Male Edge Review and My Own Results After 6 Months [Before/After]

Male Edge – this is probably the most advanced extender in the line developed by DanaMedic. The fact is that the first extender in the world was developed by this particular company. It was JES extender. 

This technology is already 30 years old and continues to improve. Male Edge differs from any other extenders in that it is very convenient to work with it – add length, take off and wear, add power.

Why Male Edge is Unique?

Just think, the tool allows you to adjust the length of the extender simply by unscrewing the rods, they move out and you can immediately fix them by turning the rods to the other side until they click. And if you need to add power, this can be done simply by pulling the extender away from you.

One-click – this is one of 3 powers – 1200, 2000, 2800 gr. Moreover, if the penis slides out of the structure, you can easily reset the tension settings on the rods by pulling them a little and clicking left and right. Also, the base can be immediately detached without removing the straps.

For comparison, any other rod extender you need: first set up, then put on. To adjust the tension, you have to tighten the screws and carefully monitor the tension on one or the other side of the extender. If the penis slips out, you have to remove the strap to get the penis out. All this is very inconvenient and cumbersome.

In this review, I will reveal all the truth about the Male Edge device.

Features and Design for Your Comfort

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in Male Edge device everything is designed for maximum wearing comfort and customization. It is easy to put on and take off and it is very comfortable. No wonder its owners today are tens of thousands of men. The device is protected by a money-back guarantee, the materials are high-quality, durable and belong to the medical category. Click here to order.

What’s important, Male Edge has developed his penis enlargement program, and not just offer instructions. The company cares about your result.

Those who used extenders at least once are aware of the fact, that it takes a long time to get used to it, many load a penis in the first days without thinking about the consequences.

Male Edge thought about everything – you get used to it much faster, due to the unique and comfortable design. The whole problem is that newcomers set up the device for a very long time, take it off and put it on again, they can’t correctly evaluate the sensations, set the correct length or tension, make mistakes, they have a penis that falls out of the device.

With Male Edge extender, everything is simple – you can configure it without removing a penis from the device. The design is easily adapted to the type of wearing – a penis up or down, and it is so compact that it can be easily hidden in boxers and no one will understand that you are wearing an extender in your pants.

If your penis is up to 5 inches, one type of wearing device is suitable for you, if more than 5 – another. Pay attention to this. The rest work with the extender is clear and the penis is held securely in the device. If you have excessively sensitive skin, you can use a special comfort pad. Can be lubricated with gel for comfortable use.

How to Use Male Edge for Best Results?

Quick Note
You can use Male Edge devise longer than any other. From 1-2 hours without discomfort, then take a break of at least 15 minutes and you can proceed to the next sets. It’s enough to wear the device for 4-5 hours a day, and not 6-8 like the rest.
 Moreover, the Male Edge design is suitable for use during sleep, if you sleep on your back. In other cases, wearing it overnight is not recommended .

By following the manufacturer’s program you will move towards your goal. The first results are noticeable after 1-2 months, the first powerful penis growth occurs in the first 6-8 months(up to 2-3 inches), but that’s not the limit. Let your penis rest, check its sensitivity, increase tension every week or two and the result will be amazing: stronger erection, longer penis.

Male Edge is also the best penis straightener. You can direct the device up and down, guided by the type of curvature of the penis. I will talk about penis straightening a bit further in the review.

Possible Side Effects

Any rod extenders can cause pain, discomfort, and stretching can lead to bursting of capillaries and other consequences.

With Male Edge penis stretching device, the risks are minimal, because the penis is firmly attached to the device, it does not pull the penis, a special anatomically correctly gasket protects the delicate skin on the head of the penis from rubbing.

Since the device is tuned during wear, the stretching technology is applied in the best way, which means that there are no consequences if you correctly adjust the load, dose it and start with the minimum tension values. You are so accustomed to the device within a month, that you can use it longer, with more tension and with less risk for a penis.

