Best Male Enhancement Pills that Work in 2023(Proofs)

The older the man, the more problems he has with sexual health. At the age of over 45 years, very often, there is a decreased potency and libido, which harm erection.

However, not only age can provoke erectile dysfunction, but also a wrong way of life.

In men of mature age, testosterone levels in the blood are significantly reduced. This is the main reason for lowering sexual function. Therefore, as soon as you notice that the erection has become not so forceful and prolonged as before, you should immediately look for effective ways to solve the problem.

Symptoms of age-related erectile dysfunction

Low-power erection, which is accompanied by a weak ejaculation (low sperm count), is the leading indicator that a man needs immediate help. Sexual desire is practically absent, and the duration of sexual intercourse is minimized.

Best erection enhancement(ED) pills that work fast

Let’s outline the main list of techniques that can help to get rid of sexual dysfunction:

  1. Abandonment of bad habits, regular exercise, and healthy nutrition is the basis for getting rid of sexual disorders.
  2. Treatment with pharmacy medicines, which are prescribed by a qualified specialist.
  3. I am eating healthy foods that stimulate a powerful erection.
  4. Taking biologically active food additives by natural ingredients, whose action is directed to the natural process of restoring sexual capacities.
  5. Take sperm volume pills like Volume Pills or Semenax.

What does Modern Medicine say?

Specialists in the field of urology argue that the sexual health of a man can be maintained right up until his death. However, it is necessary to choose effective and safe pills, which will naturally stimulate sexual desire, erection, and increase libido. Sometimes doctors recommend using hydro penis pumps like Bathmate Hydromax or Penomet to improve your erection level, penis hardness, and even penis size.

Products for the normalization of sexual function

To stimulate the sexual capacities of your male body, you should include seafood in your diet. Also, it is recommended to add seasoning like turmeric, which impacts as natural aphrodisiacs. Do not forget about eating meat because animal protein is the primary source of male power and energy.

Traditional herbal ED pills

As folk remedies, it is recommended daily, to drink two cups of ginger tea with the addition of ginseng leaves. The systematic use of fermented milk products, also, most positively affects the increase in male potency.

How long does it take to get positive results?

If it is a question of biologically active food additives in the form of tablets or pills, then a positive result from their use can be noticed after 3-6 months. However, there are nutritional supplements, which effect becomes noticeable immediately after taking. As for the traditional herbal preparations, it will take at least 12 months to obtain a visible impact.

Erectile dysfunction – the sentence is canceled?

Among the male fears associated with sexuality, the real nightmare is the inability to bring your “friend” into a state of war. Unfortunately, not only failures in sex can lead to a relatively common painful condition – erectile dysfunction.

1) What is ED, how many people suffer, why, what doctors say, exciting facts

Erectile Dysfunction – A Problem That Is Hard to Recognize

Impotentia coeundi is a Latin term used earlier to record a medical diagnosis. It means – the impossibility of sexual intercourse due to the absence or cessation of sexual arousal in men. Such a statement is considered obsolete, and it has not been customary to mention the word impotence in recent decades. Erection problems, characterized by insufficient hardness and straightness of the penis, a man’s inability to achieve a stable erection sufficient for his sexual needs or the needs of his partner are called erectile dysfunction.

By the nature of the occurrence, erectile dysfunction in men is divided into two types:

  • organic disorder, characterized by progressive symptoms, persistence, associated with a chronic disease, lack of nocturnal erection and erection during masturbation;
  • a psychogenic disorder characterized by a sudden onset and periodically occurring symptoms, the presence of an erection during masturbation, the preservation of a night erection, which is associated with fatigue or stressful situations.

But no matter what fanciful name they come up with, for any man, it sounds like a sentence and cuts his ears like a fork on the glass.

Be that as it may, erectile dysfunction is a fairly common problem. According to various estimates of international medical organizations in the world, more than 150 million men of childbearing age suffer from this disorder.

