Andropenis GOLD Comfort Review 2023. True Facts and Results

Millions of men around the world experience self-doubt due to dissatisfaction with the size of their penis. Is a small dick really a problem? Deciding to look into this issue, I went through the Internet on this topic, especially the various women’s forums. What is the ideal size for an erect penis? What size is enough to satisfy a partner?

Women’s forums are ruthless – a small penis is really a problem, almost a tragedy! Popular female bloggers have spoken about this more than once. A man with a small penis is not wanted by women, a man with a small penis is laughed at (not only by women but also by men who have more). Is it fair?

Nature doesn’t give us a choice. Someone has a large penis, and someone has a small one, and we can’t influence it in any way. And those who have a small penis (and I used to be one of these people) have to bear their burden and accept that your sexual partners leave you after the first intimacy, and if they stay with you, they sacrifice their sexual satisfaction. I ask again: is this fair? Is it possible to put an end to us now? Not!

The world is developing, progress is moving forward at lightning speed. The 21st century gives us the opportunity to do what nature did not give us.

It is enough to drive into a search engine: “how to increase a penis”, and dozens of various devices will fall on you. Yes, the market offers many solutions, but is it worth it to grab the first device that comes across and test it for yourself? Not only can no one guarantee you a result, but it can end badly for your health, and even more so for your little friend.

Before you buy something, you need to understand exactly whether the device is medical? Has it been clinically tested? Is it certified? Let’s figure it out.

So, the most modern and safe non-surgical method of penis enlargement is an extender.

What is an Andropenis GOLD Comfort?

The extender is a medical orthopedic device for penis enlargement and correction of its curvature.

After reviewing the market offers for extenders and conducting a comparative analysis (and I was primarily interested in clinical studies and proven effectiveness), I drew attention to the extender.

This penis extender increases penis length (and girth) without surgery at home. Andropenis has been clinically tested with proven results.

Andropenis is intended for:

  • Penis-lengthening.
  • Straightening of the penis (for Peyronie’s disease ).

How does Andropenis GOLD Comfort work?

It provides a real result, which, to ensure comfortable penis enlargement, is achieved painlessly and gradually. The extender is put on the sexual organ in a natural, calm state. Convenient fasteners provide secure fixation of the penis in the device without the risk of pinching or any other discomfort.

Andropenis is a classic extender. It consists of rods, tension screws, a special base for the head of the penis and a silicone tube to wrap around the head of the penis. Principle of action: the penis, when wearing the extender, under the action of the tension force, becomes longer.

Innovative extender design The device is made in such a way that the pressure on the genitals is minimal and does not bring discomfort. Wearing the device on the penis for several hours a day causes tiny tears in the tissues of the penis. The body naturally forms new cells at the site of ruptures, filling them with cellular pressure, which leads to a steady increase in the size of the penis. This process is called cytokinesis and increases the length and girth of the penis.

Extender Efficiency is attributed to successfully applying a medical concept known as traction. Traction has been used by tribes and peoples worldwide for thousands of years. Different parts of the human body were lengthened: earlobes, lips, necks. The result is achieved through stretching.

Medical traction is not only used to lengthen the penis. Plastic surgeons have applied this concept to surgical procedures, including skin grafting. Plastic surgeons have even achieved successful limb lengthening!

What are the benefits of Andropenis GOLD Comfort?

The most significant advantage of this device is its efficiency. On average, the length of the penis increases by 6 centimeters. And the girth (diameter) increases by an average of 3 cm.

The extender helps to achieve:

  • Elongation of the penis by 3-6 cm in a state of erection.
  • Elongation of the penis by 2-3 cm is also relaxed.
  • Enlargement of the penis by 1-3 cm in diameter.

Many men resort to surgery to increase the size of the penis. This method is also effective, but do you want to go under the knife? Moreover, any surgical operation is associated with inherent risks.

The recovery time after the operation is quite long, and the healing process itself is painful and excludes the possibility of sexual intercourse (up to two months). In contrast to the surgical intervention of the extender, Andropenis will not change how you live. The extender can be worn during the day and removed during intimacy.

If you suffer from a curvature of the penis ( Peyronie’s disease ), then surgery to correct the curvature will shorten it. Are you ready to sacrifice vital centimeters?

It corrects curvature by an average of 60 percent and at the same time, increases the length of the penis. In my opinion, these are fantastic results! And while you do not risk anything, it is completely harmless.

Andropenis also helps:

  • Men suffering from erectile dysfunction
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves erection and sexual health

Reality or myth: scientific evidence of effectiveness

OK good. Everything sounds good. I would even say too good. But you never know what the manufacturer writes about his products? How can I be sure that the extender Does it really work?

Let’s turn to the Internet. So, this device has been recognized as a Class 1 medical device in Europe and Canada. The device is also registered with the Therapeutic Goods Authority, which is the governing body for medical devices authorized for sale in Australia.

Andropenis GOLD Comfort device received recommendations from: FDA(USA), CMDCAS(Canada), European Wellness Authority, TGA(Australia) and other countries. The manufacturing company Andromedical is a real medical laboratory.

Medical studies have shown that Andropenis is safe and effective for consumers. The device is designed with the consumer in mind: the comfort of use, attention to detail, which gives unsurpassed results.

