Best Penis Extenders Rated in 2023. TOP Stretchers Reviewed

So, I want to finally tell you about all 8 penis extenders I tried on myself for 7 months. Here I have the most popular devices that the entire Internet discusses. In total, I spent on devices 2408 dollars.

Just imagine, right here in this video alone, you will compare all the famous penis extenders, and you will no longer need to learn the features and benefits of these devices to buy one.

Don’t worry. I use these devices regularly, not only for my video review, not at all. With such an arsenal of penis enlargement devices, I want to achieve a 3.5-inch larger penis, and the process is going well.

If you are the owner of a small penis, you understand me. Why should I suffer all my life and be ashamed of my modest penis size? I am used to achieving what I want.

Motivation is the main thing in penis enlargement. Take any of the devices I present today, and you will achieve results. The only question is – will it be fast, will it be safe and will it be effective? Today you will know for sure. Otherwise – why all this?

I will give brief but very important facts as a user after the usage of 8 penis extenders:

– I will tell you about the pros and cons of each penis stretching device , and compare them
– I will tell you about my experience using each one
– I will give specific user tips
– You will know if it is worth paying for the extender the money that it costs
– You will find out about the comfort and antibacterial protection of penis extenders
– You’ll know how to customize the extender according to your penis size and goals

Sit comfortably. It will be very interesting and useful. And in the end, you’ll be able to officially buy the right penis extender for yourself at the best price possible and use all the discounts available.

I have collected coupons and discounts in the description of this video so that you definitely benefit from your purchase as much as possible. So don’t waste your time searching for the best price. I have listed all the discounts right below this video.

In addition, I left links to the official stores of direct manufacturers. And by the way, international shipping is available for every device you choose.

So, here I have 3 main types of devices: rod penis extenders with a strap or silicone loop, vacuum-adhesive devices, and mixed types. Each of the 3 types of penis stretching devices has its own pros and cons; you should be aware of this before buying.

What are the best penis extenders?

Best Penis Extender Review and Comparison

Type 1 – classic rod penis extenders with a silicone strap or loop attachment. They do an excellent job but can cause discomfort. In addition, side effects may appear as the penis glans are rubbed due to friction with the strap or silicone tube. There are many accessories – like comfort pads, but not all help.

Let’s list the Pros and Cons:

Pros: Classic technology has been proven to work, the effect is noticeable quickly, and the final result is impressive.

Cons: discomfort, side effects, you may need new accessories, the extenders can be difficult to use, and some are unsuitable for newbies.

The specific devices of such type are Penimaster Chrome, Quick Extender Pro, ProExtender , SizeGenetics and Jes Extender

Unique rod penis enlargement devices in this category are Male Edge and Quick Extender Pro(my favorite device).

The Male Edge structure is assembled, and Quick Extender Pro offers dual fastening called DSS system(Double Strap Support) and unique Memory comfort technology with Foam Pads and antibacterial protection.

2nd type – vacuum adhesive penis enlargement devices

There are only 2 representatives of this technology – Phallosan Forte and Penimaster PRO . Both devices use the technology of holding the penis glans in a vacuum chamber. But each penis extender has a number of its own distinctive features that make them completely different.

Pros : painless to wear, maximum comfort level, invisible under clothes, can be used while sleeping, fits any penis size.

Cons: you won’t achieve quick results as long as you need to use various membranes and condoms, replacement is constantly needed, and dynamic load ( from the belt when tensioned) is not suitable for everyone, as it constantly changes while you wear the device.

Specific devices of this type are Phallosan Forte and Penimaster PRO Belt Extender.

Separately I would single out Penimaster PRO Weight Expander. This device uses kettlebells to stretch the penis. This is an ancient pulling force principle, with the penis glans held in a vacuum chamber. It’s recommended for advanced users only.

3rd type – is mixed devices

Specific devices of mixed type : Penimaster PRO Complete Set, Phallosan Forte Plus

They combine both the first and second types. Moreover, only 2 such kits are available – Phallosan Forte PLUS and Penimaster PRO Complete Set.

You can try this combined technology for yourself, and it will be more effective than each of the devices separately listed above. You can use the construction of the rods and tension screws while the penis glans are in a vacuum chamber. Very cleverly thought out.

Pros: You can change the type of load from dynamic ( using a tension belt) to static (using rods), It will also allow you to train your penis and achieve results faster. There are more options for wearing penis stretching devices, both with a belt and rod design. You save yourself from using the penis extender the same way and work only on the tension force, by changing the load, the attachment method, and the device type, you improve the quality of penis stretching.

Cons: many men still use only one type of binding, as the second does not suit them, it is either a belt or a rod structure. At the same time, when buying everything in the kit, you overpay for both types of fasteners, also, Phallosan Forte has a problem with the bar design.

