What Impact Could Age Have on the Length of the Penis?

Over the years, every man begins to experience discomfort, which occurs against the background of a decrease in sexual function. And if you think that dysfunction is the only age-related problem, then you are completely wrong. After all, an insufficiently powerful and short-term erection becomes the main reason for the decrease in the parameters of the penis.

Symptoms that Indicate a Decrease in the Penis

The visual appearance is the very first and basic indicator that your penis has become smaller. Erectile dysfunction is the second factor, which indicates that the size of the penis will soon become smaller by 0.5-1 cm.

Ways to Solve the Problem

To remain a sexually active man as long as possible, you should now look for effective ways to maintain sexual health. To date, there is an incredibly large number of food supplements, which action is aimed at keeping sexual function, as well as stimulating the growth of the penis. In addition to remedies, you can find special devices that can increase the size of the penis by few inches.

The Opinion of Modern Medicine on Age-Related Changes in the Parameters of the Penis

During a variety of clinical studies, it became clear that the loss of penis length and size is due to poor circulation in the pelvic organs. The action of biologically active food supplements is aimed at activating the blood flow in the penis, thereby stimulating the growth of the genitals.

Products for Stimulating Blood Circulation

Stimulation of blood flow in the penis is an integral part of getting a fairly powerful erection and a large penis. There are various foods that most directly affect the improvement of blood circulation in the penis: seafood, ginger, nuts, meat, celery and many others.

Non-Traditional Medicine

If today we can use various drugs and devices to eliminate erectile dysfunction and stimulate the growth of the penis, then our ancestors used several different ways to solve problems.

Daily use of ginger tea positively affects the increase in potency. Spicy turmeric stimulates sexual desire and blood circulation. Tinctures of ginseng or hawthorn have a positive effect on sexual function.

How Long to Wait for Results?

If with age you started to notice that the size of the genital is getting smaller, you should immediately begin taking food supplements, which will give noticeable effect after 14-31 days. The initial impact of using special devices can be seen after 2-3 months. In case of traditional herbal preparations, that is more than 12 months away.

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