Penimaster PRO Unique Rod Extender, Belt System, and Weights Review

Penimaster PRO is a new generation extender that has no analogs. The uniqueness of the technology lies in the fact that in addition to the expansion metal rods, the manufacturer completed the design with a vacuum tip. This feature greatly increases the efficiency of the device.

The product was repeatedly tested during clinical trials, as evidenced by quality certificates. Also, the popular British Journal of Urology published the results and the course of the last study, which was attended by at least 100 subjects.

Variations of Using Penimaster PRO

Penimaster PRO has a unique design, which is additionally completed with work items. Thanks to this feature, the extender can be used in a wide variety of options.

The classic method of using the device is to fix the vacuum expander as usual with metal rods and a tip. The second variation is the removal of the vacuum cap and the use of the extender in the classic form with metal rods.

An interesting and at the same time practical addition to the Penimaster PRO is a special belt that allows you to securely fix the device outside the home. Moreover, the belt can be tied not only around the hips but fixed over the shoulder or on the leg. Each user chooses the most preferred option.

Why Do Men Choose the Penimaster PRO Extender

Here is a list of advantages that make men all over the world give preference to the Penimaster PRO device:

  • Quality certificates

The effectiveness and safety of the extender are confirmed by quality certificates that were issued to the manufacturer during clinical trials.

  • No side effects

In the process of correct expander use according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, no adverse reactions of the body should arise. In the process of using the extender, men do not experience pain and other feelings that may cause discomfort.

  • Positive results

The statistics, which was compiled against the background of real customer feedback, as well as the results of clinical studies, suggest that Penimaster PRO works. In the process of regular device use, men notice that the size of the penis increases by 15-25%.

  • Correction of the penile curve

In addition to penis enlargement and improving the quality of sexual function, the manufacturer assures that the device will help get rid of the penis curvature, which is caused by Peyronie’s disease.

  • Can be used after surgery

Penimaster PRO is an excellent tool that can be prescribed by a medical specialist during the rehabilitation period after surgery.

  • Quick results

Thanks to an improved design, as well as the use of two high-performance technologies, it is possible to achieve a positive result from using Penimaster PRO in a few months.

The Principle of the Penimaster PRO Work

The principle of the extender is based on the use of two unique technologies – traction and expansion. Due to these processes, the cave tissue of the penis is stretched. Besides, the extension stimulates the regeneration of new cells, thereby increasing the size of the penis.

Penimaster PRO stimulates blood circulation, which helps to improve the quality of erection, thereby making sex life interesting and vibrant. Another advantage that is provided in the process of penis stretching is the alignment of its curvature.

Penimaster Packages

Penimaster PRO’s manufacturer offers extender in two versions – Penimaster PRO and Penimaster. The main distinguishing feature of these packages is that the Penimaster PRO is equipped with a vacuum tip, thereby increasing the efficiency of the expander.

Quick Note
The Penimaster is a classic model with two metal rods that have springs inside, as well as additional retaining straps. The cost of the Penimaster is lower than its upgraded analog.

Penimaster PRO Features

Penimaster PRO is made of high-quality medical materials – metal, plastic, and rubber – which ensures a high degree of safety of the product. The quality of the extender was tested during clinical trials.

Also, real consumer reviews and recommendations of medical specialists testify the excellent performance characteristics of the expander.

Penimaster PRO offers an optional accessory – fixing belt – thanks to which the device can be used both at home and outside, at work or travel.

You can order an extender on the manufacturer’s official website by filling out an online application form or making a phone call. The manufacturer offers international delivery by any preferred transport company in the shortest possible time.

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