Extender designation Andropenis as a medical device is not the only reason to buy it.

Dozens of studies have been conducted by various medical institutions around the world. Studies have shown that using an extender Andropenis for several hours daily for six months or more is safe and works.

One example of this is a study by BJUI (British Journal of Urology International, which concluded that penile extenders are an effective and non-invasive method of lengthening the shaft of the penis.

Penis Extender Benefits:

  • Effective (increases the penis by 0.5 cm in length per month). The effect lasts for life.
  • Safe. Does not affect urination, potency and reproductive function.
  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable.


One of the uniqueness of the extender is the materials from which the device is made. This modern device is made of high-quality materials collected in a medical laboratory. All accessories and spare parts that are included in the kit will serve for a long time and reliably, providing comfort and safety at the highest level.

What is included in the package?

The device is available in several flavors. Andropenis Pro and Andropeyronie Comfort. They differ in content, purpose and price.

The Andropenis GOLD Comfort package includes:

  • Rods – 20 pcs.
  • Anrosupport -12 pcs.
  • Silicone tubes – 12 pcs.
  • Penis pads – 6 pcs. (put on the head of the penis, before it is fixed in the extender ).
  • Special moisturizing wipes ( towelettes ) – 5 pcs.
  • bag for easy transportation of the extender will be a pleasant surprise. You can take it with you on business trips and vacations.

This impressively filled kit will give you a long time to use the extender . A large number of rods will allow you to set the length of the device finely accurately. And a large number of accessories will make it easy to replace those that have worn out over time.

Andropeyronie Comfort package

The Andropeyronie Comfort device from Andromedical is designed to straighten the penis. The device will help men whose curvature is up to 60 degrees in any direction.

This package is also as full of accessories as possible and is almost identical to the Andropenis Pro package. Buying Andropeyronie Comfort you can buy specially designed Andropharma penis straightening pills. They are designed for those men who actively use penis traction therapy.

A man with Peyronie’s disease is primarily prescribed natural supplements. They help to get rid of the problem as soon as possible. The use of the Andropeyronie Comfort device together with Andropharma tablets creates a powerful result.

How to use Andropenis GOLD COmfort?

Detailed instructions for use are attached to the purchased package with the device. On Youtube, you will find detailed videos on assembling and using Andropenis GOLD Comfort.


  1. We wind the required number of rods.
  2. We pass a silicone tube into the base of the base
  3. Set (set) the desired tension
  4. Fixing Androsupport in the design
  5. We put the ring on the head of the penis (the ring serves as a gasket between the silicone loop and the head of your penis).

Andropenis is so comfortable that you can wear it not only at home, but also go out with it. It fits comfortably in underwear and allows you to lead a familiar lifestyle.


  • Extender Is Andropenis safe for health?

The extender is an official medical device that has undergone medical research, confirming its health safety. The device received recommendations from: FDA(USA), CMDCAS(Canada), European Wellness Authority, TGA(Australia). For Andromedical, the manufacturer’s safety and comfort of the consumer are above all. Therefore, the packages include such a large number of accessories, which are made of high-quality medical materials. The innovative design of the extender minimizes friction between the penis head and the silicone loops. The extender provides the correct anatomical shape for a perfect fit of the device on the penis.

  • How long does it take for results to appear?

The first results when using Andropenis Pro and Andropeyronie devices will appear after the first month of daily use. For maximum results, you need to use the devices for 6-8 months (daily).

  • How long can I wear without removing the extender Andropenis?

Completely safe and comfortable, the device can intermittently be worn up to 7 hours a day, for 6-8 months.

  • How much can I increase the length of the penis?

Extender Andropenis allows you to increase the length of the penis by 3-6 cm, and the girth by 1-3 cm, with daily use for 6-8 months. On average, in one month the length increases by 0.5 cm.

  • Will I have to change my lifestyle because I will have to wear an extender?

Andromedical specially designed the extender in such a way that it does not affect the habitual life of the consumer. It is comfortable even to go for a walk.

  • Then the extender Is Andropenis different from other extenders?

First of all, the Andropenis device has a unique Androsupport design that protects the head of the penis, making it comfortable to wear. The extender was created in a medical laboratory from high-quality medical materials and is officially recognized as a medical device. Extender Andropenis has all the necessary quality and safety certificates in Europe, Canada, USA, Australia and other countries. The company cares about its reputation, so the package with the device comes with a large number of accessories. The innovative design of the extender is patented.

  • Is it possible while using the extender Andropenis to take pills for potency?

Using tablets with an extender will enhance the effect and is recommended. Andopharma tablets strengthen the erection, improve blood circulation in the penis, and positively affect the stretching of the soft tissues of the penis. Andopharma tablets are specially designed to be taken with Andropenis GOLD Comfort. An integrated approach gives an effective result.


The research convinced me that Andromedical cares about its customers. Andropenis extender, being a medical device, is perhaps the best choice today. Recommended in Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, and other countries for use, having all the necessary quality and safety certificates.

In addition, I am pleased with the results: indeed, on average, the length of the penis increases by 0.5 cm per month with daily use. This means that after 6-8 months, the result is guaranteed. And, finally, men can effectively cope with the problem of insufficient size.

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