Fast Acting Supplements for Immune System Boost: Truths and Lies

Mankind has faced the greatest threat compare to blockbusters – CORONAVIRUS. It would seem that our medicine is already so advanced, practically all diseases are treated, but various flu and infectious diseases still affected thousands of people around the world, but not millions.

Each of us today thinks about his family, not even about himself. We have learned a lot about coronavirus from the media and are looking forward to a medication that will help fight this ailment. Today they say that the first vaccines are already being tested, but it will take a whole year to launch them on sale.

Tell me, do we have time? Unfortunately, it is very small, but it is. If you look at the statistics of morbidity, then it becomes obvious, it is growing at grandiose steps. There are practically no countries in the world where this infection has not made its way and has not begun to affect people en masse.

Our immunity is our only weapon

Humanity cannot be called unarmed. In our hands is the most perfect weapon, thanks to which even the coronavirus in most cases recedes. Today, more than 100,000 people have recovered from a coronavirus infection. Many people get it mildly following simple guidelines. So, if you get coronavirus, you need to:

  • There are fast carbohydrates and sweets (all that is really quickly digested – chocolate, granola, porridge, liver)
  • Drink as much sweet water as possible (compotes, fruit drinks, juices, and even Coca Cola)
  • It is necessary to ventilate the room and make sure that the temperature in it ranges from 18-22 degrees. You can dress warmly, but you cannot make the air warm
  • Self-isolation is the main rule. Everything must be done so as not to go to the hospital with other sick people
  • To avoid complications, you must be active and not lie in a horizontal position
  • It’s necessary, by all means, to clear your nose and breathe in the nose, otherwise, sputum may dry in your lungs, and this is very dangerous
  • No one canceled heavy drinking
  • If you are an asthmatic, increase your salbutamol dose.
  • Try not to eat heavy foods that are hard to digest.

So, these tips will help your immunity cope with the disease and its consequences. But what can you do now for yourself and your family to prepare your immunity for a possible disease? Is it really impossible to do anything?

Boosting the immune system is never too late, remember that if you follow the recommendations of doctors, such as:

  • Handwashing frequently
  • Wearing a mask
  • Self-isolation
  • The use of disinfectants
  • Using latex gloves
  • Antiseptic treatment of the phone, door handles
  • Keeping distance with other people
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose or face.

For the most part, you will be safe. But, of course, you need to arm yourself and put immunity on guard of the coronavirus.

So, in this review, we have selected for you a list of the immune booster supplements. These are natural complexes that contain a complex of vitamins in the right proportions in order to begin to heal you right now.

With these natural products, you can prepare yourself and all your family members to withstand the attack of coronavirus and more. But before starting the review of these products, let’s talk about the main thing.

What is immunity?

Human immunity is an effective weapon in the fight against almost all diseases, including infectious ones. People with good immunity, in principle, are less affected by acute respiratory viral infections, influenza, and they have a mild illness without complications.

The immune system is a rather complex set of various chemicals and cells that are constantly involved in protecting your body, into which various viruses and bacteria called pathogens are trying to crawl.

We care so little about our immunity that very often it is in a weakened state. And now, when the COVID -19 virus infects hundreds of thousands of people around the world, we remembered that very little attention was paid to the body’s own protective functions that could stop even this infectious disease.

In fact, you should always monitor your immunity, increase it, strengthen and give your body everything you need to always be healthy. I am sure that at the end of this pandemic, we will take a different look at our own health and begin to strengthen our immunity more than ever.

Studies say that if you add some minerals, vitamins, herbs and other substances to your diet, you can strengthen your immunity and protect yourself from many diseases.

Who has the weakest immunity today? In people with chronic diseases and the elderly. These are the same people who are at risk and in particular, they need to strengthen their immunity to the threat of coronavirus.

In this material, we have selected over-the-counter dietary supplements that you can buy online right now and they will be delivered to your home.

We will separately talk about vitamins and herbs that you can buy separately, but better – in a complex of tablets, such as Immune Defense, Immune Support, GenF20. These products already contain a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for your immunity.

So, what trace elements can enhance your immunity?


This mineral is often added to various immune supplements, such as Immune Defense in the form of candies. Zinc is responsible for the interaction of immune cells and is actively involved in inflammatory reactions.

Your immune system simply cannot function properly without this trace element. For example, the risk of infection of the body increases. Today in the world there are 2 billion people who suffer from zinc deficiency and among them are many elderly people who are at risk for exposure to coronavirus.

