Best Hydro Penis Pumps 2023 Reviewed and Compared. Buyer’s GUIDE

How Does Hydro Penis Pumping Work?

Among the huge number of men all over the world, there is a perception that the stimulation of penis growth is almost impossible. And if there are any methods, then they are ineffective and dangerous to human health.

However, this is a completely erroneous opinion that imposes a society on men. After all, it is quite possible to increase the size of the penis and even use a completely safe method – hydro pumping.

Hydro pumping technology was first used about 5 years ago and today has already managed to gain the attention of more than a million users worldwide. To translate into reality the method of water pumping, a man needs to acquire a special water pump, which today is being sold in unlimited quantities.

How to use the Best Water Penis Pump

Although the technology of penis pumping is known to men not so long ago, users have already heard enough about the vacuum method of stimulating the growth of the penis. First of all, the air penis pump has not have enough positive effect, due to which it is almost impossible to achieve any results.

Another negative aspect of using vacuum pumps is that the technology is sufficiently dangerous and traumatic. The vacuum environment inside the working chamber creates high pressure, which can easily cause a series of mechanical injuries and cause cracks, scratches, hematomas on the penis surface, and worse than bruises.

According to many medical scientists as well as users who have experienced the effect of the vacuum pump, unpleasant painful sensations arise when using the device. Therefore, if you strive for a painless, safe, and effective increase in the parameters of the penis, then the use of vacuum pumps should be put aside, and think about buying a safe water pump.

Best Water Penis Pump in 2022

Among the variety of penis pumps, many users select several models that are best sellers. Consider them in more detail:


Hydro7 is an original brand penis pump that is actively used by men in more than 70 countries of the world. The device is implemented in three-dimensional versions, so each user chooses the most suitable model according to his penis size.

The device provides simple, safe, and effective stimulation of penis growth. It’s easy to use:

  1. Add water to the pump tube
  2. Apply the pump to the penis
  3. Create a few pumping moves
  4. Use it for 15 minutes, 3 sessions of penis pumping during this time
  5. Release vacuum

Due to the effect of the hydro pump on the current problem, the man has the opportunity to see the excellent results of its work – improved erection, increased penis size in the girth and length. 

The action of the pump has been repeatedly tested during clinical trials, and also recommended by industry-leading experts.

The device belongs to the world-famous brand called Bathmate.

Hydromax[best selling]

Another development by Bathmate is the Hydromax water penis pump. The manufacturer claims that by allocating 15 minutes of free time per day, the user has the opportunity to get excellent results.

The high-quality device, which is made of medical materials, is not capable of causing an allergic reaction, as well as irritation on the surface of the skin. Using the device provides the maximum level of comfort, safety, and efficiency, certificates of quality testify to these facts.

It’s an automatic pump, which is up to 35% more effective than Hydro7. You have to use it the same way as Hydro7. Do not forget – this is a hydro vacuum pump, so it should be used in water(bath/shower). There are no special techniques to perform, it’s suitable for beginners and advanced users.

Quick Note
Hydromax has a maximum power level, whereby genitals parameters increased by up to 35%.

As in the version of the previous model, the manufacturer offers customers to choose a device according to the current parameters of the penis.

HydroXtreme usage

HydroXtreme belongs to the above-mentioned company Bathmate. This penis pump is improved from the design to the technical side of the model, which is equipped with an additional pumping removable handball.

A more flexible and quick-response water release valve ensures maximum safety during the use of the device.

Did You Know?
This universal product can be used as a vacuum pump with a pumping handball, and in the form of a water pump, after removing the pumping device.

In this model, there are also 4 versions of devices, which differ in their sizes.

You should use the handball to improve the pressure during pumping.

How to use HydroXtreme:

  1. You have to apply the handball to the pump’s valve
  2. You can add water in the shower, use it in the bath or even pump your penis without water
  3. Use a handball to create the vacuum, you can control the pressure by yourself
  4. It’s recommended to improve the vacuum pressure gradually
  5. Release the pressure by turning the valve to the left/right

Best way to use Penomet

Penomet is one of the best budget versions of the penis pump that is actively used by men in the implementation of water-based technology.

