Total Curve System(Cream/Pills) Review, True Facts and Customer Results

Natural Breast Enhancement – How Do Breast Pills Work?

Almost every woman who has given birth experiences a lot of complexes that are directly related to the appearance of the mammary glands.

Pregnancy, lactation, and a sharp weight loss contribute to the fact that the breast loses its former elasticity, becomes sagging and not sexual. Therefore, most of the representatives of the beautiful half of the population of the planet are trying to find themselves an effective solution to this problem.

To date, the safest and most effective way to increase the breast size, as well as skin tightening, is the use of natural breast enhancement supplements, which include only components of plant origin. The principle of action of tablets is based on the fact that their active ingredients are natural phytoestrogens.

These components perform a function similar to the natural female hormone, the action of which is aimed at stimulating the growth of fatty tissues in the area of the mammary glands.

Other ingredients contribute to the tightening of the dermis, by restoring the collagen level. Due to these features, the skin becomes more elastic and resilient, which prevents the formation of stretch marks.

Another advantage of the effective effects of the best breast enlarger pills on the female body is that it increases the sensitivity of the nipples and clitoris. Due to this, the woman begins to experience more intense orgasms.

There is a huge number of drugs whose action is aimed at stimulating the growth of the mammary glands. However, their certification and brand should be considered when choosing such products. Today’s best breast enlargement pills are Total Curve

Why is Breast Surgery Not the Best Solution?

Many women who do not want to wait several months and use natural means to increase the size of their breast, choose a simpler, in their opinion, way of implantation.

However, surgery has several negative characteristics, which are expressed in the following aspects:

  • High price, which can reach ten thousand dollars.
  • The risks of negative adverse reactions are significantly increased if there are contraindications to surgery. Also, you should carefully select a specialist who will conduct the operation following all standards. Otherwise, the patient may experience the most negative manifestations.
  • After the rehabilitation period, even in the case of a positive surgery course, it is a long and painful process. The patient will experience pain, heaviness, and weakness. During this period, any physical activity, as well as travel, is strictly prohibited.
  • Whatever the case, the implant is a foreign body that can be rejected by the body even after a successful post-rehabilitation period.
  • Any operation causes psychological stress in the patient, provoking a depressive state. Therefore, a woman often experiences moral weakness and depression after surgical surgery.

How To Get Natural Results Using Breast Enhancement Supplements?

In addition to the fact that herbal pills most effectively affect the current problem of an insufficiently large volume of the mammary glands, many auxiliary methods can be used to accelerate and enhance the effect of the active components of preparations.

Quick Note
First of all, a woman should adhere to a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and a night of full 8-hour sleep.

To exclude from the diet harmful fatty foods, fried foods, and alcohol. Smoking significantly slows down the action of the active components of the food additive.

The second stage, which helps stimulate breast growth, is to perform special physical exercises. On the Internet, many complexes strengthen the chest muscles, thereby contributing to its tightening.

If you can’t pick up the exercises on your own, contact the gym coach who will develop an individual training program for you, taking into account all your wishes.

 And finally, we say that the additional use of special external creams contributes to the fact that the skin of the breast becomes tightened. Most nutritional supplements are available in combination with cream. A perfect example is the Total Curve system .

What Ingredients Improve The Breast Size?

The components of breast enlargement pills are natural extracts and herbs that have been used since ancient times by our ancestors in traditional medicine:

These are the main active ingredients without which stimulation of the breast growth would be impossible.

Total Curve System Comparison

Total Curve and Breast Actives consist of two units of products, tablets, and cream. They provide faster results(look at before and after pictures) than when taking a single nutritional supplement. Clinically tested products whose effectiveness and safety are confirmed by quality certificates.

Unlike the two products just presented, the biological additive MaxBust 36 does not include cream in its complex. In the composition of the tablets, you can find more than 30 active components, which begin their action after several regular doses.

