Someone prefers do not trouble himself and take biologically active male enhancing supplements. Other men believe that the most useful means for stimulating penis growth is the use of special devices (penis extender, hydro penis pumps like Bathmate Hydromax or Penomet). However, there is a category of men, who prefer to utilize improvised methods, in the strictest sense of the word.

Penis enlargement Jelqing techniques are already known throughout the world, which action is aimed at increasing the parameters of the penis. There are several varieties of jelqing, which are different in the way they are performed. This is a unique and effective method that can increase the size of the penis by a few inches.

However, many men in adulthood are interested in the same question: “Can this penis enhancement technique help people over 50?” Now we’re going to figure this out for understanding this issue.

Jelqing Technique in Adulthood (Before/After Pictures)

If you’ve already heard about jelqing, then you probably know that the point of the exercises is to stimulate the penis in the non-fully erect state.

Not to be a stickler for details of the exercises, but we will say only one thing. Imagine that the sexual function of your body is normal and you do not have difficulties in achieving a quality erection? Then the penis jelqing technique can help in solving the existing problem. If you look before and after pictures on forums, you will see the results of users’ work.

Men, who have disorders of the sexual function, need to start a course of male enhancement supplements that will eliminate erectile dysfunction. Only after increasing the potency, a senior man can begin to perform exercises to stimulate the penis enlargement.

However, the best option for enlarging the penis at a solid age can be a Hydromax hydro pump, which also contributes to the normalization of sexual function.

Ways to Solve the Problem

If you see that after 35 years your penis becomes smaller and the sexual function is broken, you should immediately remedy the situation. Today, there are many ways to regain lost sexual energy, and also make the size of the penis a few centimeters more:

  • Special penis enlargement devices, including hydro pumps or extenders;
  • Male enhancement supplements, which contain a large number of useful vitamins, aphrodisiacs, and amino acids;
  • The use of products that normalize the sexual capacities of the male body.

What does Medicine say About the Problem?

Some clinical studies have revealed the fact that the size of the penis may decrease after 35 years. Along with this problem, many other violations interfere with full-fledged sexual life.

Products for the Normalization of Sexual Function and Stimulation of Penis Growth

A man, who dreams of returning to his former sexual life, should add seafood containing omega 3 fatty acids into his diet. Ginger, ginseng, and hawthorn are excellent ingredients, and you can make tinctures and tea on their basis. All these ingredients included in the Vig Rx plus pills formula, which is available online.

Food Additives and Devices

Penis Extenders and pumps Bathmate Hydromax and Penomet are effective devices that are designed to increase the penis. It is also recommended to take penis enlargement supplements: Prematurex, Member XXL, Eron Plus, etc.

How Long Does it Take to Get Positive Results?

If you include natural food in your diet, the positive result will be noticeable only after 12 months. In the case of biologically active food additives, the first effect can be seen after 14-30 days. Regular use of devices for increasing the penis size gives a useful result after 3 months.

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  1. For beginners, I recommend combining jelqing with squeezing or ULIs so that you can gain not only in length but in girth as well.

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