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So, we are all in search of the simplest and most effective means to prevent premature ejaculation. Various drugs do not work, are not created, or have side effects. 

You can take pills such as Prosolution Plus , which within 3-6 months will help to better control ejaculation, but I want everything at once.

When we start to study forums in search of a simple solution to the problem of premature ejaculation, we learn about the sprays that can be applied before sex on your penis and this will increase the duration of sexual intercourse.

To date, the best spray on the market that really works does not have any taste or smell is not sticky and leaves no residue on clothing is VigRx Delay Spray.

It was developed by the reputable pharmaceutical company Leading Edge Health, which has been known for its sexual health products for over 10 years. I have decided to create this review to tell you more about the product and its benefits.

Surely your first question is – how long can I now hold back ejaculation using VigRx Delay Spray?

In fact, on average, you can extend your act for 10-15 minutes, this is enough to satisfy your partner and bring her to orgasm.

There are a lot of questions about this product and in this review, we will try to answer everything.

The most important thing to know about VigRx Delay Spray from this review :

  1. It includes only natural ingredients, which means it has no side effects
  2. It absorbs very quickly and begins to work 10 minutes after application
  3. No prescription or doctor’s recommendation is needed to use this product.
  4. The product is really inexpensive, easy to use, and always at hand.
  5. The spray contains mild anesthetic benzocaine, known for its properties to prolong your sexual intercourse
  6. VigRx Delay Spray not only dulls your excitability, but it also helps control ejaculation. Those. you can ejaculate just when you yourself want it
  7. Longer sexual intercourse does not affect the quality of the erection; after using the spray, the erection remains powerful and strong right up to your orgasm and ejaculation

How does VigRx Delay Spray work?

Benzocaine acts really softly and helps to relax the nerves in your penis by prolonging your sexual intercourse. It suppresses the sodium channels ( VDSC ) that are present on the nerve membranes inside the tissues of the penis. This is how relaxation works, which helps control ejaculation.

Men like VigRx Delay Spray because it contains a fairly well-known ingredient – Benzocaine. Its properties have been known for a very long time and are used in many products, but only in this spray is it applied in such a way that the effect is mild and the result is quick.

Most sprays on the market contain lidocaine, but VigRx Delay Spray scientists have found that benzocaine is more effective, not dangerous, and works mildly for all men and gives a natural effect.

This product is made to all medical quality standards and is certified for sale in the United States and around the world.

How to use VigRx Delay Spray?

You need to spray the spray 1-3 times directly on the penis 10 minutes before your sexual intercourse. It absorbs almost instantly and nothing reminds you that you used it, except for the effect that you get.

In fact, we nevertheless recommend that you remove the spray by flushing it with water before oral sex.

You can hide the spray bottle in your pocket and carry it with you everywhere. Only 10 minutes and it starts to work for an hour or more, this time will be enough for you to enjoy full sex.

Delay Premature Ejaculation Results Reviewed

Men who use the spray note its effectiveness. It always works and works in most cases. How do you feel its effect? If earlier, when you felt overexcitation and were ready to ejaculate, you could not control this process in any way, even if you removed a penis from the vagina, tried to somehow hold the head, or the typewriter, with your hands.

Then now your nerve endings calmly perceive excitement and at the muscle level, you can strain the penis slightly and ejaculation will not occur.

This is reminiscent of the “ Start and stop ” technique when you start to write and you need to suddenly stop urinating. It also works with ejaculation after applying VigRx Delay Spray.

Increased self-esteem and consistent results

In fact, thanks to the VigRx Delay spray, you get completely new possibilities for controlling your ejaculation. And you can remember and repeat this feeling over time even without a spray. What I’m talking about? When you apply the spray, you are confident in its effectiveness, it helps you relax and tune in to sexual intercourse.

You no longer think that you are about to finish at the most inopportune moment. You begin to think only about pleasure and how to satisfy your sexual partner. What rhythm to choose for frictions, what position, how to penetrate deeply into it, how to bring it to orgasm.

A woman immediately feels that she, too, can relax with you during sex, as she realizes that she has enough time to get an orgasm before you finish.

Over time, after several months of applying the VigRx Delay spray, you will notice how you can do without it and your muscle memory allows you to independently control when to finish. This all happens at the level of energy and the signals that the nervous system receives.

Many doctors claim that the cause of premature ejaculation is your nervous system. How stressed she is, your sensitivity. Many energy practices teach you to be calmer, but how to achieve this when you are excited by sexual intercourse, touching a female vagina.

Many men end up as soon as they enter their partner immediately or after a couple of minutes maximum. They reach a peak of excitement almost immediately and hope that the woman agrees to have sex with them again since the second time-sensitivity decreases.

I’ve sure before you found this VigRx Delay spray review you have already tried to:

  • Drink wine or other alcohol immediately before sex
  • Have sex exclusively in a condom, as it helps to less feel the friction of the penis with the vagina
  • Remove the penis from the vagina before ejaculation to give yourself time to calm down
  • Train your muscles using the Start and stop technique to learn how to delay ejaculation
  • During the excitement, they thought about something non-sexual in order to reduce stress

Agree, all this did not work and ejaculation was unpredictable.

So, let’s consistently answer all questions about VigRx Delay Spray

What is this spray specifically for?

It helps prolong your sexual intercourse. It is a natural desensitizer that works simply and leaves no residue. It really helps to reduce the excessive sensitivity of your penis in order to have sex longer.

How does it work?

The antistatic benzocaine is the basis of the VigRx Delay Spray formula. This substance acts very gently on the penis, helps to maintain its sensitivity, but at the same time reduces excessive excitability, helping you enjoy intercourse. By relaxing the nerves of the penis, you begin to better control your ejaculation.

What is the difference between this premature ejaculation spray and others?

It is truly more effective and its formula is patented. The product is guaranteed to work and has its own unique composition, which is many times superior to any other similar spray.

Does the effect really occur after 10 minutes?

You can be absolutely sure of this, the spray is absorbed almost instantly, but since it is natural, you need a few minutes to act on the nerves of the penis tissue.

For whom is this spray intended and does it work the same for everyone?

The spray is intended for men with excessive excitability, men who are unable to stay in bed for more than 10 minutes or ejaculate immediately after penetration into a woman.


The average man, as a rule, can have sex for about 5-7 minutes. And to satisfy a woman, you need at least 15-30 minutes. Accordingly, without a VigRx Delay Spray, you simply cannot satisfy your partner.

Is it possible to combine the use of spray and taking pills from premature ejaculation?

It all depends on which pills you want to use. If natural Prosolution Plus – then this will only enhance the effect in the long run and you can even count on a permanent result over time. If you want to take Viagra and use this product, then this is not recommended.

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