Sexual Health and Aging: How to Keep Passion?

With age, our body is exhausted and the time comes when all systems start to function poorly, and male sexual health is no exception. The level of testosterone in the blood decreases significantly; the blood circulates worse – all this manifests itself in insufficiently strong erections, reduced potency and lack of sexual desire.

Symptoms of reducing sexual function

To diagnose the onset of the development of erectile dysfunction, you do not need to be a doctor. The first sign of sexual frustration is the lack of a full erection. Sexual libido is significantly reduced, which negatively affects sexual desire.

How to maintain sexual health?

To date, there is a huge amount of safe and effective food supplements that can completely restore the sexual capabilities of the body. It is allowed for all men regardless of age to take biologically active food supplements like Cilexin, Climax Control, etc.

Hydro penis pumps Bathmate Hydromax and Penomet are recommended to use to cure sexual dysfunctions cure and natural penis enlargement. Yes, it’s true that with age men are suffering from penis shrinking and water-based pumps are here to help to stop this process and even add some inches to your penis.

Penis extenders like Quick Extender Pro use penile traction to successfully improve the erection hardness and stamina. It’s recommended to use the penis stretching device for at least 6 hours a day to improve your sexual desire and enlarge the penis

What medicine says on the issue of age-related decline of sexual function

The opinion of the scientists was divided. Some believe that you can get rid of erectile dysfunction at any age. Others argue that the resumption of sexual opportunities is just a temporary phenomenon that disappears with the finishing of medication.

Prevention of sexual dysfunction

Every man, especially elders must add healthy foods to the diet in addition to taking biological supplements that contribute to improving sexual opportunities. The most basic is seafood, which contains a huge amount of fats and acids. Do not forget about meat, which includes a vast number of proteins. And don’t forget about nuts – it can be almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts.

Traditional herbal preparations for maintaining sexual health of men at any age

It is recommended to drink two cups of ginger tea a day, which you can make yourself. It is necessary to take the root of ginger and grate it. Add a pinch of this mixture to freshly brewed tea. Pumpkin seeds will help increase the level of testosterone.

How long to wait for positive results?

If it is a question of taking biologically active male enhancement pills, then there will be enough 14 days to see the first positive results. Traditional herbal preparations will not impact so quickly, and you can notice the changes after 6-12 months. Penis pumps improve the rection after the first pumping session, so it’s the best way to achieve fast results

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