None of the considered drugs has absolute contraindications and also does not cause negative side reactions of the body. All products have positive customer reviews, which confirms their effectiveness and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying breast enlargement supplements that should help eliminate a problem in the human body is accompanied by several questions. Consider the most pressing questions that ask the manufacturer all potential customers.

Guaranteed results

The main guarantee of obtaining a positive effect from using natural products that stimulate breast growth is the availability of quality certificates.

These documents indicate the passage of the drug clinical study. The results of medical experiments are posted on the manufacturer’s official website. Therefore, everyone can study this information.

How to receive pills in my country?

The official manufacturing company provides international delivery of goods to any region of the world. The client chooses for himself the most preferred type of carrier company. Most often, the manufacturer pays for the services of a transport carrier.

When to expect breast enhancement results(Before/After)?

If you approach this case with full responsibility, namely to adhere to all the recommendations of the manufacturer, as well as visit the gym, then the first visible effect will appear only after the first month.

To achieve the maximum result, as well as to preserve it for a long period of time, the patient should undergo a full course of treatment, the duration of which is from 5 to 8 months.

The individual physiological features of the female body and age affect the effectiveness of taking the pills and using the cream.

Total Curve Customer Reviews

Did You Know?
If we talk about customer feedback regarding the nutritional supplements and creams in today’s article, they are positive.

Thanks to customer comments, a potential consumer can find out about the action, the presence of side effects, and the results that can be obtained after taking the pills. You can study consumer reviews on a variety of thematic forums, as well as on the official website of the manufacturer.

Where to buy original Total Curve formula?

If you want to buy a high-quality and original product, the safety and effectiveness of which is confirmed by quality certificates, then the deal should be made only with the official manufacturer on its website.

It is possible to return the former handicap and volume to your breast without resorting to plastic surgery. On the international market, many natural products based on plant phytoestrogens safely stimulate breast growth. Millions of women worldwide have evaluated the positive effect of the work of natural products. Now it is your turn to become more attractive and sexy.

The standard of sexual attractiveness: the most effective way to increase female breasts

The law of universal gravitation, conspiring with the environment, doesn’t spare the most tender part of the female body – the breast. And the fashion for excessive thinness is completed by processes leading to destructive changes. It is especially sad if nature already deprived her attention: instead of a bulk apple – a modest cream, which over the years even turns into do not understand what. According to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, 80% of women are unsatisfied with the shape and size of their breasts, while 65% thought about seeking help from a surgeon.

1) Facts about female breast size

Five facts about female breast size

Since the inception of mankind, large and elastic female breasts have been considered a sign of health and a symbol of fertility, the woman’s ability to bear and nourish healthy offspring. And even though the courtyard is already the 21st century, men still clatter their tongues and turn their necks at the sight of a breathtaking bust, swaying in time with the steps.

About sex appeal

According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, only 20% of men immediately pay attention to a woman’s face when they see her for the first time.

Surprisingly, scientists have not yet determined. Why does the female breast remain “full”, in contrast, from primates, in which, after feeding, the mammary gland takes the form of “empty”. One theory suggests that female breasts always remain attractive so that the male cannot determine mating readiness and constantly takes care of the woman.

About recipes of the antiquity

More than a thousand years ago, Avicenna made a recipe for breast youth. It consisted of bleach and blood from the genitals of a wild boar or hedgehog, and everything was mixed on Kimolos clay. Among the natives of Australia, owners of modest sizes were considered inferior. To correct the size of the breast, it was rubbed with fat and red ocher.

Hippocrates did not come up with anything better than advising women with flat breasts to increase it a lot and practice long vocals. Of course, this advice has some truth – in this way the pectoral muscle will be strengthened. But this will not affect the size in any way because the main “filler” of the female breast is fat. Therefore, when you sit down again on the next diet, then the chest changes first.

About composition of Total Curve

The basis of the female breast is about 20 cloves of glandular tissue, connected in such a way that visually resembles a bunch of grapes. All this is surrounded by connective and adipose tissue, the total volume of which is about 97%. It is on its quantity that the shape and softness of the bust depends. The female breast does not include muscle tissue. Absolutely. Therefore, bodybuilders lose this secondary sexual characteristic.

