Symptoms of Menopause: At What Age Does It Start?

Menopause is the period of women`s life when they stop having menstruation. Every woman goes through menopause, so this is something normal that happens in life. Menopause occurs because several hormonal changes start to happen inside a woman`s body. Another thing that is associated with the period of menopause is the decline in the number of eggs in female ovaries.

When it comes to at what age does menopause starts, the average age of menopause is 50. The most common range in which women start to feel the symptoms of menopause is between 48 and 55 years of age. Many symptoms occur because of the hormonal changes before the menopause. Usually, the levels of blood cholesterol worsen, risks of developing heart disease rises, and women also lose their bone density. Of course, each woman is different both physically and emotionally, and also all women differently experience the signs and symptoms of the menopause. There are still some debates about when exactly menopause starts, but as mentioned, the age around 50 is the most common period when menopause begins to happen.

Another thing to know is that menopause is the period when the female`s reproductive system is no longer producing ovaries. Of course, this does not happen in just one day, but it gradually occurs over nine to twelve months. Some signs that can be easily noticed in the transitional period before the woman enters menopause include weight gain, frequent mood swings, vaginal dryness, and low sex drive.

Besides the mentioned signs, the following are some main symptoms that come with menopause. Many women start to experience hot flashes. This is probably the most common symptom that every woman goes through. These are variable in intensity, but the feeling of warmth goes all over the body and lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes. The heartbeat increases, and it is accompanied by intense sweating. Hot flashes can also raise body temperature and can cause problems with sleeping. Usually, hot flashes appear on and off for a couple of years. Other symptoms of menopause are problems when urinating, skin thinning, breasts start to change their shape, while the vagina is getting drier. Bone loss is another common symptom that many women experience and the levels of bad cholesterol rise significantly in the period of menopause. Increased levels of cholesterol can also increase the risk of heart disease during the menopause period. Speaking of heart disease, it is not uncommon for such an issue to appear in the period after menopause. Usually, women who have gone through premature menopause or have had surgery through which their ovaries have been removed are at a bigger risk of developing heart disease. Finally, weight gain is another common symptom of menopause. Most of the women gain an extra few pounds of weight during menopause. Weight gain happens because of the hormonal changes inside the female body, so this is also the normal thing to happen in the period of menopause.

The mentioned are some widespread symptoms of menopause that happen in most of the women. Know that menopause starts somewhere around the age of 50, so take measures and think about good solutions for dealing with them before entering the transitional period. Educate yourself and learn more about every one of the symptoms and you will be able to go through that period easily. Any life period brings something different, and menopause is something that every woman must go through. It does not have to be a scary period, so accept the changes and live a happy life.

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