Best Premature Ejaculation Pills 2023. True Effect and Results

Pills for premature ejaculation is not a myth. I know what it is to suffer from premature ejaculation and I decided to fight to get naturally rid of this problem.

How I have Treated Premature Ejaculation in 2020

I want to tell you my story about how I overcame my problem and today I can keep ejaculating for 30 and even 40 minutes even though I used to ejaculate 5 minutes after the start of sex.

If you have a similar problem – be sure to read my story to the end, because it does not have a single gram of fiction, I spent 5 months searching for solutions and write about them here. Everything turned out quite different from what I expected. I just wanted to find the right premature ejaculation pills without understanding the essence of the problem and the right solutions.

I promise you that thanks to my story you can do everything much faster. Regardless of the cause of the problem you have, there is an easy way to overcome the problem. It is important to follow my experience, but not blindly, but with an understanding of what you are doing and why.

So, I voiced my problem – with any sexual partner I could not keep ejaculating. And that means – he could not satisfy, he could not give pleasure, he was disgraced as a schoolboy in the first lesson. I was annoyed, I was offended, I could not relax. It was not sex – but mockery. This could not go on anymore.

Best Premature Ejaculation Methods that Work in 2020

As I studied the methods of dealing with the problem:

Visit the doctor

I went to several doctors, everyone told me that this was normal. They suggested some drugs, compare Viagra, with side effects and so on. I immediately said – this is not for me.

Then I was advised to exercise, proper nutrition, proper lifestyle. Thanks for that – it came in handy.

Quick Note
When asked if there are natural pills, they categorically answered no. They lied, just doctors do not have the right to recommend premature ejaculation pills that have not been tested and approved by the FDA.

But there are a lot of such people; medicine does not reject them; it simply does not consider them at the state level.

Use premature ejaculation spray like VigRx Delay Spray

This is the best method to get fast and guaranteed results. Read the review

Work with energy flows

Very cool, liked, called Taoist secrets of love. I read every day, practiced, it was difficult and it was not clear where to start. Control your energy? But first I need to understand how to do this – it did not work. There was simply not enough time and energy.

Start and stop technics to stop premature ejaculation

They are recommended by all doctors. The idea is to learn to restrain yourself by stopping during sex. I also tried to leave the partner and breathe correctly, clamped the head with my hand, removed the sperm from the scrotum, and nothing worked.

I am so excited that somehow I just can’t change the subject. I want to fuck and cum – instantly. But then comes the moment of awareness of what happened. Fun for 5 minutes – is that all I can? Do I want more? The answer is yes.

The right way of life

I gave up alcohol for 3 months, quit smoking – it was very difficult, I began to draw up a daily training program. I ran 3 times a week for 1 hour. I can have 10 extra pounds of weight, I am 38, I used to love sports, but once upon a time. My wife and I have a daughter.

When she was 4 years old, I realized that I began to have free time and I decided at all costs to deal with my sexual problems. Previously, it just didn’t have time. So, the idea of ​​changing your lifestyle was the key to my strategy to combat premature ejaculation. I will talk about this later. What else?

Over the counter premature ejaculation pills that work

At first, I just ordered some bottles with extracts of famous plants in 2020. I took it regularly for a month, some strengthening of the erection was observed – but no more. I say right away – reading dozens of blogs, forums, medical articles – I still do not understand what to buy.

Directly, no one recommends or knows anything, i.e. few reviews, little information to consider. Choosing pills is very difficult, although there is a choice.

Causes of premature ejaculation

Understand your reasons, study the essence of the problem to understand how to solve them. So, the right moment in the fight against premature ejaculation was an understanding of the causes of its occurrence.

It turns out – the reasons may be:

  • Genetic. When it’s really difficult to cope, well, such as your sexual energy. Here it is necessary to work at the energy level, somewhere deep in the subconscious.
  • The nervous system and problems with it – in fact, this is my reason. Those. some people are nervous, irritable, sensitive. Those. such people do not know how to control their sexual flows. They need to engage in self-development, learn to calm down and relax. I did it – more on that late
  • The psychological problem – i.e. various stresses, moral injuries, panic moods, fears. Yes, I separate the problems with the nervous system and psychosomatics, as for me these are two different things. It is one thing to be irritable and nervous, and another is a mental state. Staying stressed – you will not be able to enjoy sex.