About bad habits

Since nicotine destroys elastin, the breast loses its attractiveness much faster for lovers to smoke a couple of cigarettes.

And the form can be ruined if you constantly sleep on your stomach. Pushing their charms into the mattress nightly, women change their forms, not for the better. An ideal pose is a dream on one side.

About the increase after using Total Curve

Female breasts are the most hormone-dependent organ. Its size varies significantly during pregnancy and breastfeeding and during the menstrual cycle. Estrogens have the greatest effect on size. According to studies conducted at the University of California, San Francisco, it was found that exposure to phytoestrogens (plant-based analogs of female sex hormones) causes active tissue growth in the female breast.

2) An acute problem – a modern solution (tablets)

How to enlarge your breasts naturally?

As a rule, the more acute the problem, the faster the solution. And while surgeons conjure over new techniques for lifting and installing implants, pharmacists and biochemists process tons of plant material to produce safe extracts for the human body.

Regardless of why your breasts ceased to delight with reflection in the mirror or just tired of picking up a bra with a push-up effect, a solution to the problem has long existed.

Companies specializing in breast enlargement pills use the achievements of modern medicine and Ayurvedic recipes to create products that can affect breast size. Such drugs include topical preparations – creams for breast augmentation and oral preparations – tablets.

Bioactive supplements and drugs differ because they do not contain synthetic hormones and components. Therefore, their intake does not cause side effects in the form of weight fluctuations, excessive hair growth or swelling.

The innovation of dietary supplements for breast augmentation is that daily dosing of phytohormones provides the growth of glandular tissue, which has a beneficial effect on the shape and volume of the female bust.

3) Surgery statistics

Surgeon scalpel as a tool for breast augmentation: is the risk justified

True connoisseurs of female charms – the French devised ways to enlarge the female breast. In the middle of the XIX century, French surgeons tried implanting fat, paraffin, or wax through incisions. Most patients died, if not immediately, then during the first week, usually from sepsis.

At the present stage, mammoplasty (a surgical operation to correct the shape of the breast) has not only not lost its relevance, but rather is actively gaining momentum, mistakenly considered a reliable and relatively safe method to permanently enlarge the breast without harm.

Only for some reason, such legislators of female beauty as Pamela Anderson, Nicole Kidman, Victoria Beckham hastened to remove foreign bodies from their charms. They flaunted their natural beauty with might and main.

And at the same time, plastic surgery clinics began to be full of articles on research on the harm of phytoestrogens to women’s health, actively invoking the beautiful half of humanity, without hesitation, pouring silicone and saline into the chest.

However, more and more women are coming to the Oncology Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. In whom, after mammoplasty, fibrosis developed – the proliferation of connective tissue around the implant. This condition is characterized by soreness, hyperthermia (fever), and tuberosity. Studies published in The Journal of the American Medical Association contain statistics on the occurrence of fibrosis. 28% of all implant placement operations end with the need for urgent removal due to the proliferation of connective tissue.

4) The best natural breast enlargement pills – how do they work?

Principle of action: breast augmentation without side effects

When taking birth control pills, women notice that their breasts “fill up”, increasing in size. This is natural since contraceptives contain a certain set of synthetic sex hormones. Their effect on the body is ambiguous and fraught with weight gain, localization of fat deposits on the waist and hips.

Otherwise, phytohormones are part of breast enhancement pills work. Firstly, breast growth pills do not contain synthetic components. Phyto-hormones are produced by the method of obtaining plant extracts from plant materials.

Looking ahead, it should be noted that eating such plants, replacing them with biological supplements will be ineffective. This is because a gram of pure extract may be contained in a kilogram of plant material. In addition, such plants in their pure form are usually toxic to humans.

Taking breast enlargement supplements according to the instructions, the female body receives the exact dose of a combination of phytoestrogens that stimulate the growth of breast cells. Moreover, containing exclusively natural ingredients, the dietary supplement has no side effects.