Many different clinical studies have proven that this supplement can counteract respiratory infections, which can also include colds. I want to note that zinc is an ingredient in the Immune Defense complex. What is important, zinc can and should be taken even if you are sick. It helps reduce the duration of the disease.

It is very important to take the right dose of zinc, it is thought out in already created complexes, such as Immune Defense. That is why it is not recommended to buy it separately since it will be difficult for you to monitor the dosage.

Vitamin C

How many of us do not know about the beneficial properties of vitamin C? Since childhood, we have been taking this vitamin to fight various infections and its effectiveness cannot even be discussed. Its main property is the support of immune cells to protect against infections. Few people know that vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that effectively fights free radicals.

Vitamin C is directly involved in the fight against oxidative stress, which negatively affects your health.

You should know a simple rule – vitamin C must always be taken to protect against infections. It is best to take it in some kind of immune complexes, it is part of Immune Defense and Immune Support, which we will discuss in detail later in this review.

So, to summarize: Vitamin C is critical to your immunity, taking it daily.

Mushrooms with medicinal properties

In fact, mushrooms were used to treat infectious diseases by our ancestors. Some of them do have an immunostimulating effect. To date, about 270 fungi have properties to protect the immune system. This includes shitake mushrooms, turkey tail, reishi, cordyceps, and others.

Most importantly, today it has been proven that certain medicinal mushrooms can reduce the symptoms of asthma and lung infections. This is exactly what relates to complications of the coronavirus. Due to the intake of such mushrooms, the bacterial load on the lungs and the inflammatory process are reduced.

You can find medicinal mushrooms in the Immune Support complex, which can be ordered online.

By the way, I want to say that today the demand for dietary supplements to strengthen immunity has grown hundreds of times, so if you decide to buy any of the Immune Defense, Immune Support complexes presented in this review, then it’s better to do it right now. The availability of this product will be indicated on the official website. With the development of coronavirus, antiseptics, masks, and pills disappeared from drugstore shelves to increase immunity.

But it is precisely these bio-additives that can be bought online since they are not sold in pharmacies. Hurry to order pills to increase immunity right now, as tomorrow they may not be in stock due to increased demand.

Let’s look at other supplements that are beneficial for immunity. Many of them are part of such a complex as Immune Support ( honestly, selenium, Graviola leaves )

  1. Garlic is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It has been proven that it is also an antiviral agent that stimulates NK cells and macrophages.
  2. It is also worth mentioning about Graviol, whose leaves contain phosphorus, zinc, iron, vitamins C, B 1, B 2, B 9, B 12 . Due to this, this plant has a whole range of protective properties: provisional, antibacterial, antipyretic. This tool is often used against influenza, a lack of vitamin the C. Graviola leaf tea helps restore blood pressure
  3. Selenium is a mineral that supports your immunity. This supplement significantly improves the antiviral protection of your body. By the way, it was this mineral that was the key attraction of flu H1N1.

All these ingredients are collected in the Immune Support complex, which can be called a vitamin antiviral bomb, which you can use to create strong immunity in a short time.

Why do I need supplements like Immune Support or Immune Defense if I can just eat these foods?

The thing is that these dietary supplements contain the right amount of all the important components that are described above. You can’t eat a whole head of garlic, drink all this with orange juice with lemon and grapefruit, drink half a liter of tea. Synthesizing the right amount of minerals and trace elements is a laboratory task. In addition, it is important to maintain balance.

Probably, you could separately buy an extract of zinc, selenium, vitamin C, medicinal mushrooms, Graviola and immediately take 10 different dietary supplements.

But, you see, it would be just stupid and very reckless. Your body needs certain doses, which is why they come up with vitamin complexes, and in the case of quick protection of immunity, special dietary supplements Immune Defense and Immune Support. It is enough for you to take the recommended number of tablets per day to get a complete set of the necessary ingredients that will strengthen your body and will not cause side effects.

So, we have already briefly talked about important vitamins that can protect your immunity and revealed the formula of such tablets. It is time to study these products in more detail and be sure to touch GenF 20 – after all, it is this HGH Booster that is able to rejuvenate your body, since coronavirus affects the health of older people to a greater extent since their immunity is weakened.