Moreover, the reasons may be different, but about 30%, according to the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS), are related to the fact that men have been silent about the problem for a long time and do not attempt to eliminate it.

Another 20% of cases of pathology are a man’s reluctance to change his lifestyle to solve the problem. 48% of men do not trust medical manipulations. And only 2% of men have irreversible age-related changes that can only be solved by prosthetics.

Men, unfortunately, very quickly find excuses for their problems. Often it is easier for a man to “fill in his grief” by hiding in a corner in a bachelor’s den, rather than admit his vulnerability and take active steps to solve the problem.

The most exciting thing is that a responsible attitude to one’s health can work miracles, and in 98%, according to leading andrologists, it’s quite easy to defeat erectile dysfunction and everyone has the opportunity to do so. But because the male ear perceives the problem as a sentence, it, like an insidious virus, collects more and more victims.

2) How to understand that you have ED? The doctor’s consultation

Over the Counter ED Diagnosis – 5 Worry Concerns

The stupid and reckless behavior of men associated with the diagnosis of “erectile dysfunction” is influenced by two common myths firmly entrenched in the male brain:

  • impotence is a disease of the elderly;
  • if this happened once, then forever.

Therefore, a strong half of humanity, after the first failure, quickly puts an end to itself and signs the verdict on its own, as it is faster and easier than taking a queue near the doctor’s office in the reproduction and andrology clinic. Because shame and embarrassment is the first reaction to the lack of a healthy erection.

If your limbs become so numb so much when you try to get to the andrologist’s office, then at least listen to their advice discussed at the last International Symposium on Therapy and Imaging in Prostate (International Medical Symposium) to start the fight for your sexuality in time and not leave pathology a single chance.

You can recognize the beginning of the development of pathology by the main seven signs:

  • lack of an erection during sleep and in the morning hours – in a healthy state, such an erection happens up to 5 times per night;
  • decreased sensitivity of the penis and the lack of an adequate response in response to stimulation;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • insufficiency of the tension of the penis during arousal, in which it is impossible to start sexual intercourse;
  • a sharp or gradual decrease in erection parameters during intercourse;
  • lack of orgasm and ejaculation;
  • reduction or extinction of sexual desire.

If these symptoms are not related to the previous week of the violent joy of joy, 5-8 in a row by sexual intercourse or prolonged physical activity without the possibility of a good rest, then these are the seven main reasons that should push a man to the need to ignore everyday problems and give priority to care about your health.

There is no reason to panic if less than a quarter of the number of sexual acts fails. Since a one-time occurrence of problems with an erection is most often associated with an unhealthy lifestyle or non-compliance with work and rest regimes.

3) Official medicine PDE5 inhibitors. How do they work

Medicine against erectile dysfunction – is the risk warranted?

Of course, the doctor, after hearing your complaints, will appoint seven circles of male hell, consisting of various manipulations with your treasure – from ultrasound to numerous punctures and urethrographies. To prescribe the same long list of medicines based on a whole research folder, the pharmacist will unfasten his pocket in the percentage of the purchase.

A standard pharmacological agent for treating erectile dysfunction is PDE5 inhibitors (a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor), an oral (for oral administration) type 5 phosphodiesterase (PDE5). This substance is an enzyme that acts by blocking the degrading effect of cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase on epithelial cells lining the inner surfaces of the penis in order to ensure stable erectile functions. The enzyme is part of such popular drugs among men as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra,

It is a synthetic enzyme, the intake of which leads to destructive changes in the internal surfaces of the cavernous bodies, and a temporary therapeutic effect will be followed by persistent impotence. This is due to the fact that the impact of taking PDE5 inhibitors requires constant administration of the drug.

The review of 14 clinical trials published in November 2019 in the British Journal of Pharmacology is not in favor of the effectiveness of drugs containing PDE5 inhibitors. The article Male Sexual Dysfunction: Pathophysiology and Treatment argues that using PDE5 inhibitors to treat erectile dysfunction is associated with an unjustified risk not only to the health but also to the lives of patients. The effect of inhibitors on the smooth epithelium is not selective. It is also carried out on the epithelial cells of the heart, the response of which can be the cessation of cardiac activity until death.