It is very flimsy and cannot be used if your penis is too wide, as the distance between the bars is small.

And now, I want to briefly review each of the best penis extenders for the 3 types of devices I have indicated.

I’ve Got Them All Serie includes the detailed reviews of the following penis extenders:

#1. Quick Extender Pro, which is the best on my opinion

#2. Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Forte Plus

#3. Penimaster Pro(Rod, Belt and Weight expander)

#4. SizeGenetics and similar devices like Jes Extender and Pro Extender

#5. Male Edge

So watch my next videos to learn more about the best penis extenders I tested personally.

1st type of penis extenders by specific brands and models

Male Edge

The design of this penis extender is unique because you don’t need to spend time assembling it using spare parts. It can switch different tension levels ( there are only 3), also change the length of the rods, and by changing the base of the penis extender in places, you can really use it with different penis sizes. In addition, personalization is thought out, which means the device is effective. And indeed, it is.


  • no need to assemble
  • very light
  • easy to set up and use
  • Even though there is much medical plastic in the design, classic traction technology is reliable.


  • There is no fine adjustment for the level of traction.
  • It creaks all over when you set it up, the feeling that it is about to crack and you have to buy a new one.

Quick Extender Pro

In my opinion, this is the best penis stretching device on the market. It surpasses all analogs in its type of devices and two other types. And all because the manufacturer has taken care of all aspects of the efficiency and comfort of the device.

This penis extender has not one mount to hold the penis glans but two – the second is used to hold the shaft of the penis. Therefore, the penis cannot slip out while wearing. This is a common problem with classic devices like SizeGenetics.

At the same time, the penis extender is easier to wear and can be done longer than the others because you will have 2 points of load distribution while wearing the device, thanks to 2m loops.

So the Pros of this device:

  • The classic rod-based technology provides the fastest effect.
  • The DSS system helps distribute the load on the penis while wearing the device
  • It provides antibacterial protection through breathable Memory Foam
  • A huge number of comfort accessories, especially in the DELUXE LIMITED EDITION package
  • Light and high-quality devices
  • The longest warranty period
  • The best package also comes with a penis pump, which increases the efficiency of obtaining results
  • Its use helps to restore an erection
  • The package includes many rods of different lengths for fine-tuning
  • There are also spare springs

Honestly, the complete set of the device in the maximum package is the best on the market.


  • Despite all the comfort levels, this is still a rod device, and there are no straps here, as in other devices, but they seem more convenient to me.
  • The DELUXE package has a wooden box for storing the device. It seems to me very poor quality

Penimaster Chrome

Penimaster Chrome is one of the best rod extenders and the first in a line of devices from Penimaster. Even before the advent of PRO technology, on which all new devices are based, Penimaster Classic was the market leader due to its quality, use of different lengths of rods, and its own clip mechanism to snap off the base of the device.


  • Due to the clips, you can quickly unfasten the device.
  • Another plus is that you can put on the base and then attach it to the bars.
  • The material of the straps is simply the most delicate. Well, you can’t compare it with anything. Such comfort – does not rub, does not irritate.
  • The rods of different lengths are included in the pack and the accuracy of tension settings is guaranteed.


  • It is impossible to wear the penis extender for too long, as it belongs to the classic type of device.


SizeGenetics is my first penis extender, with which I have achieved quite good results. This classic device is entirely inspired by the Jes Extender and ProExtender design.

I was surprised when I saw a 100% match. But it is true, and you can check it yourself. At the same time, in all forums on penis enlargement, there is only talk about SizeGenetics.


– fast results. There are many options for how to ensure comfort. There is a lot of information on the forums about this. There are even instructions on how to put on the device quickly and wear it longer.

– it is possible to use talc, as well as a Cohesive Gauge to prevent the penis from falling out of the structure

– the tension is always maintained.

– the device is very compact.


– yes, at first, I had to get used to it

– I didn’t immediately get used to putting it on

– you have to use powder to make the penis extender fit tightly

– sometimes overtrained the penis. It hurt a little

– I had to spend time understanding how long I could wear the extender and with what tension

JES extender

This penis enlargement device is a classic because it was the first on the market. It was introduced by Dana Medic, which also produces SizeGenetics and Male Edge. At the same time, the technology has not changed in principle as far as rod extenders are concerned.


  • simplicity
  • Reliability
  • Clinical studies
  • 100% correct technology for proper penis stretching
  • Clear design
  • It is easy to assemble, even for a newbie.


  • Little attention is paid to comfort.
  • Like many extenders, there is a problem with penis slippage
  • It takes time to get used to.
  • This package has the minimum accessories set, but others have more.