Immune support review

These pills offer a triple action for your immunity:

  1. With the help of natural herbal extracts, it strengthens the immune system and saturates the body with precisely those microelements that it lacks for the formation of antiviral protection
  2. Also forms an anti-oxidant defense
  3. It interacts well with your diet, which may include foods rich in vitamins C, D, E, A, B, etc. and enhances their effect.

The product is positioning itself in the market – as a very strong, efficient and safe. The basis of the formula is green tea extract and vitamin E. It acts on the immunity of older people.

The antioxidant properties of green tea help to boost your immunity, the formula contains such a concentration that can not be obtained from the constant drinking of this tea. That is why the Immune Support complex is considered balanced for the speedy strengthening of immunity. It is worth saying that in addition to the ingredients that we wrote about above, the Immune Support complex also contains the following ingredients :

  • Raspberry fruit powder
  • Turmeric rhizome powder
  • Beta-glucans
  • Cat’s claw bark powder
  • Lycopene
  • Quercetin
  • Pine bark
  • Grapeseed
  • Pomegranate
  • Herbal complex
  • Arabinogalactan
  • Olive leaf

Auxiliary ingredients: gelatin, microcrystalline, cellulose, etc.

Why you should trust Immune Support

The product is designed and certified in the USA, manufactured by a reputable pharmaceutical company, the product is tested in an independent laboratory, does not contain hidden components, the complex is completely natural.

What is important to know about the system

  1. This product can be used without a doctor’s prescription. It is completely natural and balanced according to instructions.
  2. It cannot harm your body if you do not exceed the dosage.
  3. One bottle contains 60 tablets. You need to take 2 tablets every day with meals.
  4. The product is delivered worldwide by express delivery.
  5. Certified for sale in 23 countries.
  6. The Immune Support website contains support phone numbers, the official distributor address in the USA
  7. Today, the company’s warehouse has sufficient stocks of this product, but judging by the reports of the distributor’s representatives due to increased demand and production stoppage during quarantine, the number of tablets is limited and it is recommended to make an order faster

Immune Defense review

Now, this product is very in demand on the market due to the increased demand in recent years for dietary supplements to strengthen immunity. These are candies, based on such ingredients as zinc, vitamins A, C, E, rosehip, acerola, magnesium stearate.

The complex does not contain as many vitamins and minerals as Immune Support, and it is an ambulance for your immunity since it needs precisely those trace elements that are found in sufficient quantities in these candies.

Their method of administration is 1 candy every 2 hours. Those. you can take pills when you are healthy, but you need to regularly enrich your body with vitamin C, zinc, as well as vitamins A and E. And if you, God forbid, get sick, then taking these candies can help in speeding up recovery and relieve you from the severe effects of the flu.

Our body during the flu, for example, needs large doses of vitamin C, it lacks zinc. All this he requires of you, in order to saturate your immunity, it is the Immune Defense complex that is used.

If you ask doctors how to self-medicate from a coronavirus. You will be given a range of standard tips for those who have the flu. You simply have to constantly drink, eat right and make sure your nose breathes. Sometimes during an illness, you do not feel hungry.

The way to use Immune Defense is to envelop the back of the throat by sucking on a candy. With the help of zinc ions and vitamin C, lollipops quickly dissolve and help you alleviate the symptoms of the disease, saturating the body with the missing trace elements.

Your immunity during the illness works to the fullest, it’s like a fireman in a locomotive, he simply has to throw up the coals in order to maintain speed and will not stop. In the same way, your body spends its resources as much as possible during infectious diseases.

You simply do not have the right to leave your immunity alone with the infection; your task is to work as a team. You can help him if you use natural dietary supplements with zinc, vitamin C, A, E. At the same time, you should not stop, you must also drink teas, sweet water, eat fast carbohydrates that are easily digested and maintain a balance of vitamins.

Sometimes you simply cannot force yourself to drink sweet tea endlessly, while you can suck one Immune Defense lollipop, which will help your immune system resist the disease.

And of course, it’s important that you start using this dietary supplement before your illness, as you will already begin to form a stronger immunity, ready to hit the disease. It’s not too late to do it right now, despite the fact that you or your loved ones may get sick in the very near future.

You simply have to comply with quarantine and avoid any possible foci of the disease, but none of us are safe from communication with people. Sometimes we need to go to the store, go on business, meet with an important person for you at work or personal matters. You cannot be completely isolated, because we live in a world where any issue is resolved in most cases through a person and through live communication with him.