In simple words, synthetic agents cannot act locally in one organ, they affect the work of all body systems. And what is right for one organ and death for another.

4) A brief overview of the best tablets (VigRx Plus, Male Extra, Prosolution Plus, Max Performer, ExtenZe). What kind of pills, ingredients, how they work, result, guarantees

Natural Erectile Dysfunction Pills as an Alternative to Drugs

Pharmacology is developing not only synthetic drugs. Modern evidence-based medicine is increasingly turning to its origins, and most of the research is aimed at producing refined plant extracts used to treat diseases from ancient times.

Such excerpts are included in bioactive additives, the intake of which not only has a therapeutic, that is, therapeutic, effect, but also can restore the regenerating functions of the body, stimulating self-healing and normalization of the work of all organs.

VigRx Plus

VigRx Plus is a complex drug for normalizing the reproductive system of the male body, the test results of which can be found on the pages of the British commercial publication BioMed Central or the website of the National Medical Library of the United States. Bioadditive contains extracts of plants used in Ayurvedic practice for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions:

  • Epimedium (colorless) extract – to increase testosterone levels and correct hormonal imbalances;
  • dodder extract – to increase the tone of urogenital muscles;
  • Ginkgo extract – to normalize the biochemical processes of the genital organs and improve the health of all body systems;
  • ginseng extract – provides a rejuvenating effect;
  • Serena extract – has a tonic effect on the prostate gland;
  • extracts of muira pauma, Erythroxylum and turners – aphrodisiacs, correcting libido;
  • Hawthorn extract – a component for normalizing the functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous system;
  • Bioperine is a catalyst for plant components that contribute to their absorption by the body.

Male Extra

Male Extra – a preparation based on amino acids and plant extracts, made in the USA. The active components that make up the basis of the drug are:

  • L-arginine – according to the Effectiveness of oral L-arginine in first-line treatment of erectile dysfunction in a controlled crossover study, this amino acid promotes the secretion of nitric oxide, the level of which determines the stability and duration of an erection;
  • L-methionine – an inhibitor of the hormone, reduces its production, preventing premature ejaculation;
  • pomegranate extract (ellagic acid) – a natural antioxidant that stimulates blood circulation, contributes to a prolonged erection;
  • Cordyceps extract (ergot) – is an aphrodisiac that regulates libido;
  • Nicotinic acid is a vasodilator for a full construction.

Prosolution Plus

Prosolution Plus is an American drug whose clinical trial results are available in the American Journal of Therapeutics. It is a balanced complex, which includes:

  • extract of Tribulus Terrestris – increasing libido;
  • ginseng extract – for the secretion of nitric oxide, relaxing the cavernous bodies for the complete filling in the process of erection;
  • mucuna extract – a natural stabilizer of erectile function;
  • hygrophilous extract – improves the ability to control erectile function;
  • Curculigo extract – improves blood flow and provides a lasting erection.

In addition to photo components, the drug contains a unique vitamin complex that helps relieve nervous excitement and eliminate the effects of chronic stress.

Max performer

The drug Max Performer in fact is similar to medical Viagra, but thanks to Phyto extracts, it does not have side effects. Active substances include:

  • epimedium extract – helps increase testosterone levels;
  • extract of red (Korean) ginseng – relieves stress and improves the health of the body;
  • Cordyceps extract – has a libido-enhancing effect;
  • black pepper extract – promotes the assimilation of active substances and increases metabolism.

It also contains zinc and selenium, normalizing the work of the male reproductive system.


ExtenZe is a bioactive supplement based on herbal ingredients. The composition of the drug includes:

  • Yohimbe extract – an alkaloid that is classified as doping in sports, helps increase body stamina and boosts sexual strength;
  • Korean ginseng extract – to stop the effects of chronic stress;
  • ternary extract – a natural aphrodisiac, helps increase libido;
  • astragalus extract – normalizes blood circulation in the pelvic area and genitals.