It should also be noted that contrary to the horror stories with which the blogs of plastic surgery clinics are full, phytoestrogens do not provoke the oncology of the mammary glands and destructive changes in the endocrine system, unlike other drugs based on synthetic hormones.

5) All the cons and side effects of breast surgery

The negative effects of breast plastic surgery

In addition to the often occurring fibrosis, which can develop due to a poorly installed implant, other troubles may await the woman. Side effects from mammaplasty include:

  • chronic pain – occurs due to damage to nerve endings and do not stop, may become dull after taking anesthetics;
  • asymmetry – it often happens that due to inexperience, oversight, carelessness, or simply due to uneven healing, the implant may become uneven, distort the nipples. Such a defect occurs in 15% of cases and requires additional surgical intervention, which no one will do for free;
  • hyperthermia – an increase in body temperature, occurs in the healing process and may not stop if something is forgotten in the cavity, the implant bursts and its contents are poured into the gland cavity. In 50% of cases, it requires a second operation;
  • rupture of implants – occur in 15% of cases, if medical assistance is not provided promptly to remove the implant and excise damaged tissues, then everything can be fatal.

6) Sagging breasts – causes and effects

Why elastic balls turn into two bags of problems: causes of sagging female breasts

Time and women’s chores do not show indulgence to the female bust. With age, the breast falls and loses girlish elasticity. The quality of female charms is significantly affected by:

  • ecology – the air of large cities is saturated with free radicals, their effect on the body manifests itself in premature aging and corresponding changes in the body, in particular, the female breast becomes sagging, the amount of glandular and adipose tissue decreases;
  • diet – the fewer vitamins and antioxidants the food contains, the worse the condition of the female breast, which cannot independently regulate the balance of fat and glandular tissue, trendy debilitating diets that destroy fatty tissue and cause destructive changes in the bust will be a cherry on the cake;
  • lifestyle – lack of physical activity, sedentary lifestyle and impaired posture – the main reasons why, until recently, an elastic bust suddenly became more and more tending to the waist to meet;
  • reproductive function – no matter how beautiful motherhood is, but the breast will not say “thank you” for it. Hormonal changes during pregnancy and childbirth and their rapid return to the pre-pregnant norm, milk production, breastfeeding and even incorrect application of the baby – all this causes changes up to the appearance of mastocytosis – a condition in which adipose tissue is completely absent and the chest becomes like ears Spaniel
  • bad habits – primarily smoking, which promotes the absorption of nicotine, which destroys collagen bonds and elastin, which makes connective tissue lose its properties and causes premature sagging breasts.

7) A brief overview of the best tablets Total Curve (+ cream), Breast Actives, Max Bust, BreastFast (how they work, ingredients, results, safety)

Total Curve vs. other brands

Bioadditives, which have already earned trust among patients and are successfully implemented in the segment of breast augmentation products, are innovative developments that use modern methods of purifying plant extracts. A balanced combination of components ensures the reliability of the result and a long therapeutic effect that can even cope with the effects of mastocytosis.

These breast enlarging pills include:

Total Curve – is a system that includes not only tablets but also a cream. Such an integrated approach simultaneously solves two problems: the size and condition of the skin of the neckline. The therapeutic effect is achieved by stimulating the division of breast tissue cells. Visually, the first results are noticeable at the end of the first week. The composition of the drug includes:

  • aloe extract – a component that strengthens collagen bonds and promotes the production of elastin;
  • bearberry extract – binds free radicals, has an antioxidant effect, manifested in the form of rejuvenation;
  • seaweed extract – tones up the breast tissue due to cell vitamins;
  • caffeine is necessary to accelerate the metabolism and delivery of the drug’s components to the cells.
  • accelerates metabolism and the delivery of beneficial components to skin cells;
  • volution – activates the division of breast fat cells.