Male Edge vs. Other Extenders

Among the range of SizeGenetics, Jes Extender, the Male Edge device is an absolute favorite, because, in addition to the quality of materials and assembly, you also get powerful technology in your hands that surpasses the previous in all respects. Convenience, comfort, results and the absence of side effects – this is a powerful Male Edge benefit.

I have a green extender with a bright green case in which I take it with me almost everywhere. I have tried many different extenders and here’s what I found out: Penimaster Chrome can only be compared with this strap device in its technology.

But Male Edge has more advantages since you do not need to wind additional rods, it is enough to lengthen or shorten them with a simple rotational movement of the hand.

This is especially true when you want to try a new length and it is very difficult to configure this option with another extender outside the home. Psychologically, the device feels more simple in its design than any other. After all, not many men are willing to constantly work with a full range of accessories.

Male Edge  looks stylish in its leather case and you get used to it pretty fast. The only thing to know – stock up on additional straps initially if you plan to use it sloppy or constantly take off and wear.

My First Impression in this Review


What was originally important for me: the first sensations after I put the extender on my penis. In this regard, Male Edge inspired me a lot. I did not see any problems in putting it on, as it happens with other extenders, in which you need to wind the rods, unscrew the screws to set the tension.

With this penis stretcher, everything happens without psychological trauma. Some forum members say that the first contact with a standard rod extender completely discourages the desire to try it again and, moreover, wear it for 4-6 hours every day for 6 months.

We made friends with Male Edge right away and our friendship does not fade away. I can go to the toilet, quickly snap off the base, then attach it again and now I don’t even pay attention to it. I follow the program, downloaded the schedule file on my phone, set reminders when to put on when to remove and control the sensitivity of the penis and focus on the sensations.

My Results with Male Edge After 6 Months

 After 6 months of a steady increase in load, wearing time, I see a real result of + 2 inches and I do not plan to stop .

I can’t understand why I did not pay attention to this extender before. Everyone is talking about the vacuum adhesion technology that is used in Penimaster PRO and Phallosan Forte, but I have not seen great results from using this technology. My penis requires a hard load to stretch and divide cells. So I see the result, every month.

An erection got stronger – this was the first sign that I was doing everything right. Then the growth of the penis – and especially in a flaccid state. This is important for me because I go naked in front of my girlfriend and want her to see my cock at least normally sized. So I feel more confident.

How Male Edge Improved my Sexual Life?

I’ll tell about myself. I always dreamed of adding at least a couple of cm to the length of my penis, because when in a flaccid state it is just tiny.

These complexes are large and it was difficult for me to make relationships with women. When I increased the penis by 2 cm it seemed to me that it was quite a bit and I want much more when I added 6 cm – then I realized that my penis is already 20 cm in length.

It is above average now and I am more confident with girls. A penis in underpants seems larger; in sex, an erection makes it simply huge. The quality of sex changes as soon as you enter such a penis into the vagina and feel that she wants it again and again.

This did not happen before, even I entered the narrow vagina so that then it slipped out in a woman on top position. Did not catch the rhythm and the penis slipped out from the vagina.

Now I can safely have sex and enjoy the moment. I haven’t seen her orgasm before, really. G-spot is the secret of success, it is unrealistic to get it with a small penis, and therefore deliver an orgasm. Judge for yourself whether it is worth 6 months to wear an extender.

This is not just for the strong, it is also for the desperate. Women make such sacrifices for the sake of a large breast – they insert implants. It’s easier for men to stretch a penis and it works.

If women were given such an instrument for breast enlargement, they would be happy. I hope you’ve learned a lot about Male Edge from this review and you’re ready to go further in your penis enlargement strategy – order the device from the official site.

If you’re wondering how does penis extender work, you can read about penis traction here

Male Edge


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  • Patented product
  • European quality
  • Approved by the Danish Ministry of Health
  • Has the European CE mark


  • Expensive
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  1. I’ve been using Male Edge for a year and have gained 1,5 inches. I am happy with the result. Now I wear it for only a few hours a week.

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