The composition also includes a balanced mineral and vitamin complex for a tonic effect on the body.

Supplement manufacturers usually guarantee a result or a refund if the drug does not work for some reason. Such a guarantee will not give any pharmaceutical company. Which, on the contrary, always claims that medications are not refundable.

5) Why do these pills help? Natural formula, compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals, etc.

The benefits of Over the Counter ED pills

As practice shows, herbal preparations have several advantages, which provide them with popularity:

  • lack of side effects – plant extracts can act locally without causing an inadequate reaction from other organs;
  • lack of addiction to the components of the drug – when taking dietary supplements there is no effect of addiction, and there is no need to increase the dose;
  • no need to take bio additives on an ongoing basis – the best result of bioactive drugs is achieved if there is a break between courses, equal in duration to the direction of administration. This time is necessary to consolidate the therapeutic effect;
  • tonic effect on the body – dietary supplements, in addition to active substances, contain complexes of vitamins and minerals that can activate regenerative processes in the body and ensure the restoration of its normal functioning;
  • the action of therapeutic components is catalyzed by vitamins and trace elements that are part of the dietary supplements, and also contribute to their effective regulation.

6) The usual prescription drugs, their cons

Top 5 Erectile Dysfunction Medications

The most popular drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which andrologists prescribe to patients:

  • Viagra – a drug made in France, involves taking one tablet 1 hour before sexual intercourse;
  • Cialis is a Spanish drug for the treatment of which the following scheme is used – daily intake of 1 tablet at the rate established by the andrologist;
  • Zidane – a Russian drug, used according to the scheme 1 tablet 30 minutes before intercourse;
  • Levitra is a fairly expensive drug manufactured in Germany, provides for a daily intake of 1 to 4 tablets;
  • Vizarsin is a relatively cheap drug produced in Slovenia, used according to the scheme 1 tablet an hour before sexual activity.

Unfortunately, the disadvantages of these drugs are not only the inconvenient dosage regimen.

7) How conventional tablets work – Viagra, Cialis, etc.

Side Effects of Erectile Dysfunction pills

By purchasing miracle drugs on prescription, the male body becomes utterly dependent on the action of the pill. And at the same time, he is also risking his life.

The main disadvantage of all drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is the lack of treatment as such. They have a one-time effect according to the scheme – one tablet = one sexual intercourse.

That is, instead of a hot prelude, you need to set the alarm, that it is time to take the miraculous pill. Moreover, its effect can be unpredictable, such a Viagra surprise. Then the question begs. And if you want more? And an overdose can lead to: conditions requiring medical intervention, disability or death from cardiac arrest.

8) A brief overview of the side effects of taking standard drugs

A side effect of Viagra

It is not clear what guided pharmacists developing drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Of course, what pleasure must be paid, but is the price high? And then, how to check the effect of the drug: lock yourself up and watch how it works or still call an ambulance first. In fact, the instructions for such a company, headed by the notorious Viagra, should contain the inscription – accept only if an ambulance is on duty under the windows. Since side effects include:

  • violation of cardiac activity;
  • renal failure;
  • liver failure;
  • hearing impairment;
  • increased intracranial pressure;
  • increased intraocular pressure;
  • 80% increased risk of hemorrhagic stroke;
  • heart attack.

Against the background of this list, cramps, fever, increased salivation, nausea and vomiting seem to be mild disorders. Only now the conclusion suggests itself that after a stroke or heart attack, the blind, deaf and dumb will no longer have libido and an erection.

9) What is impotence connected with?

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The reasons for the lack of an erection, like the disease itself, are divided into two groups:

  • psychological reasons – constant stress (including from failures in sexual life), neurosis, psychological trauma, depression, taking psychotropic and sedative (sedative) drugs;
  • organic causes – the presence of chronic diseases (diabetes, ulcer), a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol addiction, physical trauma, hypothermia of the pelvic organs.

