SizeGenetics Extender Professional Review, Clinical Facts, and Results

SizeGenetics – the Best Standard Extender Model

Many men have repeatedly heard of the existence of expansion systems, the action of which is aimed at increasing the parameters of the penis. Moreover, almost 90% of men of the entire population of the planet have repeatedly experienced the positive effects of such devices.

If you look at the extenders’ clinical studies as well as customer reviews, it became clear that the most popular model among all users is SizeGenetics.

SizeGenetics is a highly efficient device that is 100% safe to use. The manufacturer used only high-quality medical materials that are not capable of causing allergic reactions on the skin surface. High-quality metal and plastic perfectly interact with the delicate skin of intimate areas, without irritating them. The manufacturer guarantees positive results after several months of use.

How does SizeGenetics Work and What Results to Expect?

The principle of SizeGenetics’ operation is based on the tension created on the penis due to the stretching of the metal rods and the operation of the springs. During the operation of the working elements of the device, the cellular tissues of the penis are stretched, which, in turn, increases the size of the penis.

Penis extender helps to increase blood circulation, which has the most positive effect on the potency, enhances erection, and increases libido. Through these moments, a man becomes sexually strong and resilient. Many users have noted a significant improvement in sperm quality, as well as an increase in its volume.

The next significant advantage that all SizeGenetics users experience is the alignment of the curvature of the penis, which is the main symptom of Peyronie’s disease. Along with all physiological changes in the body, the psycho-emotional state of the man improves. His self-confidence is improved, he becomes confident in his sexual superiority.

Medical Guarantees and User Reviews

Clinical Facts
The effectiveness and safety of the SizeGenetics extender are guaranteed, which are backed up with quality certificates. All documents were obtained by the manufacturer in the course of clinical studies. Anyone can explore the content of the documentary evidence base by visiting the official manufacturer’s website.

Another confirmation that the SizeGenetics device can solve the most common sexual problems among men is the presence of a huge number of recommendations made by leading American urologists.

SizeGenetics extender’s customer feedback is mostly positive. Clients claim that there are no side effects; they say about a high degree of effectiveness of the extender, first results become visible only a month after the start of treatment.

Did You Know?
SizeGenetics device was developed by a popular American company that has been actively promoting its products on the international market since 1995. During this time, the brand managed to gain the trust of millions of customers.

Effective Extender Program

First of all, the correctness of its fixing affects the efficiency of SizeGenetics extender use. Insert the penis in both fixing rings, additionally using special straps. Before you install the device on the penis surface, study the manufacturer’s recommendations in detail.

Do not forget that to obtain the desired effect, you shouldn’t stop using the device only with the first results. Even if after a month you notice positive changes, you should complete a full-fledged course of using an extender, the duration of which is from 5 to 8 months. In this case, you need to wear the extender 5-10 hours a day.
 It is strictly forbidden to wear the extender at night . At this time, the level of pain threshold drops to critically low levels, which can lead to mechanical damage to the penis. Also, many experts recommend taking herbal penis enlargement supplements while using SizeGenetics, which stimulate penis growth, as well as improve the quality of sexual function.

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