ProExtender is a copy of Jes Extender, and I have the same accessories set.

2nd device type

There are only 2 devices in this category: Phallosan Forte and Penimaster PRO

Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte is the latest in vacuum adhesive technology. So you have an updated device in a new package. If we consider this device in its original form, here, the stretching is provided by an elastic belt.

Very soft and stretches well. The device is easy to control due to the tension scale. The design is entirely original. In its construction, only medical materials are used.


  • Phallosan Forte is very comfortable and does not cause discomfort.
  • The penis glans do not directly contact the vacuum but through the membrane and the condom.
  • Therefore, it has no side effects.
  • It is easy to set up and use and hide under clothing. It is really invisible.
  • You can even sleep with Phallosan Forte.
  • The design is so thought out that it repeats the anatomical features of the body.
  • The Phallosan’s manufacturer selected the device according to the size of your penis, and you are offered a choice of 3 BELL sizes(S, M, L). Such a selection will ensure the efficiency of using the device.
  • After use, there is no redness, loss of sensitivity of penis glans


  • Since the device is very high quality and delicate, you will need additional condoms and membranes if they break.
  • It takes a little getting used to putting it on. Not everyone and not immediately succeeds.
  • Inferior in efficiency to a rod extender with a strap fastening. Whatever you say, the results have to wait longer.
  • $379 price of Phallosan Forte scares off many. But let’s not forget that it is made in Germany, all parts are very high quality and will last a long time. Penimaster PRO Belt Extender

Penismaster PRO belt extender

The device’s technology is based on Penimaster PRO and uses a tension belt as a mount. It can be worn over the shoulder, knee, or waist. There are lots of options for easy use.


  • The device is light and comfortable to wear
  • It has different strap options, membranes, and condoms for comfortable use
  • It is invisible under clothes and can be used during sleep


  • Dynamic load is not suitable for everyone, it is not ideal for someone, and the device is abandoned.
  • There is no way to track the tension level like in Phallosan
  • More often, only one type of attachment is used – through the belt or over the shoulder.
  • Membranes and condoms often break, and you need to buy new ones.

Penimaster Weight Expander

This is a unique penis extender on the market. I have not found another like it. It uses the Penimaster PRO basis to fix the penis glans and traction weights to create the right pulling force.

I recommend this penis extender to users who have been using extenders for at least a few months. Since work with live scales is very jewelry.


  • Difficult to use, difficult to pick up weight
  • Impossible to do anything other than stand or sit
  • Easy to injure the penis


  • This technology is the most effective, known in antiquity.
  • When used correctly, there are no side effects.
  • If you control wearing time and weight, your results will be much faster and more significant than any other penis extender.

Penimaster PRO Rod Extender

This device is based on Penimaster PRO with a rod mount. The principle of operation of the device is the same as with other devices based on Penimaster PRO basis.

That’s just the type of traction carried out using screws and tension springs. At the same time, this is a rod penis extender with a convenient penis glans attachment.

3rd type of penis extenders – mixed

Only 2 of such devices are present on the market: Phallosan Forte Plus and Penimaster Pro Complete Set

I think about Phallosan Forte Plus. It must be said that the console itself looks rather flimsy. And this is such a not very impressive device, unlike the Penimaster PRO Rod extender.

Phallosan Forte Plus


  • You can really use it effectively. It has both tension screws and rods for adjusting the length.
  • Phallosan Forte Plus


  • You need to use it very carefully so that the skin of the penis does not accidentally get into the tension screws.
  • After all, it is fraught with cuts.
  • This device is generally not very convenient if you have a wide penis. In this case, I would not recommend using it.
  • Again, this is more marketing, but the classic version of Phallosan Forte is much more thoughtful, safe, comfortable, and convenient due to the tension scale.

Penimaster PRO Complete Set is the absolute winner in this category. Just look at this case – comfortable and durable. Everything fits in it, and you can easily transport it.

And most importantly, this kit contains both Belt Extender and Rod Extender. This helps to differentiate the tension-type for the best results.

So, I have reviewed and discussed the different types of penis extenders in detail. You see that it is important to look at each device’s technical and user features. It would help if you personalized it for yourself because there are no universal devices.

We all have different penis sizes – length and width and different preferences regarding comfort and effectiveness. In addition, each of us can set different tasks – this penis enlargement, penis straightening, getting rid of erectile dysfunction, and all together.

Therefore, choosing an extender for your goals, objectives, and anatomical features is important. It seems to me that the best device of all types is the Quick Extender Pro. I use it because it has a huge arsenal of accessories, and its technology is the most effective if you are looking for quick results and do not want to have side effects.

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