Breast Actives – a comprehensive system of gel and capsules, can increase breasts by 2-3 sizes in one course. At the same time, the manufacturer guarantees a refund within 60 days from the date of purchase, if the tool did not suit you for any reason. Active substances:

  • tocopherol – a natural antioxidant that has a rejuvenating effect, also strengthens the walls of blood vessels and collagen bonds in tissues;
  • extract of Pueraria Mirifica – a plant analog of the sex hormone estrogen- contributes to breast augmentation due to active cell division of its tissues.

Max Bust36 is a breast enhancement pill for daily use, contributing to a quick effect due to Bioperine (black pepper seed extract). One course provides breast enlargement by 2 sizes. The composition of the dietary supplement includes the following ingredients:

  • extract of Pueraria of myths – phytoestrogen activating lipogenesis and metabolism;
  • Turner’s extract – being a natural aphrodisiac, activates the production of sex hormones in the female body;
  • hop extract – has estrogenic activity;
  • black pepper extract – improves cell metabolism and the delivery of bioactive components in blood cells;
  • wild yam extract (Dioscorea) – activates the reproductive system and the production of sex hormones, is a source of Phyto-progesterone, provides a lifting effect to the mammary gland.

BreastFast is an encapsulated preparation in which the active substance is supplied as micro granules in a gelatin shell for instant absorption, is well tolerated, and guarantees breast enlargement by 2-3 sizes. The main ingredients are:

  • fennel seed extract – a source of Phyto progesterone, which activates metabolic processes and cell division in the tissues of the mammary gland;
  • L-tyrosine – normalizes the endocrine system;
  • fenugreek (fenugreek) extract – has a lipo-genetic effect, stimulates the growth of glandular and adipose tissue of the breast.

8) Frequently asked questions about pills (evidence, side effects, before and after results)

Actual questions about natural breast enlargement pills

Women are skeptical about the use of dietary supplements for various reasons. Of course, because they trust them with the most valuable and are afraid to do worse. The most common questions on this topic are the following.

Are there any studies confirming the effectiveness of pills for breast augmentation

Since the drugs are authorized for sale by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), they undergo clinical trials before receiving a certificate. The presence of such a permit is a guarantee of the safety of the drug.

What side effects can be from taking tablets with phytohormones

The appearance of side effects when taking the drug is excluded. This is due to the safe combination of ingredients and their exact dosage, as well as the use of special technologies for cleaning extracts from impurities that can harm the body.

How long to wait for the effect of taking drugs

You will notice the first changes at the end of 7 days from the start of the drug. To achieve the full therapeutic effect, you must complete the entire course. If the drug does not suit you, the manufacturer is guaranteed to accept a refund within 60 days from the date of purchase.

9) Pros and Cons

Advantages and disadvantages of breast growth pills

Like any remedy, bioactive breast augmentation drugs have their advantages and disadvantages.


The most significant advantage of such drugs is the absence of side effects and administration safety. Recently, the word “hormones” causes only negative emotions in women, since every second woman is faced with a violation of the endocrine system. But in these pills, there are no synthetic hormonal components. On the contrary, they contain ingredients that contribute to normalizing the body’s endocrine system and are completely safe for daily use.

Increased Warranties

To finally dispel women’s doubts about the effectiveness and safety of breast enlargement products, manufacturers give 60 to 67 days of a guaranteed refund if the drug does not suit you.

No need for examination and waiting for a prescription

Even though pills for breast augmentation are medical products, there is no need to seek a prescription from a doctor. This is because the doctor prescribes drugs, and pills for breast augmentation are not drugs.

The disadvantages of pills for breast enlargement

The disadvantages include the long cumulative effect, which will not allow you to get rid of a new enlarged breast shape for a long time if for some reason you are unhappy with its large size.

Also, patients taking the drug complained of increased attention from the male.

10) Modern natural medicine works

Centuries of experience and modern medicine: a tandem of effective therapy

The centuries-old experience of correcting reproductive function and treating the female body is the basis for developing bioactive drugs. Since ancient times, plants such as fenugreek, turner, fennel, Pueraria, hops have been used in Ayurvedic and homeopathic practices.