Mixed forms are also found, for example, when a man with diabetes leads to a sedentary lifestyle. Or the one-time failure drives himself into depression, which only exacerbates the situation.

10) Why you can’t choose any pills, you need to trust only the best dietary supplements from this article (many fakes, unverified, false, no reviews, no distributor contacts, no doctors’ recommendations, of dubious origin)

How to make the right choice

Choosing a method of treatment, any sane person wants guarantees. Is it worth it to trust your health to someone who does not give these guarantees, and vice versa – writes out a phrase that the goods are not subject to exchange and return. That is, an unscrupulous seller by his actions already hints that you are buying, and that after that there will be no concern for him at all.

A completely different situation can be observed on the official websites of VigRx Plus, Male Extra, Prosolution Plus, Max Performer, ExtenZe. Manufacturers give priority to the health of their customers and within 60-67 days from the date of purchase are ready to accept a refund if for some reason the bioadditive is not suitable for you. Only from official representatives, the data of which are indicated on the site, you can purchase the original bioactive drug.

Of course, the price of these drugs gives rise to attempts to profit from men’s problems and to realize, at best, fakes of dubious origin, and at worst real fraud. Recently, there are many fake web pages with the same name as popular drugs. They can easily be distinguished from the official site by the lack of reviews, contact details of the manufacturer or distributor, as well as the recommendations of doctors.

Do not risk your health – be careful when choosing a distributor!

11) Official FDA Information

Officially on the safety of ED supplements

In the United States, the licensing authority for the sale of medical supplies is the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA oversees safety for life and health and monitors the quality of food, drugs and cosmetics. Such an organization will not allow the sale in the United States of knowingly dangerous drugs that can harm the population.

To date, there are no official prohibitions for the purchase of VigRx Plus, Male Extra, Prosolution Plus, Max Performer, ExtenZe biological additives. This can easily be seen on the FDA website. This position of the department is direct evidence of the safety of dietary supplements for distribution to the population.

12) All the benefits of taking over the counter ED supplements

A comprehensive solution to any problems

As a rule, bioactive additives, regardless of which organ they are intended to be treated for, do not contain a synthetic substance that seems to cure a diseased organ, but which harms the entire body.

Such components usually include drugs manufactured by major pharmaceutical concerns whose goal is to send the patient entirely dependent on their products. Since today, medicine, using weapons from the achievements in the field of chemistry, treats patients on the principle of “one is cured, the other is crippled.”

The development of bioactive supplements is carried out jointly with homeopaths and leading specialists representing Ayurvedic practices. Their knowledge allows you to make balanced therapeutic compositions that not only cure a diseased organ. Their action is aimed at improving the body as a whole, activating its regenerative abilities, so that, after coping with the disease with the help of erectile dysfunction pills, it can subsequently be cured itself.

13) Frequently asked questions about dietary supplements (how they work, how to take). Actual questions about dietary supplements

Why ED pills are better than drugs

This is due to the fact that bioactive preparations do not contain synthetic substances, and plant extracts are used as active ingredients. They are better absorbed by the body and do not have a harmful effect on organs that are not related to the course of treatment.

How over the counter ED pills work?

The basic principle – “do no harm” is respected when developing bioactive drugs. But their main task is not just to act on a diseased organ, but to solve the problem in a complex. That is, in addition to the main therapy, to carry out support, the purpose of which is to influence the entire body with vitamin complexes and bioactive substances for a quick recovery and relief of the consequences of the disease.

How to take dietary supplements

Almost all dietary supplements, unlike medicines, are made in courses. You do not need to drink the entire can immediately, but you should not take them regularly. The main thing is the exact dosage according to the instructions and the repetition of the course after a certain period.

Are there any side effects

Since plant extracts, which are more natural for the body, are used in the production of dietary supplements, the appearance of adverse reactions of the body is not observed when they are taken.

