Quick Extender Pro Review, Instruction, Before and After Results(Pics)

Disadvantages of Single Loop Extenders  

An extender is called an expansion device, and it is designed to increase the parameters of the penis and normalize the sexual functions of the male body.

Today, manufacturers offer a wide variety of penis stretching devices, with the one-loop extender considered the least efficient and safe

Single-loop penis extenders are not practical nor are they comfortable to wear. Because of this, the user often experiences regular discomfort and inconvenience during usage.

One loop is not enough to securely fix the penis, and this significantly increases the risk of injury while using the device. Men who have experienced the effects of the penis traction device talk about the occurrence of painful sensations when wearing the extender.

Most single-loop extenders copy each other; this means there are a number of low-quality products on the market, products that turn out to be ineffective and unsafe.

Quick Extender Pro Review and Benefits

Quick Extender Pro Quick Facts:
Rank: #1
Money back: 6 months
Benefits: Double Strap Support system, medical approval, money-back guarantee, amazing comfort
Success rate: 95%
Customers: 450 000
First/max results: 30 days (6%)/180 days (36%)
Packages: Value Edition$119.93,
Deluxe Standard Edition$179.93,
Deluxe Limited Edition$349.93,
Curvature and Peyronies Edition – $179.99.
Manufacturer: Innova Tech Design(USA)
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Official store: http://quickextenderpro.com


Quick Extender Pro is a certified penis extender with a patented device. The main advantage of this extender is its design feature, which includes two locking loops.

This is a penis extender of a new generation. It is equipped with a DSS system (Double Strap Support), the action of which is aimed at ensuring the maximum level of penile tension along the entire length. Because of this system, achieving positive results is much faster.

How does it Work?

The principle of operation of the Quick Extender Pro is based on the tensile force, which is ensured by the operation of two metal rods. In the process of tension, the cave tissues of the penis expand and the vessels become more elastic, which helps to activate blood circulation in the penis. When stretching the cellular tissue of the penis, the penis increases in length and volume.

Many users are interested in how long it takes to use the penis extender to see the first noticeable results. It all depends on the regularity and duration of usage as well as the physiological characteristics of the body.

The first noticeable results usually come after one month from the start of use; however, they can be barely visible. Therefore, to obtain maximum effectiveness, it is necessary to go through a full cycle of use, 4-6 months.

Quick Extender Pro is a multifunctional device that can increase the penis size by 15% to 35%, relieve a man of the negative manifestations of symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and even out congenital or acquired curvature of the penis.

Thanks to all these criteria, after normalizing all aspects of the sexual component of health, a man becomes confident in himself and his sexual abilities, which directly affects his mood.

Pros and Cons

The main advantage of acquiring a Quick Extender Pro is its high quality, efficiency, and safety, which are confirmed by the relevant certificates. Due to the compact size of the device, it provides the maximum level of comfort while wearing.

The affordable cost of the product can be further reduced by the official manufacturer through promotional and discount offers (use code “QEP15” to save 15% on your order).

The negative side of the Quick Extender Pro is the lack of a convenient case for storing the device. Also, the Quick Extender Pro cannot be used at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use the Device?

The recommended daily duration of use is from 3 to 6 hours.

Are There any Side Effects?

If the device is improperly fixed, cracks, scratches, and bruises can appear on the surface of the penis. Therefore, if you feel pain, the device must be removed immediately.

Is Using Quick Extender Pro safe?

The safety and effectiveness of Quick Extender Pro have been repeatedly tested during clinical trials, after which this fact was certified. You can find the contents of the certificate on the manufacturer’s website. This device has been reviewed and approved by medical specialists.

Is it Just Using an Extender Enough?

Ideally, the man also uses a pump for pumping and regularly takes pills to enhance erection. All of this is provided in the Quick Extender Pro DELUXE LIMITED EDITION package.

Pumping is an ideal solution for increasing erection and stretching the penis. A powerful erection is a key to the constant growth of the penis, in the case of penis traction technology.

But that is not all. Pills for male libido growth, potency, and erection strength also need to be taken regularly so that the results last. And this is possible when the tissues refuse to stretch under pressure, be it vacuum or tension.

In the DELUXE LIMITED EDITION package, you can find RizerXL tablets – a formula developed by the same company that can also be bought separately on rizerxl.com

If you go to various forums for penis enlargement, you will read a lot of customer reviews about a working penis enlargement program.

Using an Extender

Regular pumping – a vacuum pump is used for this. If you want to buy the most advanced pump, then we recommend Bathmate. It is recommended to take pills for male potency such as RizerXL tablets, but you can also use VigRx Plus.

Regular stretching with Jelqing exercises also affects the growth of your penis. These exercises are quite simple, and they need to be applied only 10-15 minutes a day.

How does Penis Stretching Work?

The penis enlargement program should be comprehensive. If you read that extenders are all that you need to get results, you are mistaken.

Like the building muscle program in the gym, where you need to use different simulators, different loads, different exercises, and take dietary supplements, penis enlargement is also a program that includes a set of tasks.

What Results can I Achieve(Before/After)?

So, when using Quick Extender Pro, you can count on getting the first results after a month of application. It is inspiring. After about 4-5 weeks, I saw growth of about 1 inch. The penis width was reluctant to grow, so I started using the pump and taking pills. I can confirm the effectiveness of Quick Extender Pro in this review.

The complex growth of the penis markedly increased after that. One month I had stagnation in the results. I used an extender every day, took two tablets in the morning and the evening, used the pump once a day for 15 minutes. And nothing.

But by the third month, growth had gone up significantly. At first 2 inches long and half an inch wide. The 4-6 months were key, because a 3-inch growth was colossal, and I scored an inch wide.

Moreover, the growth of the width of the penis has now become more dominant. The length almost did not grow, but the width of the penis was now noticeably larger.


I will say right away that it was difficult for me to psychologically tune in to using the device. All the sensations of rods, spring scales, and customizing the device were not pleasant. It all confused me and even drove me into some kind of depression.

But after a week I got the hang of taking off and putting on Quick Extender Pro. I bought baby powder and used it to escape the sliding of the penis in the device.

I want to say that you have to get the hang of it and get used to the fact that the device must be removed:

  • To take a break while wearing
  • To go to the toilet
  • I rarely went outside with it, but I could take a trip by car when I went 3-6 hours

You need to understand that even to pee, you have to completely remove the device, unfasten the straps, and remove the base through the ring. At first, it seemed very difficult and inconvenient, but then I started to do it automatically. Most importantly, I understood why I was doing all this.

Any Discomfort?

Bar extenders, unlike vacuum extenders, can deliver more discomfort due to fastening. After all, a purely anatomical loop to hold the penis is not the best option. But thanks to the comfort pads under the penis and double retention of the penis with two silicone loops, there was no friction.

Despite the strap extenders causing friction, Quick Extender Pro is still a more advanced device that eliminates pain during the first 2-3 hours of wearing.

Where to Buy?

I have 11 different devices in the collection, and I use different ones periodically, but rod extenders like Quick Extender Pro, SizeGenetics, and PeniMaster Chrome are my favorites. You can order Quick Extender Pro on the official site.

Quick Extender Pro


Speed of results








Customers' trust



  • Made in the USA
  • Doctor appoved
  • Unique DSS System
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Great discounts


  • Results are not instant
  • Pricey

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  1. I’m using quick extender pro for 7-8 hours a day 5 days a week. I’m using ir for 6 months now and I’ve seen some decent results.

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