What You Need to Know About Male Hair Loss

Hair loss or alopecia areata is a problem that many men face. This condition can have a negative impact on person`s personality, mood and confidence. Regardless of what type of job someone works or how many people they meet every day, men love to have strong, thick hair because it makes them feel good and confident about their image. However, losing hair is part of the aging process and fact is that half of the male population loses a significant amount of hair by the time they reach the age of fifty.

Some men start to lose their hair even in their late 20s. On most occasions, hair loss is associated with hereditary reasons, which means that if someone in your family has had this condition before then, you are highly likely to face hair loss. Anyhow, the following are some interesting things you should know about male hair loss baldness and some measures to take to prevent hair loss.

The scalp can be damaged by nails and scratching, so you should avoid rough treatment of your hair follicles.

An interesting fact is that hair is made of a protein called keratin. So if you intake a good amount of proteins every day, then your hair will be stronger and healthier. Proteins are usually found in different types of meat, so get properly informed about this, increase intake of proteins and your hair will get a more youthful look.

Sometimes certain medical conditions and health problems with the thyroid gland and anemia can lead to hair loss. If you have some health problem like the mentioned, it is advisable to visit your doctor and check yourself to know what to do.

Hair is susceptible to hot water. When taking a shower, never use boiling water because that way your hair is traumatized and will start falling eventually. Also blowing your hair dry can lead to losing hair follicles, so you should let it dry naturally if that is possible.

Hair loss conditioners and hair loss shampoo protect the hair follicles from breaking and make your hair stronger and softer. Daily use of a conditioner is advised, but it should not be applied to the roots, only on the shafts. Regular usage of a quality hair conditioner can prevent male pattern baldness.

Hair loss shampoos and conditioners like lotions and gels can clog up your head pores and damage your follicles. Therefore, if you must apply these products then only apply moderate amount on the hair shafts. Some hair styling products contain ingredients that can damage your hair and can lead to hair loss, so be careful when choosing these products.

Keeping hair clean is essential for preventing male baldness. Exposure to smoke, dirt, dust and other factors can damage your hair and can lead to dropping of hairs. Wash your hair daily with a gentle and soft shampoo to prevent the buildup of dirt, sweat and other materials that fill in pores and damage the hair follicles.

Head massage can help male`s hair grow faster and better. Scalp massage improves the blood flow, and that encourages hair growth.

Keeping your hair well protected from dangerous ultraviolet sun rays can also prevent hair loss. If you notice that your hair is thinning, apply a protective sunscreen on your scalp or always wear a hat when going out in sunny weather.

Hair loss can be prevented by using certain products that have shown great results in preventing male`s hair from dropping. There are many products on the market, so explore, compare and get a product you will apply on your hair daily.

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