14) How to change your life to build potency (sports, diets, etc.) and taking pills

Lyfestyle change is important

Everyone wants quick results. If you want to quickly get rid of erectile dysfunction, you need to not only deal with the selection of treatment regimens. In 80% of cases, the change of lifestyle helps to eliminate unpleasant symptoms.

Research predicts that due to the over-popularity among men of programming as a professional activity in the field of IT technologies, erectile dysfunction will only progress. This is primarily due to a sedentary lifestyle. While among men whose profession involves physical activity, erectile dysfunction is much less common.

This, of course, does not mean that you urgently need to drop the computer and grab the hammer. But to ensure regular exercise with sufficient physical activity is quite affordable.

It is also necessary to review the diet, since the lack of folic acid, vitamins of groups B, E, A, C contribute to the development of diseases of the genital organs and endocrine system.

If you reconsider your lifestyle in this way and compensate for the lack of vitamins and the effects of stress by taking supplements, then every man can cope with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction!

15) Cream or pills? Review of cream Prosolution Gel, VigRx Oil and comparison with VigRx Plus

ED pills or creams?

In addition to tablets for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, manufacturers also produce special gels.

Prosolution Gel is a gel whose purpose is to quickly and effectively achieve a stable erection. L-arginine promotes the production of nitric oxide, which gently affects the bloodstream, helps to better fill the penis and stabilize the erection for a sufficiently long time.

VigRx Oil is a special water-based oil that is applied to the head of the penis just before sexual intercourse. Also contains L-arginine as a main component. If we talk about the composition of the drug, then it is precisely the same as that of VigRx Plus, and the difference is only in the method of administration. Tablets can be replaced with high-speed oil. But it is better to solve the problem comprehensively and apply oil at the beginning of treatment, as a means of quickly achieving a therapeutic effect.

16) Supplements and the real treatment of impotence – how long and how it manifests

How long does it take to cure ED using pills?

Any therapy takes time. This is especially true for situations where the disease has been started and has gone into a chronic (permanent) stage. Acceptance of dietary supplements for the treatment of erectile dysfunction should also be performed according to the course, observing the dosage and time of administration. By the end of the third week you are guaranteed to feel positive changes in your body.

If patience is not enough, the attraction has already been restored, then you can always use creams for local exposure. Which will not only make you feel your masculine power, but will also contribute to a speedy recovery.

17) Prostate and Supplement Health

Erectile Dysfunctions Treatments and Prostate Health

The prostate is the main male gland responsible for the production of hormones and ejaculate. The reproductive capabilities of men, including erectile functions, are primarily dependent on her health.

Therefore, using dietary supplements for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is worth approaching the issue comprehensively. Since such an organ needs special components, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, to maintain its healthy state, it makes sense to pay attention to bioactive drugs that directly affect the prostate.

Taking a full range of drugs, you can quickly restore men’s health.

18) Why is a doctor’s consultation not needed when choosing dietary supplements?

The benefits of over-the-counter ED supplements

Despite the fact that many andrologists prescribe dietary supplements to their patients, there is no need to run for a prescription to a doctor. This is one of the benefits of bioactive drugs.

The doctor does not have the right to prescribe the drug without sending the patient for examination, as this is required by the treatment protocol. This is one of the benefits of dietary supplements. Not being medicines, but having a certificate of medical supplies, it is allowed to take them independently. Therefore, do not wait until your doctor decides what to do and lose precious time with you, denying yourself a full-fledged sexual life.

19) Conclusions: a strategy with dietary supplements, proper nutrition, sports, health

To carry out a blow to impotence from all sides and win

Regardless of how long you are left alone with the problem of erectile dysfunction, the sentence “Impotence forever” in your power to cancel and no longer think about it.

Act like great strategists – beat your enemy in four directions:

  • reconsider your lifestyle;
  • take time for sports or at least walks in the fresh air;
  • follow the rules of a healthy diet;
  • select the appropriate dietary supplements.

A real man is able to defeat any enemy, including erectile dysfunction!

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