The main difference of this model from all previous options is that the Penomet is equipped with a removable gaiter, replacing which it turns out to effectively regulate the force created inside the pressure tube. Pumping gaiters can be sold with the package or purchased separately, depending on individual needs. 

However, the manufacturer recommends buying the entire set of gaiters at once, because in this way, you can develop the most effective program for increasing the size of the penis.

The characteristics of the Penomet pump are high build quality, ease of use, the safety of materials, quality certificates, and a wide range of actions, including an increase in penis size and the normalization of all aspects of sexual function.

It’s easy to use Penomet. It’s a hydro penis pump, but there is a difference between its usage in comparison to Bathmate.

How to use Penomet for best results:

  1. You have to connect the gaiter to the pump tube. Every gaiter is different, Force 60 provides the lowest pressure possible, in 7-14 weeks you have to change the gaiter
  2. Use water or air to exercise your penis
  3. There is an automatic valve to create pressure
  4. Pump the penis for 15-20 minutes
  5. Release the pressure in the tube

X4 Labs Male Power Pump

X4 Labs is a worldwide popular extender manufacturer that has decided to please its customers. To do this, he created an easy-to-use and financially affordable X4 Labs penis pump.

The most important difference of this model from all the above options is that the pump is designed exclusively for vacuum pumping because it is equipped with a pear for pumping out air.

How to use the X4Labs vacuum pump:

  1. You have to manually create pressure using handball
  2. It’s recommended to lubricate the penis, to avoid any side effects
  3. The pump helps to improve the erection fast
  4. Be careful with the pumping pressure

How to Choose the Most Efficient and Best Water Penis Pump?

Many men who have never had to deal with the purchase of penis pumps before, should understand that the purchase of an erectile dysfunction device is not an easy process, therefore it should be carried out according to the following plan:

  • Pump size

A prerequisite for the effective operation of the penis pump is the correctly selected size of the device. If the diameter of the working chamber equals the penis volume, then the penis simply will not go inside, but on the contrary, the penis will be smaller than the pump bulb, then the pumping will be ineffective. The pressure will not be created, therefore, no vacuum is formed, which is responsible for the blood flow to the penis and the increase in its size.

  • Customers’ testimonials

When choosing an efficient, safe, and reliable pump design, customers should read the forum reviews. Experts recommend giving preference only to the top-rated pump models, which received the most positive feedback from users. You can find similar comments on various thematic forums, as well as the official website of the manufacturer.

  • Money-back guarantee

It is the main proof of the high reputation of the manufacturer. All penis pump developers who respect themselves and their customers guarantee a refund if the user has not received the result promised by the manufacturer.

  • Doctor-recommended

The recommendations of medical specialists confirm the high efficiency of the device, as well as its safety. Note that hydro penis pumping is a patented technology that has been present in medical practice in many countries of the world for many years.

  • Guarantee

If the manufacturer provides customers with a guarantee of service, you can be confident with a 99% chance that you are dealing with an honest company. After all, no scammer does not want to be responsible for a poor-quality product.

  • Quality certificates

Quality certificates are another confirmation that demonstrates the high quality, efficiency, and safety of the device. As a rule, these documents are issued to the manufacturer in the course of clinical studies with the participation of an independent expert commission and subjects.

 After conducting our analytical study, having studied many ratings and customer reviews, we were able to conclude that the Bathmate Hydromax is one of the best penis pumps on the market. Therefore, if you want to get a worthwhile result, then we recommend ordering a device now .

How to Use a Penis Pump Correctly?