Advances in modern pharmacology and medicine have made it possible to improve the technique of using these plants through innovative methods of purifying extracts. This combination provided the drugs with complete safety and no harm to the body during the entire course of use.

Before they go on sale, all breast augmentation drugs undergo clinical trials to confirm the absence of side effects. Their results are a certificate of safety for long-term use without damage to health.

11) Herbs whose action has been proven: Blessed thistle, Fennel seed, Fenugreek, Dong Quay, Hops, Pueraria Mirifica, Bovine ovary extract, Wild Yam

The power of natural ingredients – 8 successful companions

The composition of the pills for breast augmentation should include a complex of extracts that ensure the achievement of the desired effect. The most common ingredients include herbal phytohormones found in plants used in medical practice since ancient times.

Blessed thistle

It was used in ancient medicine to reduce menstrual pain. It blocks natural progesterone and promotes estradiol production, which affects glandular breast tissue’s proliferation.

Fennel seeds

In homeopathic practice, it is used as a lactogenic agent that stimulates the work of the mammary gland. Helps accelerate metabolic processes in the tissues of the female breast.


It contains phytoestrogens, promotes activation of lipogenesis in the mammary gland. Used since ancient times in gynecological practice and the restoration of women’s health.

Dong quay

Known as Chinese angelica. A plant used in Eastern medicine to restore and treat the genital area. It is a source of phytohormones.


The universal plant is used in folk medicine. It contains phytoestrogens, which contribute to the normalization of the functioning of the endocrine and reproductive systems of the female body.

Pueraria Mirifica

The plant, which grows mainly in Thailand, is used in eastern medicine as a phytoestrogen to stop age-related changes in the female body, premature menopause and infertility.

Bovine ovary extract

It is a source of essential amino acids and hormones. Bull ovaries, the brain were used in folk medicine to restore reproductive function.

Wild yams

A plant used to treat female reproductive health disorders and premature menopause. The therapeutic effect is achieved due to the content of phytohormones that contribute to the normalization of the natural hormonal background.

12) Vitamins for good breast condition

Vitamins for a lush bust

In addition to plant extracts, the female bust is in dire need of vitamin therapy. The most effective of them are:

  • retinol (vitamin A) – triggers the processes of regeneration and rejuvenation;
  • ascorbic acid (vitamin C) – an antioxidant that stimulates the protective functions of the body, increases resistance to diseases, and also has a tonic and anti-aging effect;
  • tocopherol (vitamin E) – the main component of reproductive health, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and regulates the number of sex hormones to normalize hormonal levels;
  • pyridoxine (vitamin B6) – normalizes the work of the cardiovascular and reproductive systems.

Of course, all these vitamins are contained in your diet, but taking them once will not have a sufficient therapeutic effect. Therefore, it is necessary to combine taking pills for breast augmentation with a complex of vitamins containing the necessary daily dose. This combination will accelerate the achievement of the desired effect.

13) Conclusions – an increase and lifting effect is possible with the help of tablets and creams

Chic bust for 8 weeks – guaranteed effect with an integrated approach

A beautiful chest, admirable, in our time, is an achievable goal. Modern advances in medicine and pharmacology have made it possible to create products that, in a short time and without the help of a surgical scalpel, can create the bust you dreamed about. What is especially pleasing and should dispel your doubts is the complete safety of taking such pills for your health.

Comprehensively approaching the solution of your problem by combining vitamin complexes, gels, and tablets, in just 8 weeks you can enjoy the reflection in the mirror.

Breast enlargement pills – this is your chance to become even more attractive! Total Curve review.


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  1. Total Curve has helped me to gain some fullness after weight loss. I’ve also gained firmness so I will definitely continue to use this stuff.

  2. When you use herbal products like these, it doesn’t work immediately, it takes time to show the results, so you have to be patient. After 2 months of taking Total Curve pills and applying the gel, I noticed that I have filled my bra better.

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