Choose the right medicine in 2020

I want to say right away – there are simply none. Having studied the causes and the problem itself, I came to the simplest thing – problems with the sexual functions of men. There are many of them – this is premature ejaculation, and weak erection, an insufficient amount of sperm. Those you cannot pointedly affect just one problem.

The best natural extracts and plants to treat premature ejaculation in a balanced formula are called Prosolution Plus. I bought 5 different tablets – Climax Control, Duramale, DELAY, PrematureX, and only these were effective.

How do Over the Counter Pills Work?

Now you see what work was done by me to understand to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation?

  1. I studied the reasons
  2. I studied all the problems with male sexual function
  3. I visited a doctor and got a consultation
  4. I learned techniques and exercises
  5. I took up Reiki and began to study working with my energy flows
  6. I read reviews on forums and other men’s issues
  7. I tried traditional drugs
  8. I tried natural premature ejaculation supplements

And what is the result of using supplements?

I spent half a year of my time composing my strategy, as I simply could not find any ready-made ones. So here it is, now available to you. So, the program is designed for 3 months, I squeezed everything in a short time, as I understand that no one has time.  You will spend 30 minutes a day on it, you will need to spend only on the purchase of Prosolution Plus premature ejaculation pills for 12 months .

Step by Step Guide

So, all in steps, without long stories:

  • Give up your bad habits right now – alcohol, smoking, fast food.
  • Identify the causes of the problem (genetics, accumulated – nerves, stress, psychological trauma, health problems). Sometimes you can get an examination or go to the doctor. I say, right away, there is no single reason – there are several of them. You need to know them, then it will be clear how to solve.
  • I will not recommend you to engage in self-development, although this is very correct. This is another philosophy – the ability to control oneself eliminates problems. But you better just start practicing Reiki. This article is for anyone looking for quick and easy solutions.
  • Buying the right dietary supplements. What is important is a natural formula, a well-known manufacturer, reviews, money-back guarantee, clinical trials, doctors’ recommendations, effects on male potency, etc.
  • Sport is an essential component of any recovery program for male sexual functions. Without sports, there is no movement necessary for the circulatory system to function. Also, you can get rid of your chronic diseases – such as fatigue, overwork, pressure drops, headaches. If you do not have everything in order with health and physical condition, you will not be able to have sex fully and restore male functions. I am running regularly now and such a load is ideal for my fitness.
  • Exercises and techniques to combat premature ejaculation is a must-have program. I spend 20 minutes on it daily. Start and Stop Technicians Train Your Ejaculation Control Best.

All criteria are met only by Prosolution Plus. Although real competitors 4. Let’s analyze each of them.

Climax Control pills to Stop Premature Ejaculation

Climax Control is a very well-developed formula, although there is very little information on the site, neither the manufacturer, nor the seller, nor any studies were conducted. No reviews from doctors and clients in 2020. Those. these pills are effective, I found information from them from open sources, but there is no information field around the product.

DuraMale supplement

DuraMale is a good and proven product to stop premature ejaculation. True, the company also has not been dealing with the site for 10 years already, there are recommendations, there is a guarantee of a refund, the formula is written and it does not have synthetically produced ingredients.

Quick Note
I consider it a worthy replacement for Prosolution Plus since I took 2 months myself and saw a positive result + 5-7 minutes before ejaculation.

PrematureX delay pills

Another famous PrematureX formula is that it has all the information, but I don’t understand why there are so few reviews, so few real buyers.

The fact is that it is used with caution. But in vain – the manufacturer is known, there are seller’s contacts on the site, the product works. Although I have not tried these pills, I talked with a company representative and received many confirmed facts about the work of the pills.

As you can see, the program is very simple, it includes the intake of important plant extracts in the form of the Prosolution Plus formula, training, and techniques for controlling ejaculation. The delay ejaculation pills do not work on the principle that I took this one and have sex for 10 minutes longer. They operate on the principle – help in controlling ejaculation in general. Those. you can restrain yourself and continue to have sex.

I recommend starting with the purchase of the Prosolution Plus premature ejaculation medicine, because this formula is the best on the market.

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  1. I have read that clove oil can help to last longer in bed. All you need to do is to dilute it with coconut oil and apply it to your penis before sex.

  2. One of the common causes of premature ejaculation is a tight pelvic floor, so you have to learn how to keep it loose during sex. Pelvic floor stretches will help.

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