Let us designate the course of actions that must be performed in the process of performing the pumping :

  1. Prepare the penis for pumping. To do this, before starting to perform the exercises, the man’s penis should interact with warm water for 10–15 minutes. As a rule, you can take a shower or bath.
  2. At that moment when the penis is already soft enough, you should pick up the pump and fill the working chamber with warm water.
  3. Insert the member inside the flask, with some of the water coming out through the top valve.
  4. Press the pumping gaiter tightly to the surface of the pubic bone so that maximum tightness is created inside the working chamber.
  5. Begin to perform pumping movements, during which pressure will build up inside the chamber, while water will gradually flow out through the upper valve.
  6. Do the exercise for two minutes, then loosen the valve, let the remaining water inside the flask come to the surface.
  7. Stick the penis out of the working chamber and take a 30-second break, after which repeat a few more cycles.

As you can see, the process of using a water pump does not take much time, and also does not take away the user’s strength.

What Results Can Be Achieved During the Water Pumping?

In the process of doing exercises with a water pump, a man begins to notice how the size of his penis increases. Along with visual changes in the body, physiological moments also occur.

Thanks to the action of the pump, the quality of the erection is improved, the penis becomes powerful and firm, in such a state it can be maintained for a long time. Consequently, the duration of the session of sexual intercourse increases. Men begin to experience more intense orgasms, which most positively affects the quality of sex life.

Libido and potency increase, and the man becomes sexually resilient and strong. In addition to these changes in the body, the psycho-emotional state of the user, who becomes self-confident, is significantly improved. This energy is transferred to the partner, making sex turn into a real extravaganza of feelings and emotions.

What Happens to the Penis During Pumping?

During penis pumping exercises, a vacuum inside the pump chamber creates pressure that stimulates blood flow to the penis. Due to this, there is an expansion of cave tissues of the penis, which are responsible for increasing its size.

Thanks to enhanced blood flow, blood vessels become elastic and resilient. Also, the activation of blood flow is an indispensable process, which has the most positive effect on sexual function. An erection becomes powerful and long-lasting.


First of all, the user needs to discard all doubts and worries aside.

Clinical Facts
Penis pumping is an officially recognized technology that has been repeatedly tested by clinical studies. Therefore, the process of penis enhancement is 100% safe.

Remember that with proper exercise, according to the recommendations of the manufacturer, you will get a positive result, which will have the most qualitative effect on your sex life.

Effective Penis Enhancement Program

In order to ensure the fastest possible results, experts recommend using additional methods. One of these is the intake of the natural food supplement VigRX Plus, which is aimed at relieving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, as well as stimulating the growth of the penis.

Another moment to improve the action of the water pump is wearing a Quick Extender Pro. This is an expansion device that will help increase the penis size in length and width, improve sexual function, as well as level the congenital or acquired curvature of the penis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Men who want to become owners of a large and powerful penis, always ask many questions about stimulating devices.

Why should I choose the best penis pump?

Pumping is the most effective and safe way to help increase the size of the penis, as well as improve the quality of sexual function naturally.

Why choose the best pump?

Most low-end pumps are not certified products made from materials of unknown origin. Accordingly, while working with such installations, a man may experience negative adverse reactions in the form of allergies or mechanical damage.

Therefore, it is best to choose an expensive patented product, the effectiveness, and safety of which is confirmed by the relevant documents.

How long are the results obtained?

As a rule, the results obtained during the execution of the pumping technology are stored for 12 to 24 months. If you began to notice a recurrence of the problem, it is recommended to undergo a repeat course of performing all the above steps of the penis enhancement program.

What are the consequences of using vacuum systems?
Due to the aggressively created vacuum inside the working chamber of the air pump, cracks, scratches, hematomas, and bruises can appear on the surface of the penis. That is why experts recommend the use of water pumps, in which water effectively alleviates pressure, preventing the occurrence of various kinds of mechanical damage.

How to order the top-rated water penis pump?

To order any of the above water pumps, you should go to the official website of the manufacturer, which is guaranteed to sell the original product to the customer. Delivery of the pump can be carried out in any region of the world in the most convenient way for the client.

You can pay for the purchase directly at the time of ordering, using money in an electronic wallet or credit card. Also, you can pay for the goods directly at the time of their receipt at the post office of your settlement. The cost of high-quality water pumps is in the price range of $150-300.

Read more about how to buy and use the best penis pump here – Healthline.

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