Take care of the people closest to you – your parents, children, soulmate, close relatives. Try to isolate them as much as possible and strengthen their immunity by buying them not only masks and disinfectants but also pills to improve immunity. Together, this protection will work and you will be grateful that you began to strengthen the immune system no matter what right now.

GenF20 – body rejuvenation

So, in this article, we talked about dietary supplements for immunity, but completely omitted other tools for combating coronavirus such as HGH. This hormone is directly responsible for the general condition of your body, including immunity. Not only me but also many journalists, doctors today have been paying the attention of people over 50 years to such pills, the purpose of which is to rejuvenate the body and its immunity. Why is it important?

According to the sad statistics of the spread of coronavirus infection, the entire older generation is really most affected by the consequences of this disease. This is especially acute for people with chronic diseases, which are usually not enough for people aged.

But there are people who maybe 80 years old, but they play sports, monitor their diet, regularly take vitamins, feel cheerful, they have a great mood and they do not look their age. It is wrong to think that people over 80 years old, for example, definitely die from the effects of infection.

This is not true. We are talking about 15% of deaths among people over 80 years. This is also a lot, this is also terrible. But you should know that coronavirus infection even in old age is not a sentence, but a test for immunity.

Tell me, who do you think has stronger immunity – a young person or an elderly person? Probably the answer is too simple. Have you ever thought that the human body can be rejuvenated? It is the youth of the body that is responsible for HGH, which such a dietary supplement as GenF 20 can fill.

Why take GenF20?

It doesn’t matter if you are 35 years old or 85, a lack of HGH levels in the body leads to unpleasant consequences:

  • Skin aging
  • The weakening of the nail plate
  • Weight gain
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Deterioration of memory and concentration
  • Slower metabolism
  • Sleep impairment
  • Visual impairment
  • The weakening of the immune system

In a young body that is not affected by chronic diseases, there is always a stronger immunity than in an older one. This is a common rule. The only question is whether we have the opportunity to rejuvenate the immune system and what does this mean for the body and the fight against infections such as coronavirus?

First of all, it must be said, due to what happens the rejuvenation of the body in those who take GenF 20 or similar dietary supplements.

The growth hormone is responsible for the state of the body, the more it is – the younger you are. GenF20 contains a set of ingredients that allow you to not only slow down the aging process but also rejuvenate the body by replenishing it with the necessary miners and microelements that affect the replenishment of growth hormone.

This is the answer to the question – what tool works effectively against coronavirus. This is an immunity derived from the word youth. After all, he is directly connected with her. Accordingly, the replenishment of growth hormone in the body inevitably leads to the strengthening of the immune system. And this is our main goal in the fight against coronavirus.

Strong immunity, young body, increased resistance to infection and suppression of its effects. This is the full range of protection against coronavirus, which does not need to be invented; it has already been invented.

It’s enough for us to use GenF20 to make our bodies younger. The product creates a cumulative effect, the longer you take it, the more you increase the concentration of growth hormone in the body.

While other products act directly on enhancing immunity, GenF20 causes the body to suspend many of the aging processes and rejuvenate the most important protective functions of the immune system. Rejuvenating from the inside out, your immunity becomes stronger and stronger even without doping in the form of vitamins.

Thus, you can choose what is more important for you – use a complex of dietary supplements to enhance immunity like Immune Support or Immune Defense, or use the product to rejuvenate the body GenF20, which will help not only strengthen the immune system, but also other important functions of the body. No need to think that coronavirus is a sentence.

A lot of people today have long been ill with coronavirus and are not afraid of it, there was no need to be afraid of it before the disease, it was enough just to prepare your immunity.

Today we have a choice on how to strengthen the protective functions of our body by observing quarantine – you gain time to work with your immunity. You should know that if you do everything right: observe quarantine, take care of your loved ones by strengthening their immunity, you are attentive to possible communication with other people, you are able to protect yourself, the health of your loved ones and go through this difficult stage in your life, which called COVID -19.

I believe that humanity will win, I believe in the methods of modern medicine that can protect every person, we have a lot of information about how to deal with the virus at all stages – from prevention to disease. Let the expression be informed – it means it will be armed exactly about you. If you read this article to the end, you now know exactly what to do to protect yourself and your family from coronavirus. Now act! You should start by buying Immune Support, Immune Defense, or GenF 20 tablets.

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